Monday, April 30, 2012

Henry Davis- Trick of the Month Lung Spin

Trick of the month is still going on for April. Its the Lung Spin. This is pretty much the last day. Henry got his in. You can still get yours in by sending files or link to
 Thanks Henry!

OUTSIDE [jomopro2012]

this video is for all the riders that came out this year, and everyone that helped me get there myself.

i wanted to not only film links outside of the contest runs, but get myself outside. i tried to capture the kinds of things i see when i don't have my camera with me. many clips were filmed from far away, allowing the pure vibe and riding to take place.

thanks for taking the time to check this out, and if you like it, please share it with a friend.


JoMoPro flatland contest
Joplin, Missouri, USA

camera / edit : jm mckay

music: i fink you freaky / die antwoord
st. elmo's fire / john parr

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bike Night! :Tom Haugen

Tom Haugen's part in the upcoming video."Bike Night!" Shot and Edited by your's truly (Vic Román). BMXfreestyler intro : (RAD DAD/Vic Román)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Terry Adams-Demos in Atlantic city this weekend

Terry Adams is doing Demos this weekend. If your in Atlantic City you should stop by and show your support!

Vet Class now apart of Voodoo Flatland Jam

The Vet Class was a big success at JoMoPro this year with 14 competitors. There is a large surge of older riders get back on there bikes and having fun and doing some tricks. We need as many riders as we can get to compete again at VoodooJam in New Orleans on June 9, 2012. The definition of a vet rider is someone that is over the age of 30 not riding at a expert class level. So go on over to and register now!

JoMoPro Expert Qualification Highlights

Here are highlights from Jomopro2012 Expert Class. These clips were taken from the qualification round.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Todd Gully- Final Trick Jomopro 2012

Todd Gully won JoMoPro 2012 Expert Class. This was his final trick that sent everyone into a wild frenzy of joy and throwing things into the contest area. It is a epic moment that you just really needed to be there to really appreciate. The energy in the room was amazing. This final trick pretty much put the nail in the coffin! Props Todd Gully!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jomopro 2012 Vet Class Top 3

Photo courtesy of

1. Steve Bergeron
2. Brian Gavagan
3. Mark Dandridge
4. Drew Henderson
5. Derek Callendar
6. Mike Hartman
7. Jeremy Jones
8. Tim Neff
9. Mike Smick
10. Mike Flood
11. Paul Hahn
12. Brandon Woldridge
13. Danny Harrison
14. John Ustas

Steve Bergeron

Brian Gavagan

Mark Dandridge

Friday, April 20, 2012

Session at Foundry

This Joel riding in front of the foundry. It's feels like 48 degrees. He's riding in shorts and still killing it.

Jomopro 2012 Convention Center Session

Last night after we arrived we had a great session with several riders that showed up. Just to name a few riders. Terry Adams, Scott Obrien, Steve and Shaune Lapsley and many many more.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brett Downs- RIde Everything

Words from Brett Downs- At 44 years old I wanted to put something together for my friends. This stuff is mostly recent and is an example of daily riding. I see very few videos with people mixing up riding styles that I wanted to show that one person can ride Flat, Street, Vert or Park. Didn't have time to get to the dirt jumps so that will have to be another time. Don't think of this as old school or some middle aged kook. I'm just a rider, same as you. Hope you enjoy the vibe and it makes you want to ride your bike.

Just ride-that's the bottom line.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Jomopro Practice

EZ & Frosty didn't even know there was a JomoPro hype video deadline to miss! so they decided to crash the party

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Frenchys are ready for Jomopro!

Everyone is getting ready for Jomopro 2012. Here is the newest video with Alex Jumelin and Matthias Dandois.

Message copied from You Tube:
Alex and I were too late on filming for the jomopro hype video so we filmed some clip this morning with my iPhone, edited it on shitty iPhone I-movie and posted it here! Yewwww We're ready!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Get Well Soon Pat Schoolen

Today on Flatmatters I saw a message from Pat Schoolen of Flatland Fuel

Pat single handely motivated me to attend Jomopro and Voodoo this year with a message he sent to me on Facebook. I dedicated today's riding to Pat that he has a speedy recovery.

FAC - It's BMX | Daniel Fuhrmann | BMX Show

We proudly present the fourth and last rider video featuring Daniel Fuhrmann.

Book your bmx show now at


Camera & Editing by Marian Hofmann.

"bacon double cheese burger deluxe combo".

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pro Flatland BMX Riders Warming Up For JoMoPro 2012

Pro BMX riders Terry Adams, Bo Wade, Takahiro Ikeda, Dominik Nekonly, and Matt Wilhelm sent in clips showing what they are working on for the JoMoPro 2012 pro/am flatland contest that is going down on April 21st in Joplin, Missouri.



JoMoPro is a proud stop of the 2012 AM Flatland Circuit and the 2012 BMX Flatland World Circuit, so riders will be competing for valuable points towards both year end titles.

Vet ($40 Entry Fee)
Novice ($40 Entry Fee)
Expert ($40 Entry Fee)
Pro ($100 Entry Fee)
(*Entry fees help with the pro purse and $10 from every entry will go to support Joplin teens affected by the devastating tornado that hit their town in 2011.)

There will be prizes from our sponsors for the top five riders in each of the amateur classes. The winner of the Master class will receive a free frame courtesy of Flatland Fuel.

The Pro class will have a total prize purse of $3,000 minimum. Each rider in the finals will win money.

The Pro/Am Best Trick Contest will be open to everyone for an additional $20 entry fee. It will be a jam style format with a minimum of $300 for the winner.

Friday night, April 20th, will be an open jam for all registered competitors.

Video edited by Fat Tony.

The annual JoMoPro flatland contest started in 2009 as an addition to the existing BMX park contest that was already in its fourth year. Using the venue and resources provided by the amazing staff at The Bridge, a team of volunteers including head organizer Pat Schoolen (from Flatland Fuel) stepped up to help introduce the flatland contest, which quickly became a huge success.

"The JoMoShowdown and JoMoPro events built on the desire to provide a platform for up and coming BMX riders and Skateboarders to compete against and develop relationships with other riders/skaters from all over the world. We want to provide a fun and well executed competition experience for the up and coming riders and skaters in the Midwest and beyond. As well as provide an opportunity for people from the community to experience BMX and Skateboarding first hand." -The Bridge

*The Bridge is a venue that includes a skatepark (Autumn Ramp Park), a youth center with rock climbing, basketball, video games, etc., and an all-ages music venue (The Foundry). The flatland contest will take place inside The Foundry. Scroll down to learn more about the venue and floor surface.

MaykoLee- Trick of the Month Lung Spin

Trick of the month is still going strong. There is still pleanty of time for you to send in your Lung Spin. Thanks MaykoLee!

Flat Squirrel BMX

Bmx rider for 30 years, from racing to street to dirt and now flatland. setting up a flatland store on-line now. 


Melanie Denton Relief Fund.

Melanie is a 19 year old BMX rider who was hurt badly while riding a spine ramp at a jam recently in Austin Texas. After shredding all day, she went over the bars coming down the spine and landed face first. She was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and suffered some major facial damage. Melanie like many others currently has no health insurance and many bills are stacking making the situation a lot harder to deal with. After surgery and the ER visit she is roughly $9,000 in debt from this one wreck and is reaching out to the BMX world requesting donations to help during this healing time. Please be kind from one BMX rider to another. Giving anything you can will always be helpful. Every dollar counts!

Please Visit for more details

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rad Dad- 2 Links at the O.G.

Had a great session with Tod Miller, David Larocca, Randall Edwards and Chris Anderson. There is always something magical that happens at the Oltorf Garage. I start riding like I have been trying all week long. Things just fell into place today. This is just 2 of the several links that I landed during the session.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Moive Rad

  The Movie Rad forever changed my life as I am sure it did for many of you that are reading this. My good friend Adam DiClaudio just sent this link and my jaw dropped. How did I not already know about this site. Maybe you have not heard about it yet. Check it out!!

See the Moive on You Tube

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flatweb TV Episode #16

In episode 16 of FlatWebTV, we chat about the great interview Effraim did with Simon O'brien. We marvel at the great amount of freecoasters either available now in the works and we wish we needed a new frame as Flatland Fuel has one of its biggest frame sales ever.

Flatland in the media is highlighted with commercials from Toyota and Docomo, specials featuring Matt Wilhelm and a an unusual NBA halftime show with Keith King.

Toyota Advert: (w/Matti Hemmings)

Docomo Xperia (w/Moto Sasaki)

Cartoon Network Anti-Bullying Campain (w/Matt Wilhelm, around the 8:10 mark)

New Orleans Hornets Halftime Show (w/Keith King)

A couple details about the latest special from FWTV, the Osaka edit, are spilled along with details about how to get your hands on some of AF THE NAYSAYER'S latest music. Go to for details on how to get the mixtape "I'M COOL - VOLUME 2 and for the individual tack, "Sunday" go to:

We end the show with a tease of the upcoming JungleRider product giveaway. Stay tuned for the exact announcement in the May episode. Thanks!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Todays Riding April 2, 2012

Photo By Donna Porterie

Jomopro training continues. I didn't have much time to ride today but I was able to squeeze out 2 links for today. I need to become more focused in the next few weeks so I can pull these kinds of tricks on command. We will see what we can do in the next couple of weeks.

Davis Dudelis - Spring riding 2012

For those who didn't already know, Davis Dudelis is organizing the Global-Flat Online Battles. Check out the the Sign up Thread.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trick of the Month- ATX Crew

This is Randy, Rad Dad and Adam DiClaudio preforming the Trick of the Month for BMX Freestyler. It is a Lung Spin. You can send your submission to

Global Flat- Online Battles Sign Up Round 6

The Global-Flat online battles are getting ready to start up. You have a chance to win prizes and its free to enter. Please visit the link to get all the rules. If you this is your first time finding out about the battles you will have a ton of fun even if you are just watching.

Chris Armstong Trick of the Month Lung Spin

Thanks to Paul and Chris for sending in this month Trick of the month. Lung Spin!

BMX Freestyler Mail Bag!

Today I received a wonderful message from Ruben Castillo in South America. Thank you so much Ruben for sharing your story. Stories like yours keep the spirit of riding going and encoraging others out there to get back on the bike to ride.

Mark, good afternoon
My name is Ruben Castillo, not the famous one, just a beginner from south America. I frequently visit bmxfreestyler, I got used to this after I watched your video “ My first decade”, thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us. I have been encouraged for your videos and notes.
I am 34 years old, tried freestyle when I was 19 but could not get any progress, however, I decided to try it once again eight months ago, but this time I am having a nice progress besides my age. My wife encouraged me to send this beginner video for backwards steamroller, the trick I have learned during this eight months practicing two hours per week.
I hope you will enjoy knowing that you are very famous at home, and we thank you a lot for encouraging people to do not stop and continue enjoying the pleasure of riding.
God bless You

R Castillo 1 from Ruben Castillo on Vimeo.