Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BMX Freestyler Mail Bag

Every once in awhile I get a email that just really makes my day. This is one of those emails that I wanted to share with everyone.  Thanks Matt!!

Hello Texas, hello rad dad !

I`ve been watching your Page for quite a while now. Man - it ROCKS! I used to do FAT BMX Magazine with Bart de Jong when it was still a xerox zine and I am still supporting it, maybe you know the page. I`m a 40 plus Flatlander, and still ride. That`s why I respect your scene there so much. Old school, new school,big or skinny, black or white, brakes or not and everything in between. That`s what makes Flatland such a unique sport / culture. And your little scene on the other side of the planet represents this. I`ve been around the globe on my bike and actually never seen such a scene so mixed as yours. Maybe the southbank scene when I lived in London.

Anyway I just wanted to pay some respect to you guys. I`ll organize a comp next summer here in Germany, maybe someone of you guys want to come over, enjoy some Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, take a look at the bavarian culture and spin a little on the german soil.

Matt Pingel, Curb Dogs Germany