Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hitchhiker Juggler Contest Submission New Leader

Mark Kuhlmann with 25 Juggler

Jugglers! from Mark Kuhlmann on Vimeo.

Chris Woodling with 25 Jugglers

I recieved 2 submission today. The first one I saw was Mark's and I was just about to put him at the top of the learder board. Then I saw Chris Woodling 26 beating out Mark by 1. After carefulling re-watching both videos the judges has counted 25 for Chirs Woodling. In the event of a Tie the first one to submit is the leader.
That means Mark Kuhlmann
is the leader currently
with 25 Jugglers.

Please make sure you follow all the rules. No Pumpping, No Hills and Say at the end "This is for the Hitchhiker Juggler Contest on BMX Freestyler" Prizes are 1 set of London Bars and $177.71 sent to your pay pal account.
Are you ready to send in your video? Get all the rules for submission here.

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