Friday, March 30, 2012

Today's Riding March 30, 2012

This makes the second video this week for Today's Riding. Its been a struggle to find a routine for riding but I am slowly making progress again and getting ready for JoMoPro Vet Class. These were some of the better links that I pulled during my hour session. The heat was getting to me but there will be another day. Thanks to Pat at Flatlandfuel for motivating me to go to JoMoPro.

Perfect Condition 2009 Strowler for SALE!

Jerry McTigret from Houston, Texas is selling his 2009 Strowler he sent this message to me a few days ago.

Hello Mark
I was wondering if you or someone you know is in the market for buying 2009 Strowler Flatland bike. The bike is in perfect condition. I will also put in a un-bike if someone buy my bike. I Spent 2400 for the bike and 500 for the un-bike. I wanted to sell the whole package 1600.
Please contact Jerry at

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First BMX session after six months

First BMX-flatland session after six months. I still have a bad foot injury, but summer is coming and I want to ride. I really love it! Ride on.

Monster Energy's ADAM KUN - Brakeless Session 2012

Monster Energy's Pro BMX Flatland rider ADAM KUN

Brakeless Session @ Budapest, Hungary - 03 2012


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Matt Wilhelm 5 Questions

I caught this on Matts Twitter feed today. @mattwilhelmbmx

Trick of the Month Update

Trick of the month is active once again. Most of the communication is happening on Global-Flat Here is one of the newest submissions.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The message board is still active

Ever since social sites started to pop up there were less and less of a need for a message board to be used. There were already more established boards up with I created BMX Freestyler and there have been some times I felt as if I should just delete it. I am grateful that I had not done so. It is still being used and people are still finding it as a source of communication. I just read this post today

I too am get back into riding. Watching all the RadDad videos has inspired me to get into it again. I picked a 2010 Opsis. I love it! I rode back in the 80’s and can say that it’s hard to compare today technology to the stuff we had back then. The Opsis is much better than the any of the bikes I had back then. I have owned a Haro Master, 87 Diamondback Strike Zone Mike Dominguez, 91 or 92 Dyno Compe. I like the Opsis, but it does have some week points. I am sure it’s like any other hobby; get the best you can afford. Like Mark said have fun.

Visit the BMX Freestyler Forums

Sean Maher- 2012 Flatland

Sean was once in the Austin, area and we would all ride at the O.G. This is new footage of him uploaded be Luke Malone. It is indeed a very small world!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Art Thomason - NASA Demo

Art Thomason did a Demo at NASA where he works. He preformed with the skateboarders. Here is a great highlight video was shared from Adam Ortiz!

Art Thomason

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Capstan Axle Pegs

London Bikes is coming out with new products. They will be made avalible on soon. Here are the stats

4.5" long 1.75" dia tapers to 1.5" at dropout end Black plastic internally machined (5.4 oz each) inside and outside washers included Black Magic grip tape

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CFO Flatland Unlimited 8 -You Tube Playlist

Here are severl runs for the pro ranks put together as a play list for your viewing pleasure. 

CFO Flatland Unlimited 8 Reaults

Am Flatland Circuit Round 1 kicked off in Toronto,Ont,Canada this past weekend as part of the Toronto International Bike Show. The AMFLT website has been updated with full results and photo gallery (more to be added). Also, the official AMFLT YouTube page is up and will have raw contest footage throughout the whole year! Moto Sasaki from Japan took 1st Place Pro followed by Dominik Nekolny and then JF Boulienne

CFO Flatland Unlimited 8 Reaults
Veteran Class
1. Tony Strickler
2. Steve Bergeron
3. Spencer Mitchell
4. Dave Neddow

Novice Class
1. Kevin Gallien
2. Shaun Lapsley
3. Fox Kinsman
4. Rebecca Pergentile
5. Jason Sponheimer
6. Allan Box
7. Addison Moore

Expert Class
1. Ron Monis
2. Todd Carter
3. Prasheel Gopal
4. Adam Pergentile
5. Rudolphe Clavelier
6. Lincoln Harberger
7. Frank Macchio
8. Joe Cicman
9. Sean Maher
10. Joey Felix
11. Bryan Huffman
12. Alex Poirier
13. Dugald Cameron
14. Mark Kuhlmann
15. Steve Jordan
16. Keith Harrison
17. Steve Lapsley
18. Chris McLean
19. Shogo

Pro Class
1. Moto Sasaki
2. Dominik Nekolny
3. Jean-Francois Boullienne
4. Takuya Higu
5. Alex Jumelin
6. Terry Adams
7. Percy Marshall
8. Jean-William Prevost
9. Francois Cote
10. Lachlan Cameron

Thanks for all your support!
Steve Lapsley
Am Flatland Circuit

Monday, March 5, 2012

La Nueva Ep. 1

Diego says "This video was created to motivate people no matter in what situations they are in. I could not have done it with the help of my friends(Anthony crespo, music by my boy Amahl and RIP jay dilla) thank you. One love. Stay tune for episode 2!!!!"

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trick of the Month Filming Steamroller

Today at the O.G. Jim McKay of Flatstyle offered to film for me for Trick of the Month. He had the great idea to ride on top of the OG so we would have a different view than we are used to filming in and we could get some of the sky line in the video.
 Jim broke out his camera equipment and we went to work filming Steamrollers and different tricks into steamrollers. There was one link that I started that just never would fall into place. I was ready to give up but Jim said no you have to land it. You have gotten to close. So after several more attempts I was finally able to pull the trick.
 I was so exhausted that I just needed to take a break from riding and just lay on the ground. It was a fun filming session. I got a few trick in for the day. The footage is at the flatstyle studios 2012. Stay tuned.
Big Props to Jim for taking the time to film and Donna for taking some photos.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Aaron Frost Combo

Filmed by John Yull this is Aaron doing what he does every night at the OG!