Tuesday, June 30, 2009

shintaro misawa summer 2009.

this came out a few days ago...effraim posted it on his blog...but shintaro is so rad, we must spam his riding everywhere.

commence panty wetting:



Monday, June 29, 2009

Flatland Hits TV!!

I was watching fuel tv when BAM...I saw a bunch of people I know personally. I hit record so you could see it too. Enjoy!!!

jomopro coverage on fuelTV.

so i saw a tweet from steve laps today saying:
FuelTV will feature some flatland with interviews to include Team Pralex!!! WATCH IT

i didn't notice this till about 7:30 my time...i found fuel's site that said:

JoMoPro 2009
JoMoPro 2009 The JoMoPro is a one of kind BMX event, combining top prize money with a pressure-free, rider-friendly environment that attracts the best riders in the world.
Mon Wed Thu Sat Sun

holy wow! i twittered, myspaced, facebooked, and texted...to no avail. no one i know (or who loves me enough to reply) has fuelTV...so i made my neighbor and non-flatland-hetero-life-partner order it :) it took being on hold for 15 minutes...but once you actually get to a person...comcast can hook some shit up!

after walking richard's dogs and getting my mind right...the program started. it was a bunch of stuff about three of the street riders that went there, with some rad footage of autumn ramp park, along with some stuff about the town of joplin.

then about 15 minutes in they have a little segment on the flatland contest and flatland riding in general. it was pretty rad. i took up about a square centimeter of 1 second when the judges table was in a shot. lol.

i saw...scott ditchfield, adam diclaudio, art thomason, alex piorier, andy cooper, justin miller, and a whole lot of matt wilhelm riding...and pretty much everyone in the pro-class.

they had "commentary" with jason childers(and his awesome mustache), and hector garcia. some other dudes. the flatland part of the "show" only took up a few minutes...but it was cool they put it on.

thanks fuelTV!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

watch this video...and love it.

Billy Borys from whatever, you know? on Vimeo.

i should blog about york jam...but i'm lazy. bug me and i'll do it later.


ps: i just tried riding in the sun...that whole heatstroke stuff ain't no joke! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Diary of a Cliffhanger "In The Beginning"

On June 15, 2009 I started actively trying the bmx flatland trick called a Cliffhanger. It’s a trick that I didn’t think I would ever attempt because of the danger factor. Tyler Gillard blew me away because I had no Idea that he even knew how to do one let alone bar flipping between rotations. Terry Adams said if you can learn to ride your bike upside down with your legs crossed you can do anything you want in this world. I believe that whole heartedly. With enough time and dedication you can do anything you want on a bike. This is my Diary of a Cliffhanger “In the Beginning” June 15-26 2009.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

York Jam Video

I saw this video today from http://www.hate5six.com Our very own Josh D made it in as well. I really hope to make it out to one of these York Jams. They look amazing. Be sure to to leave a comment to show your support. I know first hand how time consuming putting things together can be...and to get it out this fast is Amazing!

Keep on Riding!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

twitter for (bmx) dummies

[correction to previous post..owen bohn is 17 years old.
not 15...still friggin amazing.]

sorry for calling you dummies...my bad. so a few months ago when i heard about twitter, much like sushi, i refused to bite on it. but i kept on hearing a bunch of cool stuff about it, and then i wanted to help CNN beat ashton kutcher in the "race to a million followers"...so i signed up to follow them. they lost...but i tried...

anyway, if you aren't into building much of a public profile...and want something simple you can get a bunch of rad news on check out twitter. here are some cool people/profiles to follow:
flatland fuel
empire bmx
ride bmx
kurt schmidt
odyssey bmx
soul bmx
diego tejada
the come up
profile racing
jared souney
corey martinez
mike escamilla
mutiny bikes
standard byke company
(cough) me (cough)
macneil bikes
mark eaton
brian tunney
chris doyle
orchid bmx
the much better half of team mcduff
(hopefully i didn't screw up any of that html..sorry if so...use search function)

...i'm mostly pulling that from wefollow.com/bmx(or whatever). the list could go on forever...depending on what you are into. i follow like 800 people...but, i'm an internet dork.

but like i said, you get some good stuff on there in a nice condensed 140 or less type message. more faster better multitasking! :) basically, when i'm in line somewhere i pull up my twitter feed (on fancy phone) and read weird stuff till i'm done waiting...or when i'm on the pooper and it's going to be awhile...

one thing to know...before you get on there and post a bunch of lameness...be aware that your thoughts quite possibly are being broadcast to an endless number of listeners...so don't be boring and don't argue with stuff....just read and enjoy...or not.

mark posted a new video of his riding, please watch and give him some deserved props:

Today's Riding June 15, 2009 from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

mark is an inspiration to...hell, anyone looking for a positive outlook on life. he has kept me inspired to ride over the past 4.5 years and will continue till, until our bodies give out...or until advil decides to sponsor us.

peace and flatland!


ps: i should be getting ready for york jam...but i like waiting to the last minute to do stuff...

Argentina flat-live online contest

if you can read Spanish, or just want to watch some videos...the dudes in Argentina are having their own online-battle-flat-contest deal. check out/follow this blog:


here is one video from there, young owen bohn ripping it up:

owen bohn flatlive contest ronda 2 from antonio pagani on Vimeo.

...pulling this from memory so probably wrong...but i think he is 15 and has only been riding for about 3 years. amazing.


My Best Combo Ever!

Yesterday during my session I was filming for Trick of the Month. I deciede to do some other tricks. It was pretty cool because I usually don't land tricks but just keep going through the motions. I got many tricks in that day and I was Done!!! Did my introduction for trick of the month but there was a trick still haunting me. I knew I could pull it I just had not done it thus far. It was my very last attempt and I pulled it! Hang5-Steam-Hitchhicker-Steam-Out! This marks the day that I did combo in and out for my hitchhiker....Ooooo it feels so goood! Progression for the past several months felt more like regression. I just never gave up!

Keep on Riding!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

O.G. Rolling with the Crew

This video is from parts of May and June and with special guest from Courpus Micheal and Brandon. From New York Jesse Caps and Dan. Special thanks to Tod Miller for bringing his bike so Jesse could bust out during his stay in Austin,Texas

Keep on Riding!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Riding in the Dark

At the O.G. today it was Jim Mckay and my self and it was compleatly dark for some reason at the O.G. no lights were on at all. So we had a night shot photo session and here is one of the photos that we took.

If you would like to see more check out.


Keep on Riding!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

stuff posted on facebook

to anyone who rides bmx, or "just flatland"...if you are bored, you should sign up for facebook and find me as a friend "josh duffek"...then you can go through my "friend" list and find a bunch of riders. marttiK and chad degroot won't add me though :) anyway, tons of riders on there...and facebook isn't as "spammy" as myspace is now. anyway...here is some stuff people posted today:

catfish interview:

flatland according to trevlon hall - part1 (espn!):

Matt Wilhelm(status update):
...is getting tons of unwanted phone calls because a mom at a school accidentally gave out my number to 5th graders. I will be screening calls for the next few days so just leave a message.


chris bohm won an award for his bmx training:

ciaran perry got a new bike (inertia) built up:

southsea sessions vid (effraim catlow posted):

also, here are some trailers for a bmx comp in singapore on july 26th:

Flatland Competition Trailer 1 (Singapore) from Sim on Vimeo.

Flatland Contest Trailer 2 (Combo Preview) from Sim on Vimeo.



Sunday, June 7, 2009

some new videos...

luke malone:

Flatland bmx Luke Malone june 09 from luke malone on Vimeo.

jim mckay:

good feelin' from prana on Vimeo.


Slowmo Backwheel Varials from handspin on Vimeo.

and for lols...chad degroot on springer(from a baco vid):

"I act gay to pick up women" Chad DeGroot on Jerry Springer from chad degroot on Vimeo.

...since we only have 11 subscribers i think i can get away with posting that here now :)

hope you all add had a good weekend. i had a wheel blow up in my car on friday and i was depressed all weekend...just today, i got off my ass and true'd up an old wheel and used an old tire and i'm back rolling. too bad flatlandfuel doesn't have a credit card/financing options...oh well...pay day coming up :)

york jam is just around the corner...me and jim will be there, sporting the gayest of mustaches and rocking pink toptube pads...lol.

york flyer: