Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dustyn Alt-Hyvest

Flatland BMX - Hyvest from Dustyn Alt Flatland Channel on Vimeo.

Words by Dustn

My name is Dustyn Alt and i am a Pro BMX Flatland Rider from Germany. I ride 6 years now and love it! This Edit is for my Sponsor Hyvest. Hyvest is a new brand from Germany.
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Velha Guarda Jam 2013

Velha Guarda Jam 2013 from Hugo Almeida Videos on Vimeo.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mc Duff Jam II

McDuff Jam II | Austin, TX | Oltorf Garage -2013 from robpossible on Vimeo.

Words from Rob!

This is the full edit to the trailer I produced a few days ago. This was my first trip out to Oltorf, the legendary flatland garage, and as most will tell you everyone will treat you like a brother there. The day this was shoot was a gathering celebrating the return of Josh Deffek back into the flatland scene. For those that don't know, Josh makes up the back half of Jim McKay's "Team McDuff". Somehow I only got pictures of Josh's riding and b-roll footage of him waking up... good times:)
Thanks for all the hospitality and inspiration Jim! And a big thanks to all the riders!
More jam photos here:
Trailer video here:
Another big thanks to all the riders who showed and rode, and everyone who supports the Texas scene; without you this place would never be.
Mark Dandridge
Nikola Olic
Will Redd
Jim McKay
Josh Deffek
Aaron Frost
Chris Balles
Kenny Boucher
Adam DiClaudio
Paul Magallanez
Anthony Luis Crespo
Cesar Rangel
Tod Miller
Chris Anderson
Lee Edwards
Geraldine Lynn
more thanks to anyone I am leaving out!
One more big thanks to my wife Carrie for putting up with my "crazy" and for driving me everywhere:)