Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rad Dad's 45th Birthday Jam

438 Rusch Lane, Texas, United States
Address is approximate

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After a afternoon of riding we will go over to one of my favorite places to eat.
Facebook link!/MamacitasRestaurantNewBraunfels

Alex Jumelin's 35th Birthday Jam Highlights

Alex Jumelin celebrated his 35th birthday in Austin,Texas at the legendary Oltorf Garage aka The O.G. Here are few of the highlights from the day. Stay tuned because there were many more cameras filming some flatland action.

Check out photos from Alex's site

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Alex Jumelin's 35th Birthday Jam

      Alex Jumelin turned 35 on November 23, 2012 and celebrated with the ATX Flatland Crew. He brought all kinds of things from his sponsors Freegun, Space Monkey and St. Martin. We had fun contest with tricks to win products that Alex brought with him. It was a very fun day of riding with Alex and it was truly a honor to ride with him at the legendary O.G.
 Adam DiClaudio presented a great photo of Alex from Texas Toast from the ATX Flatland Crew.
Aaron Frost presented the very first Ricky Bobby award to Alex.
One of the many contest that we did, pumping spinning steamrollers.
Jim Mckay did a great interview with Alex, Stay tuned!
Alex Jumelin and Rad Dad

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Slab Jam

Just some friends getting together on a nice Saturday to ride. We hooked up with some other BMX dudes and sessioned in this lot all afternoon. We ended with a little contest. I rode in it, so you know I didn't film everything. Anyways, nothing serious here, just showing you some of it. Next time come out! :)
music: Taku Inoue - Night Fall (BAHЯRemix)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The King of the Slab

     The King of the Slab was a contest held in San Antonio,Texas hosted by Diego Tejada. It was a great day of fun and at the end Aaron Frost was the winner of the trophy after a series of battle rounds. Everyone had a great time and its always a good time with friends. We even saw a few old friends that we had not seen in awhile and made some new ones too. Jim McKay did some filming so we will be on the look out for a edit of a few tricks. I did a few still shots with my phone camera just so I could help capture the moment. Please enjoy the photos and feel free to share them with your friends.
Aaron Frost

Julio Cotto, Cesar Rangel,Diego Tajada Aaron Frost, Adam DiClaudio,
Tod Miller, Chris Ballas,Chris Anderson, Jim Mckay
This is how the battles went down.
Tod Miller vs Chris Rangel
 Chris rolling a steamroller
Tod rolling a elbow glide
 Chris vs Adam
 Chris Mid Decade
Adam Mid Switch
 Aaron vs Rad Dad
Aaron Frost in a  cross footed halfpacker at dusk.
Chris Anderson in the middle of a stubble duck.
Diego doing turbine whiplashes
Jim McKay Vs Chris Balles
 Jim Mckay doing  turbine switch foot peg wheelies.
Chris Balles in a funky chicken.
 Look down
 Brandon Hopkins Backflip
 Massive air on box jump by Cody
 Brandon and his wife.
The Ramp


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dax Wolford November Triples

This just in from Dax Wolford! Its been out for a few days but I know there are some more people that have not seen this one  yet. Thanks Dax for sending it in. You are having great progression!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5 links

Here is Ed Jodie with 5 great links. Showing a ton of progression. Keep it up Ed!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guelo and Moya New Tricks

I got this from Moya today. He helped with Trick of the Month Cliffhanger awhile back. He got super motivated and kept his personal progression going. Thanks Moya for sending in the link!

Words by Moya

Just some tricks we learnt today in our first session after Miraflow Contest Riders: Guelo Monzón and Alberto Moya. Thanks to FlatSquirrelBMX and Action Wheels for the support and Martti Kuoppa for the Inspiration.

Texas Toast Pre Jam O.G.

TEXAS TOAST PRE JAM O.G from Anthony Crespo on Vimeo.