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BMX Freestyler Team Rider- Cesar Calderon

Interview with Tim Knoll

Tim Knoll released a web video 11 days ago and it had blown up all over the Internet. It has a simple name “Tim Knoll digicam edit” with simple tags but amazingly creative riding. I have known Tim since he released the Galvatron trick. I had it posted on BMX Freestyler year ago. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for an interview with Tim about his success with “Tim Knoll digicam edit”

BMX Freestyler- First off I want to say major props for your spectacular innovative mixture of Flatland and Street. How did you become inspired to start mixing the two disciplines?

Tim Knoll- Thanks Mark! The video I grew up on was Dorkin’ 10. I view Mark Eaton’s riding as the root of inspiration. Later on I saw a few of the amazing Baco videos. But it wasn’t until years later that I actually started messing around with street. I found it really enjoyable. Rodney Mullen’s street skating has been a big inspiration in the more recent years.

BMX Freestyler-Doing a back flip is not an easy feat. Doing one on a bike takes great skill. Have you had any gymnastic training?

Tim Knoll- I was a competitive gymnast from ages 9 to 13. I’m glad I quit when I did.

BMX Freestyler-I have put together a ton of videos over the years. I have never seen one EXPLODE like yours has. How does it feel to know so many people are watching you and totally excited about how you are riding?

Tim Knoll- It is highly encouraging. I still can’t believe it. Everyone, thanks for the support!

BMX Freestyler-Ruben Castillo told me once “This ain’t segregation this is Freestyle folks”. You have completely embraced that statement and taking things to a whole other level. What other kinds of things do you have in the works?

Tim Knoll- Ruben Castillo is awesome! His section in GT’s “Dead Sailor” video is so good. I try new things pretty regularly. I pursue the few ideas that actually work. A new thing I just learned was a front wheel 720 hop off a curb – it made my month. I love doing G-turn stuff; it’s fun. Recently I’ve been trying a crackpacker/ledge foot-plant/acid drop combo. I have yet to pull it.

BMX Freestyler-When you released your video did you expect it to have such a huge impact on the entire BMX Community?

Tim Knoll- Not really at all. I’m super grateful for the response.

BMX Freestyler-I saw your message to Mark Eaton. Do you think it could be possible to do a new video with the both of you riding?

Tim Knoll- That would be a dream come true. I have always admired Mark.

BMX Freestyler- I have been seeing a lot of positive comments all over the Internet about you. What was the one that touched you the most?

Tim Knoll- There are too many to single out one. I appreciate everyone’s feedback. Again, thanks!

BMX Freestyler- I am sure there are some people wondering. If you enter a flatland contest would you ask for box’s and rails?

Tim Knoll- I think I’d have to. These days I don’t have enough banger flatland combos to hold up with the talent of all the competitive flat shredders out there.

BMX Freestyler- I always hear riders saying I wonder how we will be riding 10 years from now. I think you have just given us a glimpse of that. What do you think the progression will be in 10 years?

Tim Knoll- Thanks Mark! It’s really hard for me to make that 10 year prediction. I can’t guess the direction in which people will actually take riding. A lot of possibilities remain on a BMX bike. The invention of the web edit has given BMX the potential to progress at a higher rate than ever. New ideas or advancements on other tricks can be uploaded and exposed for free. It’s a catalyst for astounding progression.

BMX Freestyler- Thank you so much for you time Tim. Do you have any last words or shout outs?

Tim Knoll- Mark, thanks for this interview! Shout outs go to Micah Kranz, Chris Oestreich, Schreck, Rollie Flasch, Little Jon, Chris Farina, Mykel Larrin, Tippy, Wade Lajlar, Mike Kucak, Tony Schneidewind, Division BMX, GoPro, C4BMX, Ride Sports and my family.

The Galvatron

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shintaro Misawa Arrives in Austin Texas

It is official, Shintaro as arrived safely in Austin,Texas. Come out and hang with Shintaro and the ATX Flatland Crew. BMX Freestyler will be covering footage for the next 4 days. What to see a special in one of the up coming videos? Leave a comment.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ca$hville BMX Flatland Jam

BMX Freestyler was one of the sponsors for this event. Wish I could have been there to ride with everyone. Thanks Ron for taking the time to shoot and edit and host the jam!

Shintaro Jam at the O.G.

     Team McDuff is hosting
 The Shintaro Jam

Special Guest: Shintaro Misawa from Japan 
Date: May 29, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM till you drop
Location: The O.G. Map proviede below
What to bring: Your bike with a bag full of tricks.
Questions: contact or

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

JoMoPro 2010 Intermediate Class on DVD

   JoMoPro 2010 Intermediate Class is now on DVD.

DVD Includes:
  • Highlights from the entire class
  • All 8 competitor 60 second runs
  • The Intermediate Class award ceremony
Bonus Features:
  • Fat Tony VS Tony Ward for 3rd place
  • Highlights from Jim McKay
  • Highlights from Fat Tony
Total run time is 31:30 seconds
Cost: $10.00 plus shipping and handling

Please leave a comment if you would like to purchase your copy. All purchases goes to help provided you with more content more footage and more products.

Inside USA (Please leave a comment if outside of USA)

Out side of USA

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Text taken from You Tube
This was our first time performing for the Charolotte Bobcats since 2007 and went into this Halftime swinging ! 720s , 3 whips , flips , double whips , triple whips and DOUBLE Back Flips !
Chris Hughes , Keith King , Jared Ward , Johnny Deadwyler Mike Laird ,

Video by Dani King !

"We off that" Corner Jam

The BMX Flatland Art Demo

    The ATX Flatland Crew participated in a BMX Flatland demo on May 21, 2010. It was sponsored by "The Fresh UP"  The members of the crew that rode in the demo were Adam DiClaudio, EZ Chris Anderson, Diego Tejada, Kenny Boucher and Ruben Castillo.
    Adam was the organizer for this event. He is sponsored by "The Fresh UP" and he was asked by John, owner of "The Fresh UP" to put on a flatland demo. Coverage for this event was provided by BMX Freestyler. Enjoy the video and photos.

Photos Slide Show
Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.
Link to Flickr Page

Video Highlights


You Tube Version

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tim Knoll digicam edit

Filmed by Wade Lajlar and Chris Farina

JoMoPro 2010 Rad Dad's 4th Place Vet Class

Photo by Caleb Dandridge

   I was the only flat land compeitor at JOMOPro this year to enter in 2 different classes. I got the idea from Danny Harrison because he was going to enter both intermediate and Vet class. I was orginally just going to ride in the intermediate class but after talking to Fat Tony and Pat from I decied to ride in both classes. I had the money and didn't mind paying the extra amount. It would mean that I would have more riding time on the floor. I ended up taking a 5th place in Intermediate Class and 4th place in Vet class. I ended up with a 2 very rad prize packs. My vet run was 100X better than my intermediate run. Please feel free to leave comments. I love when bmx freestyler is being used to commuintcate.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bike Maintenance How To: Chain Tension

Sponsored by Team McDuff

Flatland is Back in BMX Masters

After announcing that Flatland and Vert will not take place at the BMX Masters 2010,

we have been receiving many messages from riders, that were showing their concerns, disappointment and understanding.

The Flatland community was very constructive with ideas and help in general. It really showed us how much they cared about Flatland being a part of the BMX Masters they made an effort to make it happen!

With the help of deepBMX and their cooperation-partner POWER BALANCE we are able to realize this years flatland at the masters. POWER BALANCE will be covering the 5.000 Euro price money for the Pro Flat. deepBMX will take care about the organization of the Flatland contest.

Feel free to check and
This gives us enough support to cover the necessary set up and cost.
Now its up to all you Flatlanders, to show some respect to all those that make this happen, be there to ride and support!

Thank you for your support and understanding!
spielbetrieb / BMX Masters

The BMX Masters 2010 are supported by ROCKSTAR Energy Drink, British Knights, Felt Bikes and Skullcandy.

For more information check out

Monday, May 17, 2010

The King of Freestyle on DVD

     The King of Freestyle is now avalible in limited quanities for a very short time. There is a pay pal button on the side for your conveniance. This DVD includes a modified edited from what was released on the internet plus extened videos from each location during the filming. Empire BMX Ramp, 9th Steet and Rubens personal riding spots. As a bonus the video that sparked this entier project "120 PSI and Rolling". Run time is about 16 minutes. You can have a pieace of this history for $15.00. That even covers your shipping. Don't wait because this offer will not last long.

Mobile Version of King of Freestyle

Vans Matthias Dandois won Flatland at FISE 2010

Photo By V.Perraud

Video Production by Mayol

Plus de BMX >>

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Teaser for Accelerate

Text provied by You Tube:
Teaser for Accelerate. This teaser was shot Labor Day weekend 2009 in Eastern PA. The feature film will be shot this August-September (2010) in Eastern PA and New York. It will feature many top BMX pros as well as Catty Woods locals. Featuring Joel Moody, Scotty Cranmer, Chris Doyle, Van Homan, the Animal Bikes team and many other pros - as well as a breakthrough performance for our lead actress, Vivienne VanHorn. Written, Produced and Directed by Eric Bugbee (whose been a dirt jumper himself for over 20 years), this film has a production crew of other BMXers - Dave King, Associate Produces, as well as Joel Ivory - our cinematographer. Check out the Accelerate Website ( for more details or Become a Fan on Facebook. (Accelerate: BMX Movie)

O.G. May 15, 2010 Saturday Session

   On May 15, 2010 at the Legendary Oltorf Garage. It was filled to the rim with flatlanders and street riders from all over the place. Even after the group photo was taken we still had 5 or 6 more people show up to ride. We are very excited for the Mc Duff Jam that is happening on May 29th. Shintaro Misawa is flying in to Austin, Texas for the occasion and we can't not be more excited to have him riding with the ATX Crew. 

   During the Session a few of the guys were inspired to jump and roll over  the grass median. Kenny was the first one to pull a trick accross for the day. He pulled a hitchhiker. Alex Johnson was able to pull a halfpacker next. Unfortanly there were some technical difficulites and it was not on video. Alex was a super trooper and just to prove it he did it again. Diego Tejada also pulled a halfpacker. It was also included in this weeks film. I believe Terry Adams really sparked a interest in everyone to think out side of the box and see what things can we stunts can we create. It will be very interesting to see what other things devlope in the flat community because of these street influced flat videos. I think an important reminder that Ruben Castillo gives us is this is Freestyle! So we do not have to limit our selves and we can let our imangination take us on a magical journey.

Mobile Link

Monday, May 10, 2010

Josh Dissinger's Web Edit

Filmed and Edited by Anthony Crespo owner of Deco. Inspira.

JoMoPro 2010 3rd Place Expert

Kelly Baldwin

    Kelly Baldwin from Chainlinkz was repesting for the H-Town Crew. Qualifying 1st Place in the Expert Class. Taking home a 3rd place. This is all of his contest footage plus some quick interviews.

Interview with Kelly Baldwin

BMX Freestyler- What kinds of things were in your goodies bag?

Kelly- Thomson seatpost and clamp, Madera 23T sproket, Sequence pegs and stickers.

BMX Freestyler-Is there any one trick you really wanted to pull but

Kelly- I would love to land my "Leap of Faith". Maybe at the next comp.

BMX Freestyler-How many photos did you take during the entire competition?

Kelly- I'm not exactly sure, but I know I was left with over 1200 photos even after deleting over serval hundred at the comp. Maybe close to 1500 or more. Props to my wife who stayed behind the camera through the Expert and Pro class. She did a great job.

BMX Freestyler- Aside form taking 3rd place what was the most memorable
moment for you at JoMoPro?

Kelly- I'd probably have to say Matthias announcing the Expert class. He's a little hard to understand but he added alot of character to the comp. Props to MC FrenchFry.

BMX Freestyler - Shout outs...Last Words?

Kelly- Thanks for all the hard work you put into flatland Mark.... And also thanks to Pat, Paul, Jeremiah, Dan, and everyone else that was involved in putting together JoMoPro 2010. Looking forward to JoMoPro 2011. God Bless........

Texas Avenue Park Session

Moblie Link
On April 29, 2010 I was down in Houston for a session with the crew down there. We had a few riders show up. We had a great time and we even met so guys that were really stoked on what they saw. Motivate,Create and Inspire that is what BMX Freestyler is all about!

JoMoPro 2010 4th Place Master Class

Percy Marshall

JoMoPro 2010 3rd Place Intermediate

Interview with Fat Tony

BMX Freestyler- Fat Tony you have had a ton of progression with flatland since I have known you. How many hours are you getting to ride these days?

Fat Tony- Thanks man, I appreciate the compliment! Riding (flatland and street) always comes and goes for me in waves, and it's never on any kind of schedule. Between my busy travel schedule and all the other things I have going on at home, getting into a routine is virtually impossible. So as far as riding flatland for any number of hours? Haha, that doesn't happen... There will be a few weeks here and there where I may ride for an hour a day, four or five days out of the week, then there will be times when I won't touch my flatland bike for two months (or more). It's actually been a month to the day (as I'm typing this) since I rode in the Jomopro contest, and I haven't had a chance to ride a full flatland session since then—just a few dabbles here and there for a few minutes at a time. I'm on a plane as I'm typing this up, and I leave for another trip in four days and will be gone for another eight days. When I get back from that trip I'll be home for a few weeks, so I'll probably get back to riding a few hours a week after that. With that said, last weekend I moved into a new place in downtown Long Beach and it's just a few blocks from Chad Johnston's "Underground" spot, and less than a mile from my favorite spot by the Long Beach harbor. So I'm really stoked that from now on I'll be able to cruise from my condo to some sick riding spots without having to get in the car!

BMX Freestyler- When you had to do a run-off, what kinds of things were going through your mind?

Fat Tony- Haha, the ride-off thing between me and Cody Ward at Jomopro was kind of funny. Pat Schoolen misunderstood what the judges told him or something and he told me that I tied for first place with Cody... Cody and I didn't find out we were actually tied for third until after the final results were announced two nights later. I was actually bummed I had to do the ride-off battle because I pulled pretty much a dream run for me—everything I wanted to do at Jomopro I did in my run on the first try. I didn't think I could ride any better than that, and I was super busy shooting photos and video at the contest, so I didn't want to have to ride again, haha. At that point I was kind of like, "Just give it to Cody... I can't do any better than what I just did." Pulling my newest and hardest link in the contest (that I had only pulled twice before—ever) made me unbelievably stoked. I'm sure the video shows it, too, haha.

BMX Freestyler- What kinds of things were in your goody bag?

Fat Tony- For the third place prize pack they gave me a Profile sprocket, some grips, a Flatware stem, some pegs, and an Odyssey shirt. The shirt was my size, so I kept it, but I didn't need the parts, so I gave them to my good friend from Toronto, Eric Favot. Jomopro had him so pumped on flatland that he wanted to build a bike. Eric got fourth in the expert class in park, and a week after he got home from the contest he built up a full-on flatland bike with the help of the parts I gave him. I'm so stoked to have another rider getting into flatland now!

BMX Freestyler- What kinds of tricks and combinations are your currently work on?

Fat Tony- Ummm...good question! Haha. This may sound weird, but I've never really been the type to set out and try to learn new tricks (on street or flat). I just do what I can do comfortably, then very slowly start building onto that stuff when it feels natural. But I'm still trying to get backwards hitchhikers more consistent. Those have been a struggle for a long time. I really want to pull one of those in a contest. And I really want to film one in a full combo without the bars scraping. It may (and probably will) take all year, but I'm working on filming a flaltand edit of myself for 2010. Last year I did a street riding edit (, and this year I want to do a flatland one. The filming helps push me to progress a bit more, and it's a lot of fun. So far I have two clips that I'm pretty stoked on.

BMX Freestyler- Last words, Shout outs?

Fat Tony- Yeah, thanks to the guys at Tip Plus, Colony, and Odyssey—I'm loving my bike setup! And thanks to everyone that is pushing flatland and BMX right now! Keep this momentum going!

Fat Tony 3rd Place Intermediate

Mobile Link:

Friday, May 7, 2010

How to Steamroller

Mobile Link

How TO Boomerang

Mobile Link

How To Hang 5

Mobile Link

How to Funky Chicken

Mobile Link

How to Mega Spin

Mobile Link

How to Smoothie from Steamroller

Mobile Link

Trick of the Month Update

There is still pleanty of time to get your video or photo  in. Send your video or photo of a switch hand steam  to

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The King of Freestyle

Ruben Castillo

     Ruben Castillo is Celebrating his 38th Birthday on May 6, 2010. The same day that "King of Freestyle" was released as well. This video was inspired by a phrase that Ruben used in the "120 PSI and Rolling" Interview. He said "This ain't segregation this is freestyle folks". That was a very bold,  true statement and it was being quoted on the internet. He is one of the very few people that I know that he can ride every aspect of BMX. In 1990 Ruben won  AFA Rider Of The Year in Texas.
     Ruben  has had many DVD segments and achievements over the years. He is well  respected and known in the flatland community. It is trully a honor to be apart of his story as BMX Freestyler presents to you.

"The King of Freestyle"

Global Flat Link

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coming May 6th 2010 "The King of Freestyle"

This is a BMX Freestyler world wide announcement of a exclusive web edit of the Legendary Ruben Castillo in "The King of Freestyle". I will be released on his 38th birthday May 6th. Spread the word on your facebook status, twitter, blogs and sites. This is video is going to make history as one of the greatest BMX Freestyler web edits ever!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Trick of the Month May 2010- Updated

Would you like to submit a video or photo for Trick of the Month? This month it is a Switch Hand Steam Roller. You can send your photo or video link to

Submitted By Geezah

Photo Session with Jim Mckay

On May 1st we had a photo session to get some new photos for Jim Mckay.
Switch Hand Steam Roller

Gliding Meshia

Hip Glide

Seat Grab Hang 10


Meshia Glide

JoMoPro 2010 2nd Place Intermediate

Interview with Lalo Jimenez

BMX Freestyler- Lalo when you arrived at JoMoPro you were plagued with bike issues. How were you able to keep your bike together during the contest?
Lalo Jimenez- Well I should say that before Jomopro I hated doing work on my bike. It frustrated me and I usually just paid to have my bike dialed in. At Jomo I was surrounded by friends and so many people had my back that I learned how to put it together perfectly and now I actually love wrenching on my bike. Mostly I need to give thanks to Joe Miller and Patrick Spence. Joe took time away from his busy schedule and took me into his car looking for bike shops. I have to thank Patrick because when things looked really bad he was the one who took me to Home Depot, found a generic bolt and washer, and helped me Frankenstein my bike.

BMX Freestyler- Everyone was looking for you during the awards ceremony. Where did you end up going?

Lalo Jimenez- Haha, that’s actually a funny story. I went to Jomopro with no intention of competing. I have only been back in the game a short while and I didn’t consider myself a competition rider. I really just went to hang out and ride with my friends but they’re the ones that convinced me that competition can be fun and offer a new dimension to my riding. I did my run, I felt good about it, and just kind of crossed my fingers hoping I didn’t do too badly. When the award ceremony began I never considered that I’d be asked come up on stage so I was actually out back in the parking lot sharing a few brews with the boys and having a session. I don’t regret it.

BMX Freestyler - Now that you have a second place under your belt. Which combination of tricks will it take for you to advance to the next level of riding?
Lalo Jimenez- Right now I’m just focusing on bike control. I’m trying to clean the rust off some of my old combos and working on overall smoothness. Besides that I want to get turbines down. Having a healthy knowledge of spinning and turbining helps stitch combos together so I’m defiantly spending a majority of my time learning the rhythm and flow. I have a few new links I’m working on too but that’s just going to have to wait until August in Dayton.

BMX Freestyler - Is there anyone at JoMoPro you were excited to see?

Lalo Jimenez- To be honest I was excited to see everyone. By the end of the second day my voice was horse from cheering. If I had to pick out anyone that I was especially excited to see it would probably be the French cats. I’ve always been a fan of French flatland plus Alex Jumelin was an icon to me growing up. Seeing Mattias really blew me away, especially being in the building during his final run. The electricity was strong in the air and everyone went nuts. Also, its always good to see Effraim too. He’s a cool guy and he’s helped me out a lot along the line.

BMX Freestyler- Last words, Shout outs?

Lalo Jimenez- I gotta shout out Paul Covey, Bobby Carter, Joe Miller, Pat Schoolen and everyone who gave their time and effort to put on such a world class contest. I want to acknowledge the good people of Joplin especially the gentleman from Home Depot who went out of his way for me sorry I forget your name. Mostly I want to shout out and send some love to my boys, the guys who came with me across state lines and pushed me to progress. Those guys are Ryan Russel, Eric Wright, and Koit; future and current gurus of flat. Peace.

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Trick of the Month May 2010 - Swtich Hand Steam Roller

     The Trick of the Month has become a staple of BMX Freestyler and Global-Flat. The Tradition shall continue on for the year of 2010. My goal over the years was to help riders out there stay motivated learning tricks and pushing the envelope that new variations would be thought of at the same time. All tricks in the Trick of the Month are a Beginner/Intermediate Level. That way all rider can participate or make attempts.

Here is how Trick of the Month works. Every month there will be a new trick in the spotlight. You can do 1 of 2 things.

1. Post a video or photo of you performing the designated trick for that month/
2. Make comments to help or inspire each other.

    Variations are a good thing! So if you got something unusual and different please share with everyone. 09 was a great year for participation. I hope to keep the tradition going with some new tricks thrown into the mix along with some old faithful.

January- Hang 10 Seat Grab
February – Hang 5
March – Messiah
April- Karl
May- Switch Hand Steam Roller
June- Hitchhiker
July – Mc Circle
August – Cliffhanger
September – Brakeless Decade
October – Mega Spin
November-Lung Spin
December- Lard Yard


Submitted by David Weathersby

Submitted by Jim Mckay

Submitted By Geezah

Submitted By bikingdervish's