Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tribute to Bobby Carter

This is a Tribute to Bobby Carter written by Rad Dad. Notice the first letter of each sentence spells Bobby Carter Diversion. Here's to you Bobby!

Blowing up flatland so is spreads world wide
On a level of creativity that touches high in the sky
Bringing back footage from the land of the rising sun
Bouncing it off your head until you feeling numb
You try to recreated level you want to obtain

Clearly this obsession can drive you insane
All the while you create your on destiny
Realizing that you have your own complexity
Total control with butter like flow
Endless links that seem to just grow
Repetition is the key obtain perfection

Dialing it in and make another selection
Impossible becomes possible with each and every step
Visualizing in your mind what’s going to happen next
Effortlessly you switch from one link to another
Rising to a level that is like no other
Skills are sharp and on point like a tack
Immediately your video just put you on the map
On top of the world your video is now WORLD WIDE
Now your celebrity status leaves you with no were to hide

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