Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Xtreme Gel Bike Challenge

There is a contest being held in Puerto Rico. It's been held the same day and in the same city where the BMX Racing event of the 2010 Centroamerican and Caribbean Games are gonna be held.

Here's a direct link to those games:

The contest is open to everyone who wants to come for a great time 5 minutes away from beautiful crystal water Caribbean beaches.

Terry Adams Toy Finger Bike.

Terry Adams is coming out with his own toy finger bike. It will be made available at Target and Wal Marts. It should start shipping during the month of October. Let's show the industry how we support our sport and force stores to re order. Buy them up and maybe we can get this kind of thing to be done again. Thank you Terry for leadind the way.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

BMX Freestyler Weekly Top 10 list

The Top 3 Video this Week

#1 "Get Over" The Fear of a Decade

#2 Whitneys and Chloe's Birthday Crunkfest 2010

#3 Shintaro Misawa in Austin, Texas

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Diary of a hang 5 by Rad Dad

Diary of a hang 5 by bmxfreestyler

Download the Ganji Bootleg Tour DVD

Shayne Khajehnoori from the Ganji Crew has officially released the Ganji Bootleg Tour DVD. The DVD is avalible as a free download. You will need a torrent program to download this DVD. Here is the link

please visit for more details.

Thank you Ganji Crew from
BMX Freestyler and the ATX Flatland Crew

Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to "Get Over" Your fear of The Decade

"Get Over" The Fear of a Decade from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Getting over the fear of a Decade can be a challenge. Jumping over the head tube is the hardest part about doing a decade. You have to committee to it and you can’t second guess yourself while in the middle of it.

A great way to learn to get over your fears is to start off on the ground and lock your back brakes and put your foot on the seat post. Then boost your self over the head tube and land on the ground on the other side of the bike. Keep doing this until you feel comfortable. This is a great way to get you used to being in the air with out a whole bunch of commitment. Simply jump to the other side on the ground until you feel ready to go for it!

Now go pull some decades!

Trick of the Month Update - Chris Veal

Trick of the Month- June 2010

Diary of a Hitchhiker Juggler Part 1

Mobile Link

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rodney Willams edit by edward koenning

Rodney Williams from edward koenning on Vimeo.

Whitney and Chloe's Birthday Crunkfest 2010

The Austin Flatland Crew will be preforming at
Whitneys and Chloe's Birthday Crunkfest 2010

Message from Whitney and Chloe:
Chloe and Whitney's Birthday extravaganza!!
Come get down to the beats of HAPPY HAPPY JAMES, watch performances by Ciara Blossom, Pole dancers, fire spinners, and hoopers.
We will have multiple kegs, a full bar,cake from Texas French Bread and enough crunkness to go around till the early hours of the morning. Feel free to bring hoops, fire poi, and as many friends as you want. The more creativity the better!
See you there!
~ Chloe and Whitney

Start Time: Friday, June 18, 2010 at 9:00pm
End Time: Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 2:00am
Location: Far Out Home Fitting Warehouse on the corner of Manchaca and S. Lamar
Street: 2801 Manchaca Road
City/Town: Austin, TX

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rolling and Flowing

Moblie Link

Interview with Rad Dad

Photo by Tony Schneidewind

Hey everyone this is Rad Dad. I was recently approached about doing an Interview for I was very stoked and honored for such a request. The inteview went up today. There is even a special video that I put together in support of this interview. Here is the link.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

McDuff Jam 2010 - Wrap Up

McDuff Jam 2010 Highlight Video

Mobile Link

Photo By Kelly Baldwin

     On May 29, 2010 the very first McDuff jam was held in Austin, Texas. We had the honor to have the one and only Shintaro Misawa from Tokyo, Japan join the event. Many spectators and riders from all over Texas and surrounding states came to participate in the days events. There were memories that were generated that will last a life time.
     Team McDuff is a joint effort between founders Jim Mckay and Josh Duffek. They were sitting around talking one night about how cool it would be to have Shintaro show up to Austin, Texas. So they offered to pay his air fair but Shintaro had already really wanted to come to Texas and just happen to have some money stashed away for a ticket. The next thing I knew I was getting messages from Jim and Josh saying that Shintaro is flying to Austin, Texas for the MC Duff Jam.
photo by Team MCDuff
     Shintaro’s flight came in on Wednesday night and he had a big welcome by Team McDuff. He stayed at the McDuff house and rode for 4 days with the ATX Flatland Crew. The official day for the jam was on Saturday but every day was taken advantage of to ride together. On the very first night Shintaro caused a burning ember with his pegs. It was a very cool thing to see. I for one have never seen that happen before.

Photo By Kelly Baldwin
     The day of the McDuff Jam there were around 40 riders/spectators through out the day. We even had Red Bull provided for the event. Special thanks to Keith Peterson for making that happen. Team Mc Duff and Tod Miller provided BBQ food for the day and it was cooked up by Ruben Castillo, Tod Miller, Jim Mckay, Josh Duffek and David Larocca. Photos are provided by Kelly and Monique Baldwin.
The DVD version of the MC Duff Jam 2010 will be made available soon.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.
Slide Show by BMX Freestyler
Link List
Photos from Kelly and Monique Baldwin

Shintaro Highlight Video

Friday, June 11, 2010

Amahl Abdul-Khaliq - Riders Spotlight

Name: Amahl Abdul-Khaliq

Age: 23

Years riding: 4

Major in College: Mass Communications

BMX Freestyler- What was your first experience with flatland?

Amahl- I would have to say watching Day Smith and Trevor Meyer compete in the 1996 X-Games on ESPN.

BMX Freestyler- A few months back I saw that you were in BMX Plus, tell me how that came to be?

Amahl- I asked Bobby Carter how feasible would it be to setup a photo shoot with Ben Crockett. Bobby made one phone call, arranged the whole package, and provided the transportation to Burbank. Jeremy Pavia picked the location for the photography and took the picture.

Photo from BMX Plus

BMX Freestyler- When we were riding together this past weekend we were working on various stunts. What combinations are you currently working on now?

Amahl- I was mainly just doing improvisational maneuvers for the most part. I was trying to incorporate opposite Karl Kruiser into combos and re-learn some old links that I’ve lost (it’s too hard for me to explain the links without coming off as being verbose).

BMX Freestyler- We first met each other at the Jingle Jangle Jam in Austin, Texas. Since then we have session in different parts of the country. How do you make it to so many different places for Jams and Contest?

Amahl- I just been very fortunate to hitch rides with other people. I’ve been known to take the Greyhound bus from time to time.

BMX Freestyler – During an online bike check your bike was needing a little work. It’s super tight now. How is your bike set up now?

Amahl- I’ll give you an abridged version of my current bicycle setup:

Quamen Cool Frame (21 top tube), Quamen 49er stem, Chase Gouin’s custom Odyssey fork, two Animal MK3 pegs, Éclat Tibia cranks (170), We The People Everlite version II bars (8.25), Animal Stitched pivotal seat, Proper Magnalite front hub, and Federal version 1 free coaster.

There is nothing “flatland-esque” about my current setup.

BMX Freestyler- Everyone has a great bail story what is yours?

Amahl- There is nothing great about bailing, but according to Johnny Tamayo, it looks like I’m diving into a mattress when I do fall on the ground.

BMX Freestyler- If I am correct I rode with you at your first contest. You have progressed to the expert level with some very technical switches. What is your motivation to ride and progress?

Amahl- Honestly, I don’t know. The flatland discipline has taken a weary toll on my body mentally. As of now, I have more fun just pedaling around (insert random metropolitan area) or “nibbling” on a small ledge or curb than riding flatland.

I guess it’s my motivation is to have fun, but as of now, I’m having more fun traveling and meeting new people than the actual riding itself. But I’m sure once I install a front brake onto my bike; the word flatland will be a convivial brain cue for me again.

(One week later) I honestly love flatland, even though I have a strong disliking for it at times. That’s just how relationships go in general. I have a new riding spot, and I’m very happy.

BMX Freestyler- Who are your top 10 flatlanders?

Amahl- I can’t name just name ten riders and be pleased with it, but here is a list of sixteen:

Michael Steingraber, Ross Smith, James White, Day Smith, Kotaro Arai, Paul Osicka, Pedro Melo, Aaron Frost, Dylan Worsley, Ciaran Perry, Aaron Behnke, Shintaro Misawa, Stephen Royer, Alexis Desolneux, Dénes Katona, Eugene Collins, and Sam Foakes.

I would have to say Pedro Melo, Day Smith, Michael Steingraber, and Eugene Collins have made the biggest impact on my riding.

BMX Freestyler- You are an accomplished musician as well. Tell me how your music has been a part of flatland?

Amahl- Some of my music has found its way in a couple of flatland related web edits and DVDs (Props Video Magazine and Diversion), so I guess that’s how it can be associated with flatland. I personally try to separate the two disciplines from each other.

Some of Amahl's  music featured in "Dreams"
Click image to buy your own copy

BMX Freestyler- If you could go on a worldwide tour, what would be the 5 places you would go?

Amahl- Cuba, Mali, Hungary, Malaysia, and Portugal (Trinidad would be a runner-up choice).

BMX Freestyler- Any last words? Shout outs?

Amahl- I would like to thank/shout out mi familia, Charlie Patterson, Team Upchuck, Brandon and Michelle Smith at Safe Haven Skatepark (Alexandria, LA), Diego and the Tejada family, Mickey Gaidos, Michael Collins of Tall Tale Clothing, Quamen Bikes, Stephen Cerra, Stew Johnson, Brock Gomez, BMX Freestyler, Mutt and Old School George, Bobby Carter, Ahmed Johnson, Sean Beeson, Bo Wade, Joey Thompson, Brandon Pittman and Amanda Sonnier (When the Word Was Sound), DJ Dispo Rks, Team McDuff, William Lynch, Eric Wright, Peter Olsen, Marcel Tremblay, Andrew Guerrero and his son Cameron Guerrero, Julia Cryar Williams, and Dr. Carrie Chrisco.

I would also like to thank everyone I ever rode with, from underground riders like Randall Wills and Rio Pena to living legends and pioneers like Bill Freeman to R-Dog.

Video Filmed By O.S.G
Photos used in Interview courtesy of Deigo Tejada and Leo Furmansky

Mobile Link

BMX Masters - Update

Party like a Rockstar!

When the best BMX riders and fans from all over the world come to Cologne from the 16th to the 18th of July, they are not only looking forward to massive BMX action, but also for the legendary BMX MASTERS PARTYS!

Cologne/Düsseldorf, June, 11th 2010 This epic party run starts as usual on Friday with the BMX Masters Grand Opening Party at the Sensor Club. Dj Rick Ski and Future Rock, the prime fathers of the Cologne Hip-Hop Scene, invite you for the sixth time in course to an extravagant mix of Hip-Hop, Funk, Reggae and Rock. This year a lot of big names going to blast away the Sensor Club. There will be two stages: The DJs Dioz, Def Benski & Tricks, Cutmaster G.B and Dr. Chris will serve big tunes on the Hip-Hop, Funk and Reaggae floor. In contrast to this the DJs Jay Walkin , Sonic, Manuu, Fusion and Funkmaster Ozone make sure that the guests are well entertained on the Electro & Rock Floor.

Location: Sensor Club, Grüner Weg 6, 50825 Köln-Ehrenfeld,
Date: Friday, 16th July 2010, from 10:00 pm
Entree: 8,00 Euro
Opening Party Website

The second Friday party in order to the BMX Masters takes place at the Subway. The Booty Call Soundsystem with Johnny Flash, Yonilla Ice and Guttafinger invites to bass stressed beats. The three DJs and friends with different musical backgrounds, managed it with success to meet each other in a cosmos between Rap, Mash-Up Madness, Gipsy House, Tropical Bass, Ghettorave and Favela Jumpstyle. The Cologne Party, which is established since 2007, stands for an extreme high energy-level and is our insider hint for all fans of Diplo, Crookers, Douster and Major Lazer.

Location: Subway, Aachener Strasse 82-84, 50674 Köln,
Date: Friday, 16th July 2010, from 10:00 pm
Entree: 6,00 Euro
Booty Call Trailer
Booty Call Mixtape


Even if it is not possible to beat the Friday, the most important party-highlight of the Masters is the Official BMX Masters Party at Gloria on Saturday. According to this the artists are as prominent as they should be. So the Discodogs and DJ Friction will amuse you the whole night. First of all Friction became a big name beyond the Hip-Hop Scene because of his work with the band „Freundeskreis. He feels as comfortable as possible between Hip-Hop, Electro and Modern House.

Since 2002, the European party scene gets rocked by Cologne DJs named Camaro and Bugout famous as Discodogs. They had gigs with Jan Delay, Sammy Deluxe, Wax Wreckaz, Soulforce Sound, Mark Hype and some other big names. With talent and a lot of entertainment they play different kinds of music. So they enthused scores of fans on all kinds of Actions Sport Events like Burton European Open in Laax, Boarder Week in Val Thorens and the Night of the Jumps in Cologne.

Location: Gloria Theater, Apostelnstr. 11, 50667 Köln,
Date: Saturday, 17th July 2010, from 10:00 pm
Entree: 8,00 Euro
DJ Friction

Attention: BMX Masters Tickets and Information :!!!

See you in Cologne!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

How to do a Hitchhiker

Moblie Video

This is Rad Dad from BMX today I am going to show you how to do a Hitchhiker. A hitchhiker is a combination of different of tricks put together. There are a couple of tricks that you can work on to help you learn how to do a hitchhiker. Steamrollers, Double Footed Steamrollers, Half Hikers and Karl Kruisers. You should be familiar with these tricks because they are stepping stones to learning hitchhikers.

I like to ride in from double footed steamroller. That’s my basic ride in. The trick to the ride in is in your legs. You want to squat down just a bit while you are in the double footed steam and let your weight lean over the stem. Keep your feat straight and stand on the balls of your feet. When you are ready and feel like your steady. Lift up the bike to the hitchhiker position. You will do this in one motion and there will be a moment in time that you will not be holding on to the bike. You will start off holding the seat and as you pull the seat around you will release it right about the time to grab the tire. Its very quick switch and don’t worry you wont fall to hard getting this part down.
When you are in the hitchhiker position you will want to pull the tire down. Many times when you are learning this trick for the first time you will have a tendency to want to pull the tire up. But that pushes the bars to the ground. When you pull back on the tire the bars will lift into the air.

Once you gain your balance you are ready to make another switch. Roll the tire back to the front and grab for the seat again. This will put you in a half hiker position. This position is much harder than the hitchhiker position to hold because the bike is off to the side. When you feel ready gently bend your legs and bring the frame in front of you again. That will put you back in a double footed steamroller. From there you switch your hands back to steam roller and ride away.

There are many ways in and out of a hitchhiker. I also like to ride in from Karl and doing Steamroller to Karl to Hitchhiker. Once you have this trick down you can move on to other double footed forward rolling tricks and make your own combinations.

That’s how you do a Hitchiker now go outside and learn it

Keep on Riding!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trick of the Month June 2010 Hitchhiker

     The Trick of the Month has become a staple of BMX Freestyler and Global-Flat. The Tradition shall continue on for the year of 2010. My goal over the years was to help riders out there stay motivated learning tricks and pushing the envelope that new variations would be thought of at the same time. All tricks in the Trick of the Month are a Beginner/Intermediate Level. That way all rider can participate or make attempts.

Here is how Trick of the Month works. Every month there will be a new trick in the spotlight. You can do 1 of 2 things.

1. Post a video or photo of you performing the designated trick for that month/
2. Make comments to help or inspire each other.

    Variations are a good thing! So if you got something unusual and different please share with everyone. 09 was a great year for participation. I hope to keep the tradition going with some new tricks thrown into the mix along with some old faithful.

January- Hang 10 Seat Grab
February – Hang 5
March – Messiah
April- Karl
May- Switch Hand Steam Roller
June- Hitchhiker
July – Mc Circle
August – Cliffhanger
September – Brakeless Decade
October – Mega Spin
November-Lung Spin
December- Lard Yard


How to do a Hitchhiker

Submitted by Chris Veal

How to Rocket Whip by Terry Adams

Mc Duff Jam Photos from BMX Freestyler

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Adam DiClaudio - "Get Up!"

Mobile Video:

Matthias Dandois is on Props Issue 76

Get your copy at Dans Comp with available

    If you have never picked up a copy of Props this is the issue you will want to buy. Issue number 76 as a Bio with Matthias Dandois. He was in Austin,Texas filming for this Bio during the month of  March in to April. Some of the riding spots were found by our very own Chadwick aka sickwick of the ATX Flatland Crew. I am very excited to see how everything turned out. Matthias is such a exciting rider to watch. If you are not familiar with who he is. Here is a video that I shot and co- edited with Chadwick. Its called "Whip it".