Friday, July 1, 2011

Trick Of The Month:Hitchhiker Juggler sponsored by Bobby Carter

This months "Trick Of The Month" is called the "Hitch Hicker Juggler" it's sponsored by Bobby Carter.Very rad edit.Check out FlatModeThanks Bobby!Now let's juggle!

Master List for 2011
January- Hang 5
February – Turbine Peg Wheelie Sponsored By Team Mc Duff
March – Cliffhanger Sponsored by Moya
April – Stick B Sponsored by Rick MacDonald
May- G-turn sponsored by Scott Powell
June- Dump Truck Sponsored by John Yull
July- Hitchhiker Juggler sponsored by Bobby Carter
August-Time Machine sponsored by Matt Wilhelm
September- Crackpacker Kris Veal
October-Lung Spin sponsored by FlatWebTV
November- Whiplash sponsored by Fred Penner
December-Death Truck sponsored by Chris Armstrong

Do you have variations, learning or can do Trick of the Month? Send your submission to You Tube or Vimeo links are preferred. Please include your name.

Submitted by Jeron Deckker

Sumbitted By Rad Dad

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