Monday, March 7, 2011

Tribute to Martti Kouppa

This Tribute is to Martti Kouppa. Notice the first letter of each sentence. Its Spells out
Martti Kuoppa /Jungle Rider/Ground Tactics

Master of flat and all you survey
Articulate in the way that you display
Riding ability that takes new shapes and forms
Titian's of the game clearly have been warned
Taking tricks to new levels is undeniable
In close combat you’re still unrivaled  

King of the ground holding fast and steady
Unbelievable with no warm up your ready
Ominous is your style that defies the possible
Progression makes you totally unstoppable
Pounding out new moves like a gorilla pounding his chest
Analyzing maneuvers like physicist taking a test

Jumping in the to the jungle like a savage beast
Unleashed the creativity that shall steadily increase
Never giving in until the link is ceased
Going after it like a lion ready to feast
Looking at what you accomplished with great pride
Endless links bury the competition alive

Reduce your competitors to the size of an ant
Implant messages in their minds so they say I can’t
Destroy your competition rip them all to shreds
Entangle them with links that leave them confuse in head
Royalty of flat and widely known

Gracing the ground because it is your throne
Realizing that your legend in your own time
Ordinary links to you blows every ones mind
Unique with the links that you combine
Never before seen and way ahead of your time
Delivering maneuvers that are pure perfection

Technically so smooth with each selection
Achieving the unthinkable during your session
Creatively out the box is your progression  
Tactically you maneuver for a better position 
Insistently you change your mind with a new decision
Combat is in flat is do or die situation
Successfully you reign for several generations 

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