Monday, July 25, 2011

Ring of Fire Act 1 and 2

Chadwick of the ATX Flatland Crew has been digging into past productions and making them public for your viewing pleasure. This is Ring of Fire broken into 2 parts Act I and II. With a few words from the man himself. Please show your support and make a comment.
Words from Chadwick
This is part one of a jam and contest video. Elevation 5 and The Pirate Jam. Give it up to those hard working beginners and ams in Elevation 5, and enjoy some serious pro bangin' in The Pirate Jam. Although you will have to wait for part 2 to post before you collect your booty. The budget is low but the times are high.

All American cast of pro bangers in this video from the winter of 2006. Seems like its about time for another one of these throw downs in big "D". That's Dallas for ya'll yankees out there. See Will Redd holding it down on the home court and playing big in the fourth quarter Maverick style. Only Jesse P was able to outshine Will on this evening, but it is his original style that i remember. All the unorthodox links make this one worth a watch.

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