Sunday, July 31, 2011

Winner of the Hitchhiker Juggler Contest

The Winner of the 1st ever BMX Freestyler Hitchhiker Juggler Contest is David Hoffmann.

I would like to thank everyone that participated and contributed money and prizes. David will be recieving money in his pay pal account today! London Bars are going to be powdered coated to what ever color he wants and shipped off.

Thanks to Bobby Carter and Effraim Catlow for helping with the Judgment.

Rad Dad throwing in $20.00 John Yull is going to throw in $20 as well. Joe Cicman is throwing in $20.00. Chadwick is throwing in $7.00. Omari Cato is throwing in 12.50 Garyflyer throwing in .50 and Anthony Buglio throwing in $20.00. Ciaran Perry throwing in 23.51 Onelovebmx throwing in 4.20 Nikola Olic throwing in $30.00 Clint Majors throwing in $20.00 . London Bikes is throwing in 1 London Bars.

Joe Cicman is sponsored by

Be sure to check out Anthony on
and the newest edition

Be sure to check out

Check out London Bikes


Marti Kopa- MK Flip with Barflip

1000th Post- Hitchhiker Juggler Contest Final Entries

James White

Art Thomason

David Hoffmann

These are the last ones that were recieved. There can be no more allowed to compete for the prizes. Winner will be announced today.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jason Forde Smashes Juggler Contest

Thats right Jason Forde takes the Lead in the Hitchhiker Juggler Contest with 30 Jugglers. Can anyone else top this?

Get all the info here about how to submit here

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

London Bars- Prize for Hitchhiker Juggler Contest

London Bikes is throwing in Dagmar III Bars for the winner of the Hitchhiker Juggler Contest. They are raw right now but can be powder coated to any color you choose. The Deadline to submit your video is July 30, 2011 Midnight Central Time. The winner will be announced after all videos have been verfied by Judges for number of jugglers and following all the rules ie no pumping and no hill. PLEASE do not forget about Rule #4. This one has cost riders a lot of heart ache. Your video will be rejected if you forget about Rule #4. So please follow RULE #4!
Dagmar III. 7.75" tall, 25" wide, zero up and back sweep

Get all the info and rules here

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ring of Fire Act 1 and 2

Chadwick of the ATX Flatland Crew has been digging into past productions and making them public for your viewing pleasure. This is Ring of Fire broken into 2 parts Act I and II. With a few words from the man himself. Please show your support and make a comment.
Words from Chadwick
This is part one of a jam and contest video. Elevation 5 and The Pirate Jam. Give it up to those hard working beginners and ams in Elevation 5, and enjoy some serious pro bangin' in The Pirate Jam. Although you will have to wait for part 2 to post before you collect your booty. The budget is low but the times are high.

All American cast of pro bangers in this video from the winter of 2006. Seems like its about time for another one of these throw downs in big "D". That's Dallas for ya'll yankees out there. See Will Redd holding it down on the home court and playing big in the fourth quarter Maverick style. Only Jesse P was able to outshine Will on this evening, but it is his original style that i remember. All the unorthodox links make this one worth a watch.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Recognized at Jiffy Lube

 I am far from being in celebrity status. Its not every day that I am recognized doing everyday things like getting my oil changed. Travis noticed the bmx related things I had in my car and asked what kind of frame I had sitting there. As we were talking and I told him that I ride Flatland BMX he all of a sudden had a perplexed look on his face. I then told him that some people call me Rad Dad and then he made the connection! He then told me that he had seen videos I had made that Fat Tony had posted on Ride BMX! He rides Street and Dirt but he keeps tabs on the Flatland scene as well. That was music to my ears as we procceded to talk about Aaron Ross, Matthias Dandois and Terry Adams. This 100% Made my day so complete. This was the first time I was not at a BMX event that someone reconzied me from a web video that I created and was in.


  Big thanks to Fat Tony for putting up those videos like How to Karl and How to Hitchhiker on Ride BMX.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Terry Adams Demo at Wal-Mart

Terry Adams is getting ready to do a Demo at Wal Mart. He just posted this photo on his Facebook page. If your in New Jersey you may have time to make it out if you didn't already know.

Get Detials here

Texas Tour Stop #2

 On the Second Stop on the Texas Tour I went to Houston. Most of the Crew had previous activities that didn't allow for a large session. Since my back was out of commision I was able to film and photo Art doing some crazy links! The next stop on the Tour will be in Austin, Texas. Check out some of the photos I got while hanging out with Art!

Next Stop....Austin!

Hitchhiker Juggler Contest Submission New Leader

Mark Kuhlmann with 25 Juggler

Jugglers! from Mark Kuhlmann on Vimeo.

Chris Woodling with 25 Jugglers

I recieved 2 submission today. The first one I saw was Mark's and I was just about to put him at the top of the learder board. Then I saw Chris Woodling 26 beating out Mark by 1. After carefulling re-watching both videos the judges has counted 25 for Chirs Woodling. In the event of a Tie the first one to submit is the leader.
That means Mark Kuhlmann
is the leader currently
with 25 Jugglers.

Please make sure you follow all the rules. No Pumpping, No Hills and Say at the end "This is for the Hitchhiker Juggler Contest on BMX Freestyler" Prizes are 1 set of London Bars and $177.71 sent to your pay pal account.
Are you ready to send in your video? Get all the rules for submission here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vans Orlando:Cult Night!

The CULT crew showed up at Vans Skate Park in Orlando ,FL.With FREE park entry giveaways and pizza!
CULT member`s Trey Jones ,Dakota Roche and Robbie Morales where in full effect.This was an awesome release party for a new shoe collaboration CULT has with Vans.Check out CULT

Batland Flatland-Teaser

Message from Sickwick
The ATX flatland crew is at it again. This edit is just a teaser compiled with clips that hit the editing room floor. Look for a series of these as i create my third video honoring the og and its riders.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ramon @ Puerto Rico FlatJam 2011

Ramon @ Puerto Rico FlatJam 2011 from Ramon on Vimeo.

Effraim # 19

It's hard to believe that I am on clip 19 this year, when I started out this project "To document, share and progress" with Martti back in January, I had no idea where it would go, as you can see at the end of the link, very stoked to land this combo for the first time on camera!

Related Link

Monday, July 18, 2011

Please don't forget Rule # 4

I can't stress this enough. Please don't forget about Rule #4 of the Hitchhiker Juggler Contest. Since I have not allowed other riders to submit with out following rule #4 I still can't do it for this one either. But I am going to post this message with the video. Please don't forget to say "This was filmed for the BMX Freestyler Hitchiker Juggler Contest" or show time stamp or news paper or your phone with the date.

22 Jugglers from Mark Kuhlmann on Vimeo.

Get all the current information and RULES here

RULE # 4

Terry Adams- Demo plus Waltz bike give away!

Terry Adams will be doing Flatland BMX Demo's on July 23, 2011 at 2 different Wal Mart Locations. During one of these demos he will be giving away a "Brand new complete Flatware Waltz bike". Be sure to pass this flyer around on your social networks. Help spread the word!!

Demo 1
Walmart 12:00 P.M.
4620 Blackhorse Pike
Mays Landing, NJ 08330

Demo 2
Walmart 2:30 P.M.
3159 Route 9 South
Rio Grande, NJ 08242

Keep up with Terry on his site

Sunday, July 17, 2011

AMFLAT 2011 York Play List

Joe Cicman sponserd by has been all over the AMFLAT 2011 York Contest. I put together a play list. I am sure there will be many more videos coming I put a link to Joe's Channel so you can subscribe and catch all of the vids he is uploading.

Hitchhiker Juggler Contest - Leader

The wait is over. The Contest now has its first official entry.
Rider:Art Thomason
Amount of Jugglers: 20

In order to will the prize money and packages someone will have to do at least 21 to beat out Art. You can send in as many videos as you like. The bar has been set. Can anyone out there do 21? Please don't forget to follow the rules. Don't forget about Rule #4!

Get all the rules and updated info on prize here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

James Jam Vol 5

Hey Everyone,
  I just heard from Diego that the orginal Jam he had planned on the 30th has changed locations. It has been moved to loop 410 and Harry Wurzbach in San Antonio, Texas. There is no actual address since its going to be in a ditch. The surface is flat and pretty rideable. Diego has a good leaf blower and he will go the night before and early morning to clean it. Its in conjunction with James Jam!

Come celebrate our 5th year throwing this event in memory of our friend James! This year will feature new obstacles, more games, and more bbq!

DJing by Daecos

Hope to see everyone who came out last year as well as anyone else!

Invite as many people as you think would like to come.

BMXers and skaters welcome to ride.

This is also an invitation to the after-party at Screwie and Nick's.

This year we will not be allowing tagging to be done on the ditch. The entire length of the ditch has been painted and the police have been checking for taggers.

Bike Night!

Gustavo Chamorro:

Ricky Rogers:

Dennis Mathews:

These are 3 edits from a little project I have had floating around in my head for a while called "Bike Night!".There are more edits to come ,I have years worth of footage that i want to put into this project.The edits are nothing spectacular (I am not allowed to film inside the ramp area) but the riding is good.Just showing my local bros some love!

Cesar Calderon-Cliffhanger Self Video

One Love BMX- Day 4


Our first stop on the east coast. After a very long 30 hour drive non-stop to NYC



Royce da 5'9 & Eminem

Film and Edit

Darin W.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Master Musztarda Jam 7

Introducing Diego Tejada

Filmed and Edited by Davis James

Rider: Diego Tejada

Music: Mighty Mighty by Baby Huey           

Steve Lapsley and the AM Flatland Circuit

There is a Great Inteview with Steve now up on ESPN SITE. Check it out!

Rad Dad Trick of the Month Hitchhiker Juggler

FORMULA FLATLAND OPEN *interlagos* (2°Part)

One Love- Colorado

Day 2-3
Colorado Springs
Riding w/ the locals on our way out to NYC.

I Don't Care
Vast Aire f. Cappadona

Film and Edit
Darin W.           

Monday, July 11, 2011

Texas Tour Stop #1

From Left to Right Rad Dad,Will Redd,Nikola Olic, Aaron Remkus,Clint Majors, Charles Biel
Photo by Becky Hale

In Celebration of BMX Freestyler turning 7 years old this month. I decided to take a Texas Round Trip during the month of July. The first stop on my trip was Arlington,Texas. Just when I thought I have met everyone in Texas that rides flatland there appear more. On this trip For the first time I met Aaron Remkus and Charlie Biel.
Aaron Remkus Miami Hopper
Photo by Becky Hale

Charles Biel
Photo by Rad Dad

    The entire day was filled with riding under the sun at the Enchanted Slab. Personal riding spot for Will Redd. He donated London Bars to the Hitchhiker Juggler Contest.

Will Redd
Photo by Aaron Remkus

The question of the day was if we were ever going to take time to watch dorkin' 10. Well since we never got around to it. Will and Nikola were dorkin' on the enchanted slab.
Photo by Aaron Remkus

I had not seen Clint since the off the chain video in October 2010. It was great to see him back on the bike. While I was there he threw in $20.00 to the Hitchhiker Juggler Contest
Clint Majors
Photo By Aaron Remkus

I originally met Nikola back in 2006 at the Pirate Jam He just recently threw in $30.00 for the Hitchhiker Juggler Contest as well.
Nikola Olic
Photo By Aaron Remkus

It was very hot and the Texas Sun was beating down on us really good. I ended up riding with out a shirt and hat trying to cool down.
Rad Dad
Photo by Aaron Remkus

I will be dropping new video at the end of the month with highlights from the road trip. More photos will appear on the Facebook Fan page.

Stop #2 will be in Houston,Texas on July 16, 2011 at the Adiar Park.

Hitchhiker Juggler Contest- Updated

We are still waiting for the very first entry. One of the rules that I hope you don't over look when filming is number 4

4. All entries must be filmed during the month of July 2011. Your video must show a current date with a newspaper or a phone or date time stamp on video. Older videos can be submitted for bragging rights but will not have opportunity for prize payment.

Since we still don't have an official submission right now. I am going to ammend Rule number 4. In addition you can also say before or after your video that "This was filmed for the BMX Freestyelr Hitchhker Juggler Contest". That will keep everyone honest and not using older footage.

Keep on Riding!

For all the detials please go here.

Hitchhiker Juggler Contest- Updated

     Here is the latest update with the Hitchhiker Juggler Contest! There are 20 days left. No one has made a submission yet. The field is still wide open and the prize money keeps getting higher. Thanks to Clint Majors for throwing in $20.00. London Bikes is throwing in a pair of London Bars! I will get the specifics on the size soon. They also can be any color that you choose because they are still in raw state.
This brings the total prize to $177.71 and 1 pair of London Bars.

To get all the details on how to submit your official entry please go here

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ciaran Perry 7-7-2011

Pinky juggler thing , a link and finally some more around the world stuff.

Hitchhiker Juggler Promo- Onelovebmx

A few jugglers for the hiker contest. $157.00 is up for grabs. Riders supporting riders. No big sponsors just riders.

Laced Cheeba
Wu-Tang Clan


Darin W.

For Official contest entry check this link here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twenty Inches Nothing Le$$ Highlights by Mitch Hall

Related Link

Rad Dad session with Jim Mckay at the Flatstyles spot

On the 4th of July Rad Dad went out to hang with Jim Mckay from Flatstyles. We got a early morning session in before it got to hot. Jim was kind enough to put together a bit of or session together. He was getting ready for a Global-Flat Battle. He is looking really smooth and clean. His battle is due in the next few days so be sure to check out the Global-Flat Battles.

External Link

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hitchhiker Juggler Contest- Updated

The Newest Updates is there is now a small panel of Judges to help watch for pumping and use of a hill. Effraim Catlow of Flatmatter and Bobby Carter of Diversion. They will be help me in this proccess so everyone has a fair chance of winning the prize money.
The Prize money has gone up again! is throwing in 4.20 Thanks Darrin and Shayne
Nikola Olic is throwing in $30.00

This bring the total prize to
I really want to thank everyone for the amazing support it has been so amazing. I hope everyone has fun participating and watching. We are still waiting for the first entery.

Click this link for all the details.

Anthony Buglio- First Hitchiker on Film

Here is Anthony B getting it done. Props Brother..thats how you keep on riding!

Neon Media's "Create" - 2006

Message from Shayne Khajehnoori
In honor of the 5th anniversary of "Create", I'm throwing the video in its entirety up online. Enjoy.

Clown Dog Bikes 11th Anniversary BMX Jam

A few weeks back Clown Dog Bikes celebrated there 11th Anniversary. Many bmx riders from all over the ATX showed up and the ATX flatland crew. You can visit there site at

exhibicion de bmx flatland y deporte extremo Bogota Colombia

Hitchhiker Juggler Contest- Updated

The prize money for the Hitchhiker Juggler Contest has gone up again. Special thanks to Ciaran Perry who threw in 23.51! Brining the total to $123.51 Thanks Ciaran!

For all of the details about the Hitchhiker Juggler Contest please click this link here.

Jeroen Dekker- Trick of the Month Hitchiker Juggler

Monday, July 4, 2011

Interview with Owen and His Dad Nick

I got a message recently from Chris Cassidy and his friend Jesse did a interview with Owen and Nick his father. This video went Viral and really inspired many people. Now you get a few more words from Owen and his Dad Nick!

Thanks Chris for sending this over so we can keep sharing with the rest of the world!

External Link

Secret Spot by Matt Pingel

Today I got a great message for my friend Matt Pingel from Germany He wrote!
This is Matt Pingel from the curb dogs Germany once again.
Guess what ? This is my secret new riding spot. A 200 year old cow stable. Filled out with a slob of finest concrete. I`ve dreamed more than 30 years to have my own spot. Now here we are.
Big shout outs to you ATX homies from the other side of the water.

Thanks Matt for the shout out love the new riding spot. Dreams do come true!

External Links

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hitchhiker Juggler Contest- Updated

Yes!! Another update today. This just in from Anthony Bugilo and from garyflyer. Garyflyer rounded up the .50 Cents to make it $80.00 and Anthony just dropped in $20.00 for a grand total of $100. The responds has been amazing from the community.

Be sure to check out Anthony on
and the newest edition

Get all the Details about how to enter here


From the creators for FlatwebTV comes a new Web Show ! What's Freestyle5? It's everything BMX!

Like the Fan Page!/pages/Freestyle5/166942766693806

Visit the site

Matt Wilhelm on America's Got Talent

I have been a faithful viewer of America's Got Talent since it started. Matt Wilhelm has a video submission up right now. Please visit this link and VOTE. Help send Matt to the show and repesent for the flatland community!

Hitchhiker Juggler Contest- Updated

This just in! Major Props to Omari Cato for adding to the prize pot. $12.50 bring up the total prize to $79.50.  This prize money keeps going up. More and more people are becoming interested in this contest and is getting support from many people. In the name of Flatland, Fun and Progression. It just proves that we don't always have to have major support from a big named company. We as a community of riders pulling our resorces together can really achieve great things.

Thanks Omari for your contribution!
Details about Hitchhiker Juggler Contest are here

Riders Spotlight with Luis Dos Santos

I received a email from Luis last week. Asking to post a new video of his on BMX Freestyler. I had been away for most of the week and not in my email. When I finally got a chance to watch it my mouth dropped. I could not believe what I was seeing. So I thought this was the prefect opportunity to do a interview with the man him self.

Thanks Luis for taking the time to do a interview. Lets get a few of the basics out of the way. What is your birth name age and year you have been riding?
My name is Luis dos Santos, have 29 years, I rider flatland 12 year started in 1998

Your cliffhanger jump into Hitchhiker is so insane! I started calling it Santos Suicide. When did you start work on this trick?
I started this trick in 2009

Did you ever bail really hard enough to bleed trying this trick?
I often get hurt in this trick, to me is one of the most difficult trick

Terry Adams does many tricks where he is jumping from one trick to another. What was your inspiration to learn how to do this?
To be honest it was Terry Adams who was my inspiration, he made ​​a lot of jump trick and popped into my head this trick cliffhanger jump into Hitchhiker our the best santos sucide rsrsr, I thought it would be impossible to do this trick, but nothing is impossible

Have you ever seen anyone else attempting this?
I've never seen anyone try to make this trick, so far

I see your putting together a DVD. Who is going to appear in it?
The DVD CRAZY BMX goes to the 6th edition, this edition will appear championships street, a tour of flatland that I and my friends made in Rio de Janeiro, galleys flatland of Argentina, and I still have more footage to make for launches DVD CRAZY BMX 6. I started editing and filming the 1st dvd crazy bmx in 2006 the best picture and editing I've ever done was dvd crazy bmx 5 that I'm in Atlanta Georgia and Athens where I participated the Twilight Jam 2009, was very good to visit a wonderful country

When will it be released and where can in be purchased?
It will soon be launching, I do not have the time and date marked for purchase blog crazy bmx:

Thanks to your time to answer a few questions. Do you have any shout outs or last comments?
Well, first I want to thank the interview bmxfreestyler and thank my family, my friends, my girlfriend and my support ciclo dias. Mensage: Continue riding BMX and realize their dreams, peace

If you missed it the first time here it is The Santos Suicide!

A.R.T. "FLATLAND WAY!" Lisias Tabarelli.


Hitchhiker Juggler Contest- Update

Yesterday I decided to make it officioal and have a Hitchiker Juggler Contest.  Since that announcment there have been many additions to the prize pot. The total prize is now at $67 dollars. Major Props to

Chadwick $7.00
Joe Cicman $20.00
John Yull $20.00 sponsored by

It cost you $0.00 to enter and you can win $67.00

For all the rules and how to make a entry please view this link

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Styles For Smiles "After Jam"

As promised,the after jam!

John Yull- Tonight..

Tonight..from February just a few things I was working on back when it was cold....

Hitchhiker Juggler Contest

With the Trick of the Month being Hitchhiker Juggler. PROPS to Bobby Carter!





  • I decided to have a Hitchhiker Juggler Contest. I was going to do it for bragging rights but in Celebration of BMX Freestyler 7th Birthday I am going to throw in $20.00 to the winner. John Yull is going to throw in $20 as well. Joe Cicman is throwing in $20.00. Chadwick is throwing in $7.00. Omari Cato is throwing in 12.50 Garyflyer throwing in .50 and Anthony Buglio throwing in $20.00. Ciaran Perry throwing in 23.51 Onelovebmx throwing in 4.20 Nikola Olic throwing in $30.00 Clint Majors throwing in $20.00 . London Bikes is throwing in 1 London Bars.

    This makes a prize of $177.71 and London Bars!
     If anyone else would like to support this contest please get in contact with me at
    Here are the rules.
    1. All Hitchhiker Jugglers must be on the flat ground. You can not go rolling down hills.
    2. You can not pump your Hitchhiker Jugglers to gain momentum.
    3. You must have cranks with pedals because that make a big difference in this trick.
    4. All entries must be filmed during the month of July 2011. Your video must show a current date with a newspaper or a phone or date time stamp on video. Older videos can be submitted for bragging rights but will not have opportunity for prize payment.
    In addition you can also say before or after your video that "This was filmed for the BMX Freestyelr Hitchhiker Juggler Contest". That will keep everyone honest and not using older footage.
    5. Contest will end July 30, 2011. The winner will be announced July 31, 2011 and the amount of $177.71 will be delivered to your pay pal account. If you don't have a pay pal account please make one. Cash or Money Orders can not be mailed out. (Clarification July 30,2011 at Mid Night Central Time Zone)
    6. The winner will be the most Hitchhiker Juggler rolling either forwards or backwards rotating either direction. You must land it for the Hitchhiker Juggler to count. Starting from a hitchhiker position going either clockwise or counter clockwise back into hitchhiker is 1 juggle. There will be no counting of 1/2 of a juggles. Your rear tire must not touch the ground until you ready to land. In case of a tie the first person that  submitted video will be declared winner.
    7. Official Contest entry videos should be sent to Subject: Hitchhiker Juggler Contest.
    Big Props to John Yull  Joe Cicman  Chadwick, Omari Cato ,Anthony Buglio Garyflyer Ciaran Perry, Onelovebmx  Nikola Olic , Clint Majors and London Bikes for helping with the rules and adding to the over all prize.

    New Editions to Rules
    8. The Panel of Judges Mark Dandridge,Bobby Carter and Effraim Catlow will determine if any pumping or hill was involved. We want to keep if fun for everyone and fair at the same time.
    Joe Cicman is sponsored by

    Be sure to check out Anthony on
    and the newest edition

    Be sure to check out

    Check out London Bikes
    Good Luck

    BMX Freestyler Birthday Month!

         This year BMX Freestyler is celebrating 7 years of being on the Internet. Providing you with BMX Freestyle videos,photos,interview and a ton motivation. Instead of celebrating just 1 day we are going to celebrate the entire month. Big thanks to Vic Roman for helping maintain the site and fan facebook page and providing original content that you can only get here at  If you have have appered on BMX Freestyler in video,photo or interview I really want to say thank you so very much for your support.

    Special 7 year celebration video is coming very soon.

    New contest for trick of the month-details coming later today.

    Return of Riders Spotlight

    and much much more in celebration. Thank you for visiting, keep coming back and Keep on Riding!

    Rad Dad

    Fund Raiser for Texas Flatland Round Up

    A message from Chris Balles

    I am raising money for... A competition of a very unique sport called BMX FLATALND. Flatland is a "lost art" and competitions in the United States have become scarce. I am a dedicated BMX Flatlander and feel that my competition is my way of trying to keep the sport alive in this country. Raising money for such an event is very difficult as potential sponsors don't really know too much about the sport so they are reluctant to donate their time and money. I am hoping this will help keep THE TEXAS FLATLAND ROUND UP alive.

    The money collected will go towards... In part, funding like paying for the facility and DJ. Some will go towards the pro purse.


    There is a new DVD brewing in Brazil. Here is a teaser. Keep checking back for more details about a release date and where you can purchase it.

    Related Link

    The A.M. - AF The Naysayer x Luke St. John

    It warms my heart to be able to provided you entertainment from a great rider and a good friend. AF The Naysayer x Luke St. John have a new video out. Last year I did a interview with Super Dope Producer Amahl Abdul Khaliq. You have been hearing is music in various BMX DVDs. Some of he web edits that I have done. Now you get a chance to see them preform. I have also provided links to the interview and the facebook fan page. Be sure to Like there page and show your support.

    Related Link

    1987 BMX Freestyle Contest

    These clips are part of a contest that was held on Walzem rd. in San Antonio. It was at Roosevelt H.S. Nov. 14,1987.

    Friday, July 1, 2011

    Trick Of The Month:Hitchhiker Juggler sponsored by Bobby Carter

    This months "Trick Of The Month" is called the "Hitch Hicker Juggler" it's sponsored by Bobby Carter.Very rad edit.Check out FlatModeThanks Bobby!Now let's juggle!

    Master List for 2011
    January- Hang 5
    February – Turbine Peg Wheelie Sponsored By Team Mc Duff
    March – Cliffhanger Sponsored by Moya
    April – Stick B Sponsored by Rick MacDonald
    May- G-turn sponsored by Scott Powell
    June- Dump Truck Sponsored by John Yull
    July- Hitchhiker Juggler sponsored by Bobby Carter
    August-Time Machine sponsored by Matt Wilhelm
    September- Crackpacker Kris Veal
    October-Lung Spin sponsored by FlatWebTV
    November- Whiplash sponsored by Fred Penner
    December-Death Truck sponsored by Chris Armstrong

    Do you have variations, learning or can do Trick of the Month? Send your submission to You Tube or Vimeo links are preferred. Please include your name.

    Submitted by Jeron Deckker

    Sumbitted By Rad Dad