Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 2 Challange

Jim McKay and Rad Dad are in the middle of a challenge. We started off pretty much dead even. Jim is now taking the lead and making great progression. Its time to get cracking! Your looking really good Jim. Thank you for the motivation!

Jeroen Dekker-TOTM Success Story

Trick of the month is designed to motivate and inspire riders to go out and get on their bikes and learn tricks.  . Jeroen Dekker did just that. The trick of the Month for March 2011 is a Cliffhanger. Jeroen completed this trick this month for the first time ever. I received this message from him over on global-flat today.
It is such a honor to be apart of Trick of the Month. Its always great to be able to share a success story as well. Video is coming soon.  You can see the the submissions for this month right here.

Keep on Riding!

Matthias Dandois 2011 Project : No more frontier Flat Vs Street

Super Massive Black Hole

During SXSW we had special guest Jody Temple pay a visit to the ATX Crew. Filmed at the legendary Oltorf Garage the list for visitors is continues to grow. This year alone in the past 3 months we have had several drop by. Thanks for hanging out with us Jody! Looking forward to riding with you again soon!

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Adams New Back Wheel Combo

Jody Temple wining First Place Master Class

Anthony's Farwell Jam - AFJ 2011

Anthony Crespo came of for the 2010 Christmas Season. He stayed a little longer than originally planned that gave him the time he needed to produced an amazing video that is coming out soon. During his farewell jam he brought out a big LCD Flat TV to the OG to show the trailer on DVD. You can watch the trailer by visiting this link

Stephen Hearn- Interview in BMX PLUS!

The amazing Stephen Hearn has a great interview in BMX Plus! Don't have it on your news stands? You can subscribe for a subscription online Go get your copy now!

Rainy Dayz-3

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25 Years Later: A RADrospective

 If it were not for this movie. BMX Freestyler would not exist. I am so very excited that this is coming out. Please spread the word. Copy this video on your walls,blogs and tweeter feeds!

25 Years Later: A RADrospective from Marc Dewey on Vimeo.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adam DiClaudio- New Back Wheel Combo

Adam DiClaudio throwing down a brand new switch in his back wheel combo. Be sure to check out one of his sponsors http://WWW.OPHICIALWEAR.COM and hit up for more videos and updates.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste
2011 Flatland Video from the Wisconsin Crew.
Been 3 years in the making.
Clancy Burke
Chad Carpenter
Josh Hansen
Seth Johnson
Tony Schneidewind
Tim Knoll
and Andrew Musil
with Friends:
Chad Gale
Brandon Gale
David Podkowinski
Rad Dad
Ron Monis
and Plenty Others

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A few months back BMX Freestyler did a scene report with the Wisconsin.

TMD presents: sxbmx

just having fun riding with friends during the sxsw music festival; it's not a serious "riding edit"

Luke Malone 3-20-11 Todays Riding New Combo

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Alex Johnson- Learning New Tricks

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Moya- Sun Flat Fun (Perrilla 2000)

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influence riding society

Jim Mckay - 031811

Jim Mckay and Rad Dad have a challenge to ride into a crackpacker from a juggling hitchhiker and ride out of the crackpacker. Right now Jim is much closer to a ride out. We have been pushing each other on a regular basis. We will both reach our goal this year.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ron Seay Day-1 Crackpacker

 It is always very cool to know that I have inspired a few riders out there. Ron is now learning how to do crackpackers.

Get more information from the The Journey into the Crack

Ronny Engelmann - Brake Stuff

 Ronny Englemann put on some brakes for 2 hours. This is what went down.

[F]olution3 - Total Respect

I was looking around for new content and ran across

I wanted to post all 3 of his videos because he is taking the time to document his progression and his progression made me drop my mouth with open. The things he has learned in a few months just makes you want to go outside and ride even harder than ever. I will post them from the oldest to the newest.

6 Months of Riding Flatland

9 Months of Riding Flatland

3:00 A.M. Session

Malovelo # 2

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ginger Kid 1 year of riding

The Ginger Kid, Flatlander from PA. More flatland talent in the tri-state! Video and editing by Thomas Weakley

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Rad Dad- Trick of the Month Part 2

I have already made a submission for Trick of the Month but I have learned some new combination due to trick of the Month as I keep pushing my self harder each day. I am very stoked on this and this gives me a whole new line of tricks that were once not obtainable. So very stoked on this!!

The Waltz by Odysseybmx


Nearly two years of continuous testing, prototyping and refinement by Terry Adams prior to production. Thanks to our proven 41-Thermal® processing throughout, The Waltz can be incredibly light and responsive without sacrificing strength (which means that we can still incorporate a clearance bend in the downtube without leaving you with an unreliable flex machine). Proven modern flatland geometry. Dropout shape allows for tensioner use. Flatland-specifc lifetime warranty.
  • Removable brake and Gyro® hardware
  • 41-Thermal® processing throughout
  • Post-weld machining on the head tube and bottom bracket for precision bearing fit
  • 3/8” axle slots with cutting grooves for 14mm
  • Chain tensioner-ready dropout shape
  • Rustproof coating prior to paint finishing
  • 75 degree head tube
  • 72 degree seat tube
  • 18.9” top tube
  • 12.5” chainstay (slammed)
  • 11.85” bottom bracket
  • Mid bottom bracket shell
  • Integrated headset

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Forward

Photo By Shelly Long

On March 12, 2011 at the Oltorf Garage we had a special visit from Harlen Baker. I brought a few friends with him. Shelly Long, Chante White and Aaron Ross (Card Board CUT OUT). It was a very fun session and the last session before we Spring Forward 1 hour with our clocks. Giving us more daylight hours to ride our bikes. 

Harlen was the lucky winner of the NEW Years Day Giveaway. He has been working on his flatland skills and will be making regular visits to the O.G. to progress and learn more tricks.

During the Spring Forward Session Dax and Rad Dad were feeding off each other and taking turns in front of the camera set up on the Quad Pod. 

After awhile Chadwick picked up the Camera and the magic started to happen. Links were be thrown down and onlookers watched in amazement.

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Flatland Unlimited 7 BMX Contest

Here is an edit from Sunday at the Toronto Bike show 2011.

Flatland Unlimited 7 BMX Contest put on by the Canadian Flatland Organization.

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External Link

Day Smith-1996 at Chelsea Piers


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Best Links of the Week

Filmed March 7-11 2011 these are the Best links of the week. They are all first times on film. Progression is contagious. Want some? Get some!! Keep on Riding!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

45 Day's Latter

45 Days ago Rad Dad his first opposite hitchhiker juggler posted on Flatmatters. Effraim said "Lets see multiples rad dad!" Those words echoed in his mind until he could finally reach his goal. 45 Days Later it has been reached on film!

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Two years of riding again part 1.25

Last month I posted John Yull's Part 1. This is 1.25 a few links that will not make it into Part 2.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jam @ Ben Snowden's, March 6th, 2011

Sean Fontenot And especially thanks to Ben for putting the time/money/effort into the flatland section. Its a big edition to the bmx war house :)
Message taken from "Facebook Comment"

Jeroen Dekker- Trick of the Month Cliffhanger Day 3

 Jeroen is dedicated to learning the Cliffhanger. A big part of his motivation is Trick of the Month. Looking really good at day 3 Jeroen. If your reading this and you haven't already sent in your submission, go for it! If you already know how to do a Cliffhanger show us your complex variations in and out. If you want to learn and you need tips ask a question in comments or send email to 

Check out other progression videos from Jeroen at

Today's Riding - Inspirational Rhyme

Pay attention to the first letter of each sentence.

Today is a good day to go outside and ride your bike
On the occasion that watched a video and get all hyped
Delirious with ambition you feed off the energy that your receive
Analyzing what you just saw so you can achieve
Your vision that you have created inside of your mind
Solid with style and creative with your own line

Riding with inspiration gives you the edge you need
In turn gives the power to make other believe
Dialing a combination can be achieved
If you practice hard enough yeah you might have to bleed
Never giving up is key to success
Give it 100 percent your absolute best

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Effraim #8 and #9

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Happy Birthday Effraim Catlow

  Today is Effraim Catlow's Birthday today. March 8th 2011. He has started a nice list of progression videos. He is currently on number 7. I am pretty sure #8 is on the way. So I put this together for Effraim spelling out is name and last initial to help motivate and celebrate his birthday. Happy Birthday E!

Eight on Eight so great is not up for debate
Forging ahead so you hit it on a specific date
Flatland tricks are the way we celebrate
Riding so focused so you can concentrate
All your energy on what needs happen
Ignite the fire with uncontrolled passion
Making magic on the ground gives you satisfaction
Celebrating your Birthday is just an added attraction.

Happy Birthday Effraim!!

Today's Riding - Step By Step

Its been awhile since I have put together a today's riding video. I only had about 45 minutes today but I was able to pull this combination. If I am correct I have never pulled this one. I will have to look back at the my older videos. But the last I remember I have not rode out of the Messiah from stepping in back into hang 5. The bag of tricks is really starting to build and its getting harder to keep up. That is AWESOME!

'SOB A RODA RAIADA'' Flatland Way!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tribute to Martti Kouppa

This Tribute is to Martti Kouppa. Notice the first letter of each sentence. Its Spells out
Martti Kuoppa /Jungle Rider/Ground Tactics

Master of flat and all you survey
Articulate in the way that you display
Riding ability that takes new shapes and forms
Titian's of the game clearly have been warned
Taking tricks to new levels is undeniable
In close combat you’re still unrivaled  

King of the ground holding fast and steady
Unbelievable with no warm up your ready
Ominous is your style that defies the possible
Progression makes you totally unstoppable
Pounding out new moves like a gorilla pounding his chest
Analyzing maneuvers like physicist taking a test

Jumping in the to the jungle like a savage beast
Unleashed the creativity that shall steadily increase
Never giving in until the link is ceased
Going after it like a lion ready to feast
Looking at what you accomplished with great pride
Endless links bury the competition alive

Reduce your competitors to the size of an ant
Implant messages in their minds so they say I can’t
Destroy your competition rip them all to shreds
Entangle them with links that leave them confuse in head
Royalty of flat and widely known

Gracing the ground because it is your throne
Realizing that your legend in your own time
Ordinary links to you blows every ones mind
Unique with the links that you combine
Never before seen and way ahead of your time
Delivering maneuvers that are pure perfection

Technically so smooth with each selection
Achieving the unthinkable during your session
Creatively out the box is your progression  
Tactically you maneuver for a better position 
Insistently you change your mind with a new decision
Combat is in flat is do or die situation
Successfully you reign for several generations 

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Other Tributes

Rain or Shine- Fuel TV AD

Jeroen Dekker- Trick of the Month Cliffhanger

Sunday, March 6, 2011

U.T. Documents the O.G.

On March 5, 2011 a group of University of Texas students did filmed a documentary that included interviews and footage from the legendary Oltorf Garage. This video documents the documentation by this project team. They had only a couple of days to film edit and present the finish product. It will be made available after the project has been graded and released back to all the students. So keep checking for updates.

Still Photography by Gary First and Mark Dandridge

See More of Gary's First Photos on Facebook. Click here

Moya- Happy Flat S***

 Today I got this message from Moya.
Hi RAD DAD, today I wanted to film myself failing cliffhanger, but it wasn't natural at all, so i decided to learn new cliffhanger moves, hahahha

Jim Mckay-Street Land Session

Dax- Trick of the Month Cliffhanger

This is Trick of the month on

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Sickwick-Trick of the Month Cliffhanger

This is trick of the Month for March 2011 on

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David Weathersby-Trick of the Month Cliffhanger

This is trick of the Month for March 2011. Cliffhanger on

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Alex Johnson -Trick of the Month Cliffhanger

This is trick of the Month for March 2011. Cliffhanger on

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Deadline: April 1
Submissions are now open for the Eleventh Annual Bicycle Film Festival! The BFF is looking for
films with a bike-related theme. Any style is acceptable: animation, experimental, narrative,
documentary and music videos are all a go.

There is no fee to enter your film, simply download a submission form from the BFF website, and
send a copy of the film to the BFF Head Office in New York.

The Bicycle Film Festival began in 2001 when Brendt Barbur, founding director of the festival was hit
by a bus while riding his bike in New York City. He insisted on turning his negative experience into a
positive one. The Bicycle Film Festival is a platform to celebrate the bicycle through music, art and,
of course, film.

The BFF travels to over 25 cities around the world, including Paris, London, Tokyo, New York -- and
Sydney. Last year, more than 225,000 people attended the festival. The BFF is not only a showcase
for new films, but also, includes rock shows, street parties, art shows, dinners, bike rides and more!

The BFF over the past ten years is proud to be a platform for exposure for many independent
filmmakers and artists, and to show a range of emerging filmmakers to established artists, including
Albert Maysles, Spike Jonze, Mike Mills, The Neistat Brothers, Michel Gondry, and Tom Sachs.
The 2011 submission deadline is April 1. Any inquiries please email

Rad Dad- Trick of the Month

Here is my submission for trick of the month sponsored by Moya! I threw in some bails to help show how to get out of a failed cliffhanger with out hurting your self to much. Be warned you can seriously injure your self or your bike.

Do you have a video you want to submit?

Contact me at

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kestrel-canal cruiser to half DOOM!

FlatWebTV Episode 3

FlatWebTV Episode 3 from Justin Hoey on Vimeo.
Welcome to episode #3 of FlatwebTV. So many things happend this past month. I'm surprised that we covered this much in just 29min. A Bad Thing exodus, Portland Bike Show, REASON DVD review, Ticos Jam and Circle Cow 12 recap, upcoming events, and FREE STICKERS!

Subscribe on iTunes -

Download -

Vimeo -

A Bad Thing exodus

Alex on St. Martin -

Matthias -

New Kun frame

8-page Flatland spread in BMX Plus

Effraim getting a Jungle Rider frame

flatwebtv stickers

Portland Bike Show info

GoodsBMX -

Bruce Crisman – Shola -,,

Justin Bio edit

Japan Trip


Where are the High production value Videos discussion

(Elusion, Props Ground work, Dreams, Same Thing Daily)

Dreams - - -

Same Thing Daily - -

Bill Freeman -

Made In: Thailand -

Event recaps

Tico Jam – Video -

CircleCow – Video -

AM Flat now American flatland Circuit -

Upcoming events

Canada    04.03.2011 - 06.03.2011    CFO Flatland Unlimited 7
Germany    12.03.2011 - 13.03.2011    Passion Sports Convention Contest

United Kingdom    13.03.2011    Flatsummit Jam

United States    19.03.2011    Georgia State Flatland Championship Round 1

Japan    27.03.2011    Shounan bicycle fes ´11

If you have an event that you would like featured on the show head over to and click on the events page and fill out the form.

Effraim - #7

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Beyond The Future

Beyond the Future 
A Flatland Motion Picture by Bobby K Carter. 
 McNeese State University  
4205 Ryan Street, Lake Charles, LA
7 PM Hartner Hall Room 128

Featuring Music from AF The Naysayer

Please check the flyer for more details.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trick of the Month- Cliff Hanger Sponsored By Moya


 Master List for 2011January- Hang 5
February – Turbine Peg Wheelie Sponsored By Team Mc Duff
March – Cliffhanger Sponsored by Moya
April – Stick B Sponsored by Adam Diclaudio
May- G-turn sponsored by Scott Powell
June- Dump Truck Sponsored by John Yull
July- Hitchhiker Juggler sponsored by Bobby Carter
August-Time Machine sponsored by Matt Wilhelm
September- Crackpacker Kris Veal
October-Lung Spin sponsored by FlatWebTV
November- Whiplash sponsored by Fred Penner
December-Death Truck sponsored by Chris Armstrong

Do you have variations, learning or can do Trick of the Month? Send your submission to  You Tube or Viemo links are preferred. Please include your name.

Submitted by David Weathersby


Submitted By Alex Johnson

Submitted By Sickwick

Submitted By Dax Wolford

Submitted By Moya

Submitted By Mare

cliffhanger from mare on Vimeo.

Submitted By 5hane

Submitted By Moya

Submitted By David

Submitted By Jeroen Dekker

Submitted By Jeroen Dekker

Submitted By Scott Byrd and Chris Armstrong

Submitted By Rad Dad