Thursday, July 14, 2011

James Jam Vol 5

Hey Everyone,
  I just heard from Diego that the orginal Jam he had planned on the 30th has changed locations. It has been moved to loop 410 and Harry Wurzbach in San Antonio, Texas. There is no actual address since its going to be in a ditch. The surface is flat and pretty rideable. Diego has a good leaf blower and he will go the night before and early morning to clean it. Its in conjunction with James Jam!

Come celebrate our 5th year throwing this event in memory of our friend James! This year will feature new obstacles, more games, and more bbq!

DJing by Daecos

Hope to see everyone who came out last year as well as anyone else!

Invite as many people as you think would like to come.

BMXers and skaters welcome to ride.

This is also an invitation to the after-party at Screwie and Nick's.

This year we will not be allowing tagging to be done on the ditch. The entire length of the ditch has been painted and the police have been checking for taggers.

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