Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hitchhiker Juggler Contest

With the Trick of the Month being Hitchhiker Juggler. PROPS to Bobby Carter!





  • I decided to have a Hitchhiker Juggler Contest. I was going to do it for bragging rights but in Celebration of BMX Freestyler 7th Birthday I am going to throw in $20.00 to the winner. John Yull is going to throw in $20 as well. Joe Cicman is throwing in $20.00. Chadwick is throwing in $7.00. Omari Cato is throwing in 12.50 Garyflyer throwing in .50 and Anthony Buglio throwing in $20.00. Ciaran Perry throwing in 23.51 Onelovebmx throwing in 4.20 Nikola Olic throwing in $30.00 Clint Majors throwing in $20.00 . London Bikes is throwing in 1 London Bars.

    This makes a prize of $177.71 and London Bars!
     If anyone else would like to support this contest please get in contact with me at
    Here are the rules.
    1. All Hitchhiker Jugglers must be on the flat ground. You can not go rolling down hills.
    2. You can not pump your Hitchhiker Jugglers to gain momentum.
    3. You must have cranks with pedals because that make a big difference in this trick.
    4. All entries must be filmed during the month of July 2011. Your video must show a current date with a newspaper or a phone or date time stamp on video. Older videos can be submitted for bragging rights but will not have opportunity for prize payment.
    In addition you can also say before or after your video that "This was filmed for the BMX Freestyelr Hitchhiker Juggler Contest". That will keep everyone honest and not using older footage.
    5. Contest will end July 30, 2011. The winner will be announced July 31, 2011 and the amount of $177.71 will be delivered to your pay pal account. If you don't have a pay pal account please make one. Cash or Money Orders can not be mailed out. (Clarification July 30,2011 at Mid Night Central Time Zone)
    6. The winner will be the most Hitchhiker Juggler rolling either forwards or backwards rotating either direction. You must land it for the Hitchhiker Juggler to count. Starting from a hitchhiker position going either clockwise or counter clockwise back into hitchhiker is 1 juggle. There will be no counting of 1/2 of a juggles. Your rear tire must not touch the ground until you ready to land. In case of a tie the first person that  submitted video will be declared winner.
    7. Official Contest entry videos should be sent to Subject: Hitchhiker Juggler Contest.
    Big Props to John Yull  Joe Cicman  Chadwick, Omari Cato ,Anthony Buglio Garyflyer Ciaran Perry, Onelovebmx  Nikola Olic , Clint Majors and London Bikes for helping with the rules and adding to the over all prize.

    New Editions to Rules
    8. The Panel of Judges Mark Dandridge,Bobby Carter and Effraim Catlow will determine if any pumping or hill was involved. We want to keep if fun for everyone and fair at the same time.
    Joe Cicman is sponsored by

    Be sure to check out Anthony on
    and the newest edition

    Be sure to check out

    Check out London Bikes
    Good Luck

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