Saturday, February 19, 2011

In tribute to Ed Nussbaum

This is a tribute to Ed Nussbaum written by Rad Dad. Notice the first letter of each sentence spells Ed Nussbaum Sickchild. 

Endless flatland links that connect one to the next
Destroying your mind with things that are complex

Never say can’t that is your attitude
Unbridled passion is what pulls you threw
So called challenges is what they are
So called challenges make you shine like a star
Blazing a path for the blue prints of knowledge
Amazing the things you didn’t learn in college
Under an immense amount of pressure 
Make it to the top then see how measure

So called friends try to tear you down
Individually you test them on the ground
Casually you taken them out one by one
Killing them all with out using a gun
Challenging any one that is ready for battle
Holding on tight ready to jump in the saddle
Inclined to decline the right to withdraw
Looking for every opportunity to make them fall
Dropping competitors making them go wild
Ed Nussbaum owner of Sick Child

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