Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Chadwick!

 March 31, 2010

     Chadwicks Birthday was celebrated on March 27, 2010 during the French Connection. His actual Birthday is today March 31, 2007. From BMX Freestyler and the ATX Flatland Crew we want to wish Chadwick a very Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

thundering silence

i think effraim sent this video to bobbyd, and then he sent it to jim...and jim sent it to me...but i don't see it on flatmatters yet so i'm putting it here...because this video is better then i will ever be:


Monday, March 29, 2010

Enter the haze Ganjibmx

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While the Ganji Crew was here in town I had a chance to hang out with them for a few days. This footage was from the French Connection that went down on March 27, 2009.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

French Connection photos by Vince Perraud

Vince Perraud
Professional Photographer

During the French Connection, Vince took some incredible photos during the Jam. You can view more of his work on

Adam DiClaudio Mid Bar Flip

Matthias Mid Jumping Bar Flip

Matthias Dandois backwheel spinning

David Weathersby No-Handed Halfhiker

Kenny Boucher Rolling No Handed Hang-10

Aaron Frost- Cross Footed Backpacker

Number #1 Video on BMX Freestyler "Whip It"

Whip it with Matthias Dandois

It is official "Whip it" has taken over the Number 1 spot for most views of a BMX Freestyler Video in 3 days. The number one spot was being held by Voodoo Jam 2009 Pro Highlights. It was uploaded 8 months ago.

"Whip it" has made if over to 47 different sites.

These are the Top 10


Big Props to Amahl Abdul-Khaliq for letting me know that it was blowing up all over the internet. Here is a little triva for you. I almost didn't make this video. I made it on a whim because we just came back from North Padre Island Jam and I didn't have a chance to edit footage. So I put it on the back burner. Funny how things work out!

The Ganji Crew is on the Move

The Ganji Crew have come and gone. It was my pleasure to have you all stay at the head quarters of BMX Freestyler. I look forward to hanging out with each of you at JoMoPro 2010.

The Return of Rodney Williams

The human flatland encyclopedia, Rodney Williams has made an apperance at the Legendary Oltorf Garage. It has been almost 3 years since his last visit and the last time we saw each other was on April 18, 2009. Good times with friends from all over the world.

French Connection 2.0

Moblie Link

This is the second video from The French Connection that went down on March 27, 2010. Did you miss the first one? No worries its right here.

The French Connection Highlights

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Here are some highlights from the French Connection.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photos from the French Connection

Group Photo

Photo Slide Show from French Connection

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

The Golden Hour

Adam DiClaudio at the French Connection

Here is a link to youtube. Adam throwing a great link.

The French Connection Jam

The Jam is in full effect. There about 40 riders from all over Texas. In this photo is Scott Ditchfield mid steam roller. Lots of crazy tricks.  Vince Perraud just arrived to shoot some photos. The Bbq is still going down. Chris Balles is cooking it up. When the lights go out the party is on. Stay tuned.

The French Connection

The French Connection
March 27, 2010

The ATX Flatland Crew will be throwing down a Texas Flatland Jam to welcome Matthias Dandois to the Texas Flat Scene. The previous location need to be changed due to being doubled booked.You are officially invited to join the party. Bring a bike and come out and jam with the ATX Crew and Special Guest Matthias Dandois all the way from Paris, France.

The French Connection Promo Video

Mobile Link

Date: March 27, 2010

Time: 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Location: The Oltorf Garage

Address: 2462 Congress Ave S, Austin, TX

Street View of the Oltorf Garage

View Larger Map

Photos by Darin-Ganji Crew

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

These photos are from Friday nights Session with the Ganji Crew taken by Darin W.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Ganji Crew in the ATX

The Ganji Crew

From Right to Left Gabe,Stephen,Shayne,Darin
Follow the Ganji Crew here

   The Ganja Crew have arrived in Texas and will be at the French Connection on March 27, 2010
We will be hitting up the Oltorf Garge tonight so if you want to hang out we will see you there!

pelican 1

So the great thing about web edits is....they are free!  So when they get boring and stuff you can turn them off with a simple mouse click!  No money down!  No payments!  That being said i added a little south by southwest intro to this otherwise boring old flatland web edit.  Thank you Golden Triangle.  They are the sexy, lush gal lead band that you will see at the beginning outta new york performing live at spiderhouse cafe in austin texas.  Then its the Pelican Jam, which was a hellava good time-thank you frosty.  The music you hear is DJ Cam from his French Connection album.  Song titled "blindwhisper" If you missed the Pelican Jam I'm leaving you cause you are boring!  

Freestyler Friday #2

Freestyler Friday #2

North Island Padre Jam 2010 Wrap Up

All week long there has been something being said about the North Padre Island Jam. If you happen to miss out on what was happening I will fill you in. The contest/jam was held on March 20, 2010. The BMX Freestyler van was loaded up to capacity with Tod Miller, Alex Johnson, Kenny Boucher, Adam DiClaudio and Matthias Dandois. We arrived to the location to be greeted by Aaron Frost and the rain. Other riders kept showing up as we all waited for it to stop raining. It finally stopped around 3 p.m. and everyone was itching to ride. We were going to ride wet or dry. There were leaf blowers and squeegees to dry up the riding area. Around 4 p.m. the sun started to show its face and it also helped dry things up a bit. So the jam started a little late but everyone was in great spirits. It’s not every day that we all get to see each other and we spent the time socializing with one another.

The Contest was in Battle Format for both AM and Pro. The Battles were as follows for

AM Class

Round 1

Paul M vs Hector Garcia ------ Hector Moves on
Johnny Tamayo vs Rad Dad ----- Johnny Moves on
Kenny Boucher vs Kelly Baldwin ---- Kenny Moves on
Lee Edwards vs Alex Johnson ----- Lee Moves on

Round 2
Hector Vs Johnny ----Johnny Moves on
Lee Vs – Kenny ----- Lee Moves on

Round 3
Kenny VS Hector---- Kenny 3rd Hector 4th
Lee Vs – Johnny ---- Lee Edwards 1st – Johnny 2nd

Pro Class

Round 1
Chris Anderson Vs Matthias Dandois ----Matthias moves on
David Weathersby VS Aaron Frost ----David moves on
Diego Tejada Vs Adam DiClaudio ---- Diego Moves on

Round 2
Matthias Vs David – Matthias Wins $300
David and Diego both get $100 and officially tie for 2nd place

There are defiantly plans for another North Island Padre Jam in 2011. It will just keep getting bigger and better each year.

Highlights from North Padre Island Jam 2010

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BMX Freestyler going Mobile

Due to the restrictions of a free Vimeo account, BMX Freestyler is now a Plus member. The main benefit is that there is more room to upload videos through the week. A very cool perk is all the videos uploaded are now made avalible to your smart phones. This doesn’t include the videos that are embedded at this time. We will be working on posting up links to the mobile Vimeo site so you can watch BMX Freestyler videos on the go. It has been officially feild tested by David Weathersby and it worked on his I-Phone and videos are now working on my My-Touch.

Check out the Newest Video on BMX Freestyler with Matthias Dandois

"Whip it" with Matthias Dandois

Moblie Link

BMX Legends

Read Interview
    The BMX Legends section of BMX Freestyler was long over due for a overhaul. We have got things kicked off with a great interview with Karl Rothe. Inventor of the Karl Kruiser. If you have taken the time to read his interview please take a few moments to make a comment right here so he will know that you have appreciated his interview. More interviews are lined up so make sure you don’t miss a thing and follow BMX Freestyler.

The BMX Freestyler Contributors

     You may have noticed new growth with BMX Freestyler. There have been many members of the ATX Flatland Crew that have been helping build the site making it grow at a phenomenal rate.

Chadwick- He has always helped with Video production but he has taken things to a new level and making several web edits for your viewing pleasure. We have been working more and more together as a team to provide new coverage for you.

Jim Mckay-He is stepping up to create a whole new section on BMX Freestyler that has never existed before. We will leave it as a surprise for now. Stay tuned as a new section pops up.

Tod Miller & Kassandra Wright – Both Tod and Kassandra have been helping with filming as well. Kassandra made her début with the Pro section of North Padre Island Jam. Tod has helped before and is looking to keep helping when he is needed.

Josh Duffek- Josh has been helping BMX Freestyler for many years now. He has a Flatland Channel on Vimeo and he doesn’t miss a thing. He provides videos from the net that he has found great enough to share with everyone.

Big Props to the ATX Flatland Crew and everyone that helps out to make BMX Freestyler a great resource for Flatland and ATX Coverage.

The French Connection

The French Connection is going to happen on March 27, 2010 at the Oltorf Garage in Austin, Texas.
 Click this link for more details.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Flatland BMX Seat Survey

How do you Sit on this Subject
 Flatland has many parts that are specific for flatland. What about a seat that was made just for flatland?Please take the time to answer a few questions about seats. What can the industry do to make a better one. Also feel free to leave your comments here as well.

Here is the link to the Survey. <---Click HERE!!!

Thanks to Adam DiClaudio for getting this survey started!

North Padre Island Jam 2010 Kenny Boucher Highlights

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

North Padre Island Jam 2010 David Weathersby Highlights

David Weathersby aka D-Dub is Fire! These are Highlights from the North Padre Island Jam of David.

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NPIJ Photos by Kelly Baldwin of Chainlinkz

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Go to Flicker Site

Kelly Baldwin took these photos at the North Island Padre Jam on March 20, 2010. Thanks Kelly!

Keep up with Matthias Austin,TX Trip

Baam, a quick news in live from Austin, Texas!

At the beginning my trip was (and still) to put a Flatlander in The Street city and see what happen...all that shooting by Vince Perraud!

But finally the trip is more complete than I expected... I started to film my Bio for the next Props, I started to Ride a Ramp, Street… Dirt soon? Who knows... Local guys are really happy to discover flatland, parties hot like the weather!! What more? Ha yeah I know! A green card to leave there!

Ok I let you discover the Vince's pics in total exclu and you can follow my trip day by day on

See yaaaaaa!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

North Padre Island Jam 2010 Matthias Dandois Highlights

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Here are some highlights from Matthias Dandois during the North Padre Isaland Jam 2010. Filmed by K-Dub. Thanks for your efforts in filming in the cold,windy conditions.

North Padre Island Jam 2010 Pro Highlights

The North Padre Island Jam was a Jam/Contest. The Pro portion of the contest was set up as Battles. The competing riders were

EZ Chris Anderson
David Weathersby
Matthias Dandois
Aaron Frost
Adam DiClaudio
Deigo Tejada

This video are highlights from the Pro Battles. Stay tuned to a Matthias Dandois Extravaganza.

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North Padre Island Jam 2010 Final A.M. Battle

The last battle was between Johnny Tamayo and Lee Edwards. This is how it went down.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

North Padre Island Jam 2010 Highlights

The North Padre Island Jam is a wrap. Sickwick and Rad Dad were both filming and shooting photo's all day long. There will be a TON more footage from the competition. Be on the look out for the Final AM Battle and many more highlight videos.Make sure you don't miss updates by following bmxfreestyler. Big Props to everyone that made this Jam Possible and a special thanks to Mr. Aaron Frost. Lets do it again next year!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

BMX Legends Interview with Karl Rothe

BMX Legends Interview with
Karl Rothe
March 16, 2010

BMX Freestyler-- What was your passion for getting into BMX in the first place and did you think that you would play such a huge part in the community?

Karl Rothe - My brother and I got into dirt jumping with our neighborhood crew in the early eighties. Soon after, when ramps became popular, we built a quarter pipe in our backyard. We bought a copy of BMX Action’s freestyle how-to book and we tried to learn some of the tricks R.L. Osborn and Mike Buff were doing. We were into it for about a year, I’d say. Then one day we went to a local BMX track to buy some parts and we met Oleg Konnings. He was riding flatland in the pits…doing the coolest tricks with this totally unique, freaky style. He just blew us away. Right then and there we both got the burn for flatland. We didn’t know where it would lead, we just liked sessioning and learning new tricks. It was fun. For the next five years, flatland was the only thing on my mind. I was totally obsessed with the sport….it consumed me.

BMX Freestyler - I remember the first time I saw you in Freestylin’ Magazine showing the world the Karl Kruzier. How does it feel to have your name immortalized forever?

Karl Rothe - It seems silly now. (laughter) The trick should have a cooler name. My friend Mike Bartlett invented the side squeak and all I did was turn that into a rolling trick. He should’ve named it. I’m sure he would’ve come up with something better….something like “The Turnbucket.” (laughter)

BMX Freestyler- You are known worldwide for the creation of the Karl Kruizer. What other tricks have you invented?

Karl Rothe - Like most riders back in the eighties, you’d come up with new stuff almost every time you sessioned things like links, combos, different intros and exits…stuff like that. The one combo that stoked me was a backwards wheelie to a 180 decade. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it felt good when you pulled it clean.

BMX Freestyler-- Did you ever imagine a 360 degree bar-flip from a Karl back to Karl when you created it?

Karl Rothe - No. (laughter) That sounds unbelievably difficult. I’ve never doubted the unlimited creative possibilities in flatland, though. The new stuff I’ve seen is impressive.

BMX Freestyler - What is your most favorite memory from being sponsored and riding in the AFA days?

Karl Rothe - Other than getting free bikes, gear, and plane tickets…I’d say my favorite memory is simply how much fun it all was. It was a complete adventure: hittin’ contests across the country, doing shows on tour, hanging out with a bunch of nutjobs. Just crazy. No one should be allowed to have that much fun at such an early age. It messes up your sense of reality. (laughter)

BMX Freestyler - Who have you kept up with over the years from BITD?

Karl Rothe - My best friends are all old school freestylers from the Golden Gate Park days. Most of us are into mountain biking now and I’ve sessioned with them in NorCal and around the Southwest. It seems like not all that much has changed. We still heckle each other when someone wrecks. (laughter)

BMX Freestyler - When the AFA days started to fade and popularity declined what did you see in the future for our sport and how does that compare to modern-day riding?

Karl Rothe - The recession hit right around the time many of us were contemplating college or careers. The scene disintegrated quick in 1988 and things just seemed scattered. The industry was frantically trying to figure out what the next big thing was going to be. I thought street riding was going to be the future of BMX freestyle. What I didn’t know was that it was going to evolve into “park” riding and help transition flatland and vert into the era of the X-Games.

BMX Freestyler - I saw that you’re riding a mountain bike right now. What kind of parts are you running on it?

Karl Rothe - Up until about a year ago, I was riding a custom, Karpiel freeride bike with a works Marzocchi triple-clamp fork. I built it up with a combination of Chris King, Shimano, Azonic, Titec, and Race Face components. I wrecked it into a tree and ovalized the headtube. So bummed. Right now I’m riding a Trek Fuel EX-9 trailbike close to stock. I’m on the fitness tip these days.

BMX Freestyler - Do you ever pick up a BMX bike and do some old tricks or work on something new?

Karl Rothe - I visited my brother last year and I jumped on my nephew’s bike for the hell of it. I was surprised that I was able to kick out some basic tricks without hurting myself. (laughter) I haven’t engaged in a progressive flatland session in over twenty years. I’m just stoked that I can still do a boomerang. (laughter)

BMX Freestyler - What other kinds of activities do you like to do when you’re not out riding?

Karl Rothe - I like going to concerts in venues large and small. I like to snowboard. I like to hike. Mainly, I like to spend time with my family and do things together.

BMX Freestyler - What do you do for a living these days?

Karl Rothe I’m in chemical and equipment sales. Our customers are mostly restaurants, hotels, schools, and hospitals. Sell, sell, sell.

BMX Freestyler - Do any of your co workers know about your BMX Days?

Karl Rothe - No. (laughter)

BMX Freestyler - Everyone has a good bail story what is the worst accident that you were in?

Karl Rothe - I lost control of a handstand….I think it’s called a Top Gun. I gave myself a piledriver of sorts. I was knocked about for few seconds and I separated my shoulder. My right shoulder is about an inch lower than my left.

BMX Freestyler - Who are the Top 5 Flatlanders on your list to exist?

Karl Rothe - As far as the history of the sport goes, who knows? But I can tell you the flatlanders who influenced my riding and the style of tricks I chose to do. In chronological order, they are: Oleg Konnings, Woody Itson, Jason Parkes, Chris Day, and Mark Eaton.

BMX Freestyler - Who has made the largest contribution to the community and what was it they did?

Karl Rothe - Two people: Bob Haro for inventing BMX freestyle and Mat Hoffman for getting the X-Games off the ground and onto T.V. for millions to see.

BMX Freestyler - Age-old question: New School vs. Old School--what is your take on this never- ending debate?

Karl Rothe - Uhmm….I don’t know what the debate is. (laughter) Is it which group is more awesome? (laughter) I’m a fan of the New School. Out of the new stuff I’ve seen, my favorite riders have creative ways of getting into and out of their sequences. I’d like to see someone do a bunnyhop tailwhip and land directly into a megaspin….and then after about four rotations, tailwhip back out of it and land on the pedals and ride away. I can almost feel it.

BMX Freestyler-- If you could go back into time to do it all over again, would you do anything different?

Karl Rothe—No, not one thing. I feel fortunate to have been part of that first wave of freestyle.

BMX Freestyler- Okay, lets play a quick game: you tell me the first word that comes to your mind for each word I give you.

1. Cru Jones = Fruitcake

2. Kevin Jones = Balance

3. Eddie Fiola = Skatepark

4. Woody Itson = Pro

5. Matt Hoffman = 900

BMX Freestyler-- Thank you so much for your time. It’s truly an honor to be doing this interview with you. Do you have any shout-outs or last words?

Karl Rothe—Ride on.

You Tube Video Provied By

North Padre Island Jam 2010 Photo's

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

These photos were taken during the North Padre Island Jam on March 20, 2010

some street ridin.

bobbyd sent me this video:

March 19th Video from zack gerber on Vimeo.

pretty rad.

props to everyone who went to the padre jam...sorry i couldn't make it :/


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bars Bars Bars

Top 3 ams took home bars.

The Armature Class Winner

1st place Lee Edwards
2nd place Johnny Tamayo
3rd place Kenny Boucher
4th place Hector Garcia

Pro Winners

1st Place Matthias Dandois $300
2nd tie David Weathersby $100
2nd tie Diego Tejada $100
Thanks to every one that participated in making this Contest possible. Be on the look out for photos and video soon.

Pro competition

The pro battles are going to begin shortly. The pro competing ridetd are as follows.

Matthias Dandois
Adam DiClaudio
Diego Tejada
Chris Anderson
Aaron Frost
David Weathersby

Final Battle

Lee vs Johnny who's taken it?

Moving on

Hector vs Jhonny
Kenny Vs Lee

BIG props to the other competing riders

Paul M
Rad Dad
Kelly Baldwin
Alex Johnson

Am Battles

The Battles are starting

Hector Garcia vs Paul

Words from Mr. Frost

North Padre Island Jam organized by Aaron Frost, owner os Sequence say this jam is" Windy but were having fun."  Thanks Arron.

The Jam has started

The music has started and its officially going down in North Padre. Everyone is hyped and lots of great riding going down. Matthias says" Its cool" stay Tuned.

Parking Lot riding

The rain has finally stopped and some people are riding in the parking lot. The Contest area is being dried with a leaf blower. Its around 52 degrees and windy. Its going to be fun.

Flatland Competitors

We are all hanging out at the Pelican Lounge waiting for the rain to stop. Here at the contest so far is Deigo Tejada,Adam DiClaudio,Hector Garcia,Lee Edwards,Paul Magallanez,Johnny Tamayo,David Impallari,Alex Johnson,Tod Miller,Aaron Frost,Chris Balles,Mark Dandridge, Kenny Boucher and Mattias Dandois.

North Padre Island Jam 12:17 pm Update

The Jam is being placed on hold due to the rain. It should clear up by 3pm. Until then shuffle board and pool. Check back for more updates through the day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo at the O.G.

Aaron Frost riding with the ATX Flatland Crew

Freestyler Friday #1

  Freestyler Friday Wrap Up.

    Here is a new section that could potentially become a pod cast some day that shall be called Freestyler Fridays. This will wrap up the weeks post on the site incase you missed something through the week and let you know whats coming up and any other news. If you have anything you want to be apart of Freestyler Fridays please feel free to contact me here. Big Shout FlatMatters that has been the insperation for Freestyler Fridays.  Its been a great week for new footage going up on BMX Freestyler. If you missed any of the days things were posted they are consolidated here for you.

The North Padre Island Jam is this weekend. There will definitely be new footage for next week
covering the Jam/Contest. If you want to make sure your in the highlight video come up to either my
self- Rad Dad or Sickwick and have us film you specifically.

March 27- The French Connection will be doing down. The ATX Crew is looking fwd to seeing familiar and new faces.

The BMX Legends Interviews are being rejuvenated. So be on the look out for a brand new interview going up shortly.

The BMX Freestyler Staff has been growing and we are gaining momentum. We are looking for one more person that is highly motivated that wants to help bring bmx freestyler to another level. If your interested please contact me at
We will end this wrap up with footage that came from J-Mckay O.G. Winter: OG Styled.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

big jugs :)

Big Jugs! from James White on Vimeo.

from the vid description on vimeo:

Flat Trick Honours – The Juggler
There couldn’t be a trick closer to my heart.
It must be near on 20 Years ago I first pressed play on my top loading VHS Player and watched Jones roll down the famous Mount Rose car park executing the hitchhiker juggler. (Dorkin 4) It is undoubtedly my most watched thing ever on a TV Screen!
It quickly became a big part of my riding and now, not a session goes by without throwing down some sought of Juggle. To the K I’m ever indebted for enjoyment I’ve had learning, tweaking and taking in every direction I can think. Thanks Kev.
-James White

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

O.G. Magic

The og is a magic place.  Maybe one day a sexy blonde girl on a unicorn will show up at the garage riding gently across the perfect surface.  But until then we will just have to settle for Matthias.  Thanks Stew.  For all ya'll that don't know Stew Johnson he's magic like the og and kinda looks like he could ride a unicorn with that wizard beard and all.  But he ain't no sexy blonde.  Hector Dangus makes a cameo appearance-always a treat.  We need to see more of this guy.  Last but not least thank you and good luck to dirty boy JLaw and John Chisom at The Fresh up.    

The North Padre Island Jam - Promo Video

This is the Jam/Contest riding area. Aaron and I rode it on Tuesday. It feels amazing. You can click the link for more detials.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mr. Yull

just another day and night at the og.   Witness as a legend returns to action, the atx flatland crew keeps it rolling, and the next generation of austin bangers hit the screen.  

Photo Shoot with Chadwick

Sunday Afternoon Rad Dad and Chadwick had a photo session with video. Its was a great day for some flatland!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Session with Matthias in Austin, Texas

The ATX Flatlaland Crew has made a French Connection with Matthias. Here are some highlights from the first session that took place on March 13, 2010.

Want to ride with Matthias and the ATX Crew?
Visit this link for more details

12 year old rider from japan

Friday, March 12, 2010

Viki Gomez back to Suelo

Last year in 2009 I had the distinct privilege to meet Viki Gomez in person at Voodoo Jam in New Orleans. I saw this new video surface and was in total Aww as I am sure you are too!!

Here is the video that I shot of Vicki at Voodoo Jam 2009

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photos of the Day

Photos of the Day
Here are photos from the BMX Freestyler Archives.
Rider Waylon from Alexandria, Louisiana

Monday, March 8, 2010

March 27, 2010 The French Connection a ATX Crew Flatland Jam

Date: March 27, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Location: The Oltorf Garage
Address: 2462 Congress Ave S, Austin, TX
Face Book Events Link

     The ATX Flatland Crew will be throwing down a Texas Flatland Jam to welcome Matthias Dandois to the Texas Flat Scene. The previous location need to be changed due to being doubled booked.You are officially invited to join the party. Bring a bike and come out and jam with the ATX Crew and Special Guest Matthias Dandois all the way from Paris, France.

Street View of the Oltorf Garage

View Larger Map

The French Connection Jam has been moved

Hey Everyone,

Due to the Buda Park being double booked on March 27, 2010. We are moving the French Connection Jam to the Legendary Oltorf Garage. I will post a map for directions on how to get there. So the jam is still happening just in a different location. If you have any questions please contact me here or by email at

Keep on Riding!

Happy Birthday to Effraim from Flatmatters

Happy Birthday Effraim!
Be sure to check out.

Keep on Riding!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Trick of the Month Update with Brad Wright

Submitted By Brad Wright

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Freakstyles 3 Slide Show

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

These photos were taken during Freakstyles 3 in January 2010

Trick of the Month Update with Aaron Frost

Submitted by Aaron Frost

BMX Legends Interview with R..L. Osborn

Interview - 2/05

Chris Ard and Jeff Slavik

R.L. "El Cid" Osborn

Let me first start off by saying, Thank you R.L. for taking the time to do this
interview with us. Without you, I honestly don't think we would've known this
wonderful thing called BMX Freestyle.

What have you been up to since your freestyle days?

Let's see. I've been running my carpet cleaning business. And for awhile I ran Hammer and Bully.
then I sold that. You know, which that was a whole other thing. Actually the carpet cleaning
business was going really well. And Hammer and Bully were really going ok too. I chose to sell
Hammer and Bully because I knew so much about the inside of the industry. You know, big
company screwing the little company and stuff like that. I was basically in the industry for the money
at that point, which was totally not the reason I got into it. So I sold the companies and got out. At
that point I came back and I kept riding, just rode on my own though. I started building custom
Harleys from the ground up. And I'm also raising my kids.

Do you still ride?

As of right now, no. Too many injuries.

When did you stop riding?

Lets see. I stopped riding probably about 4 yrs. ago. No. I stopped riding about 5 yrs. ago. If there's
ever any kind of break-through surgery that can heal my injuries then I'll start riding again. I really
do want to get back to it. A big dream of mine was that, well, one of the reasons I sold my
companies, was to completely shed all the business side of the bicycle business, get all of that out.
Just come back into it as a regular person. Just riding totally for fun, nothing involved what-so-ever,
just riding clean. And for awhile I got to do that. And that was such a great feeling. Something I
hope to do someday.

When you look back on your riding days, what do you reflect on most?

Probably my touring with Mike Buff was the most fun. That was when we had the best times.
Because that was before a lot of money came into it. And that was when Buff was a total character.
Just a total nut. Very entertaining. And that was when Duke, David Duke was involved, and Winkle
was involved. And that was actually the best time in my career, my time with Buff.

What do you think was the reason for the decline in popularity of freestyle in the late 80's
early 90's?

It came in so fast, you know? And it's just typical for anything. Any sport coming in always has to go
through a cycle. And the bike industry runs in cycles. You know, it goes from freestyle to road
bikes, to mountain bikes, and then back around again. Not necessarily in that order. And since this
was it's first time around, that was part of it. It's just that some people thought it was a fad, it's
gonna die off, and it had been around for awhile, so everybody was just kind of looking for it to run
it's cycle, looking for it to go down. And then there was also the recession. A heavy recession came
in. So you know, I think everything hit it all at once, and that kind of drove it back down, which is
very typical. Skateboards did the same thing. But then when it starts back up again, if this sport
does start back up again, that's when it makes it's second strong stand and usually will be around

What are your thoughts on the old school vs. new school scenes?

I really have been totally out of it. I really don't know too much about what's going on except for,
you know, the stuff the riders are doing, like the double backflips. The tricks that the guys are
doing? We couldn't dream of them. You know, like before, when we were riding and we were
dreaming of it. Like when I was riding ramps. Stuff that I would dream about, in my wildest
dreams…they're doing stuff that is crazier than what I dreamed about. I mean the stuff they're
doing, when they do it I still can't believe they're doing it. I really can't. It happens and you go, "That
didn't happen". They truly are amazing. Guys like Hoffman, Mirra, and Jay Mirron. One thing I think
about history know, I think Mat Hoffman is unbelievable, and so is Dave Mirra, but listen,
before those guys there was Mike Dominguez. Mike Dominguez set limits and standards back then
to show those guys what was possible. And those guys would not be doing any of that stuff without
Dominguez. And again, I truly admire them and think they are just unbelievable, but, I just think
when those guys are doing interviews, I don't know if they do, I haven't read any, but I really do
think they should really be thanking, and bringing up the name Dominguez, a lot. That was our
teacher, that was the guy that showed us what was possible.   

(During the interview, R.L. and I would sometimes go off track on a question and just get
into a great discussion. During one of those moments, he thought of something to add
about this original question...)

You just reminded me of something Chris. You asked me the difference between now and then.
You know, I used to race BMX. I was riding BMX at the beginning of BMX with Stu Thomsen and
David Clinton. And the reason why I quit BMX, was we used to race at a place called Del Mar (Or
Somar? Hard to make out on the tape) and Soledad. Soledad Sands was first then Del Mar (Or
Somar?), but we raced on downhill tracks with big gnarly jumps. Huge, huge jumps. And that was
truly moto-cross. And then, BMX became a flat track with you know, bumps. And that was one of the
reasons I got out of BMX, because of the changing parts of the track. But when I was racing with
Stuart and David Clinton, I mean, I didn't race in their classes, they were just my heroes. David
Clinton rode a Kawasaki bike factory sponsored by Kawasaki, and Stuart was riding for Dirt
Master's I think. The tracks that we used to race on were insane. I mean, the jumps were 6ft. high
right in the middle of a downhill straight away. And that was another thing that I missed. I miss
seeing that. And I've got to be straight, I haven't been to a BMX race in a long time, maybe they do
have some really big jumps. But I really do miss those downhill jumps. You know, when I was 12,
and I was racing BMX, this is before freestyle, Greg Hill and I, in the 12 yr. old class, owned the 12
yr. old class. Me and Greg, it was really funny, that's my history with Greg Hill. We were the fastest
12 yr. olds. I think it was the 12 yr. old class. We would change for the lead. We just owned that 12
yr. old class. Anywhere we ran, either Greg won or I won. That was my history with Greg.

Do you still keep in touch with anyone from the old school? Bob Haro?

No, no one. When I got out, I got out. I knew too much about the inside of the industry, the ugly side
of the industry. And so, I just wanted to completely shed it from my life. I just wanted to go back to
riding,  just on my own, you know, just be riding for myself. And that was the whole reason. But no, I
don't keep in touch with anyone. I kept in touch with Mike Buff for a long time after I got out. We
lived in the same area/neighborhood, so I did keep in touch with Mike, but I haven't talked to him in
probably 3 or 4 yrs.

What are your thoughts on old school bikes vs. the current ones?

I really don't know too much about the current bikes.

Of all the bikes you owned/ridden, What was your favorite? Why?

Redline. Lynn Kasten who owned Redline was all about quality. He was one of the first guys in the
sport to taper a tube. Everything he did just had to be the best. He taught me a lot about metal
working and stuff which brought me into building Harleys and stuff. I use a lot of stuff, today I still, I
mean right now, I'm standing in my garage and I've got a full mill, lathe, tig welder,
know, it's a whole metal shop. And a lot of what I do in here is from what Lynn taught me. So
Redline was definitely my favorite bike.

What was the first trick you ever did? What was your favorite trick to do?

My first trick was probably...I thought Bob Haro...I think I saw him do a Curb-Endo, or a Rock-Walk.
That was when Bob came to live with us way back when. I don't remember when it was, but
probably a Curb-Endo and then a Rock-Walk came after that. It could've been vice versa, one of
those two. My favorite trick...the Rock-Walk way back then was like, you know, of course that was
my favorite trick but, out of all the tricks that have passed, as far as ground tricks go, the most
amazing...the trick that I saw in the early days that really blew my mind; I was in Las Vegas and I
saw a kid do the first part of a Rock-Walk, so you do the 180, but when he did that 180, instead of
landing the back wheel he rolled out of it on the front wheel, backwards. You know how you do the
180, It takes you out, the back wheel flips around instead of landing, it keeps on going around and
you roll out of it on a backwards nose wheelie? He couldn't pull it off, but he could roll backwards
about 10 feet. And that just blew me away...he was doing it in a parking lot... it blew everybody's
mind. And that was where rolling tricks started, right there. Because that was the first time
somebody started rolling in a different direction on the front wheel. (being the quick thinker I am, I
immediately thought of the "History of Freestyle" thread and asked R.L. if he might remember the
yr. he witnessed that. He said he's "really guessing" but he is thinking either 81' or 82'? He also
went on to say that the first person he ever saw "linking" tricks was Jason Parkes. He said he was
"lightening fast".

What was your most memorable contest?

Well, I always did well in California, the Dominguez Hills Velodrome contests. I always would win that
contest, except for the one time Dennis beat me in a run off. But I would always win that contest. So
I always liked that contest. No particular yr. Just that one, anytime it was there. The AFA contests
you know. My most memorable one was the first freestyle contest that I ever went to that Woody
went to. That was my very first contest with all the guys that were touring and doing shows like me,
Bob Haro, Buff, Ronnie Wilton, and all those guys. Nobody wanted to compete, but the contests
were starting and I went to one back east somewhere, I don't remember where I was, and I was so
scared because we were considered the best riders just because everybody knew us. We were out
touring all the time and everybody else was at home practicing all the time. And they wanted our
jobs (laughs) They wanted to be touring all the time. So they were practicing all the time and we
were working all the time. So, I had to go to this contest. And that scared the shit out of me you
know? We were laying everything on the line. I know what Woody and Martin were thinking is; "Hey,
if we can go to a contest and beat these guys, we could take them out with one clean punch, and
we would be the kings". So I went to that contest and I think Woody won and I got second, but it was
really close. And it was really good because I think a lot of people thought that Woody and Martin
well, Woody was going to smoke me, but I had a lot of new tricks. From then on I won every contest
that I was in for like a yr. or two straight. I just won everything. So I gained the respect from a lot of
people. A lot of people thought that we were just famous because we were in the magazines all the
time. And so it was a really hard time because I had to prove myself. It was really scary. That was
the most memorable. Not memorable in a good way, but an experience.

What did you think of the AFA, and the whole "organization" aspect?

Yeah, I liked what Bob Morales was doing. I thought it was cool. The AFA contests I thought were
really cool. I thought everything was good about it. Those were really good times. Back then it
wasn't so serious. Everybody was having a really good time. We'd all meet at the contest you know.
And you always had your entertainers like Craig Grasso, and Large Ray. It was great.

What do you think of the tricks being done today?

The ground tricks are just as mind boggling as the ramp stuff. You know, no brakes and all that
stuff, is just...I mean these guys are just...unbelievable.

What is your opinion on today's underground look, compared to the sponsored, uniform
look look of the 80's?

Well, the whole thing about the uniforms that I didn't like was...and to be honest, the only reason
why we wore uniforms was because we were trying to sell appearance. They served no purpose.
They were uncomfortable, slippery, and so again, it was about money. You know? So I think that
people should dress how they want to dress. I really don't think they should try to be anything
they're not. They should dress for what's comfortable for them.

How many times have you watched RAD? What was it like filming it, any good stories?

Umm, that's an interesting story. You know Eddie Fiola was kind of a BMX director on that right? He
was on the set. This is the way I remember it. He was there to tell the stars, to teach the stars to
talk like we talk. But they had called me originally and wanted me to do it, but I was burned out from
touring. I remember I was sitting in a tub in Maryland and I was so burned out, I was just dead. My
manager was calling me on the phone, and they kept calling me and offering me more and more
money, and it was very hard to turn it down but I just kept turning it down. And that's why I'm only in
the beginning and the end. I'm not in the movie. Eddie did all the stunt riding. You know, like when
the actor has to actually do some kind of a move, that's Eddie riding. Eddie doubles for the actors. I
was just too whipped. I couldn't do it. And so they went to Eddie, but Eddie was really good with that
stuff so he did a really good job. So I was just in the beginning and the end. I wasn't really involved
in any of the shooting. We did a little touring with Talia Shire to promote the movie, press
conferences, and that was about it. But you know, they just shot the beginning and the end at a
couple of sites and that was it. I really wasn't that involved in the movie. I think I watched the movie
one time. That's all I really saw it.

What souvenirs have you kept from your old riding days?

I have two helmets. And that's it. Let me see, I’ve got my General helmet with the #2 on it. And I've
got a JT helmet...So, I've got my General helmet and my JT helmet. Which if anything ever came up
and if it was worth anything, I don't even know if it's worth anything...I'd be more than happy to
donate that General helmet to Brian's foundation thing. (I mentioned about the Gold TS project that
was being sold to help with Brian's medical bills, and R.L. right away asked where he could send a

Are you amazed at what the old school stuff sells for on eBay? Did you ever think things
would be this collectable?

I don't know anything about it. (As I proceeded to give R.L. a few examples, I think it's safe to say
that he was shocked at the least, LOL)

What are your future plans?

Future plans are...Well, I keep thinking of building another Harley. I might be starting one, maybe in
the next 6 months. So I'm just starting to kind of get the bug to do another one. I just finished one
up about 6 months ago, a yr. ago. So, build another motorcycle. (I asked him how long it takes him
to build a motorcycle, and he said about a yr. Because he actually builds a lot of the parts on the
bike). Probably in the next yr. to 2 yrs. I'm going to probably slow down with work. You know, go to
like a half schedule, work a lot less, do more building motorcycles for fun, spend more time with the
kids. Maybe I'll figure out a way to start riding bikes again, who knows?

R.L., It's been over 25 yrs. since you and a guy named Bob Haro started doing tricks on
BMX bikes, trying to "outdo" one another. Little did we know what was to become of it.

Thank you,

Chris Ard and Jeff Slavik