Monday, March 14, 2011

The Waltz by Odysseybmx


Nearly two years of continuous testing, prototyping and refinement by Terry Adams prior to production. Thanks to our proven 41-Thermal® processing throughout, The Waltz can be incredibly light and responsive without sacrificing strength (which means that we can still incorporate a clearance bend in the downtube without leaving you with an unreliable flex machine). Proven modern flatland geometry. Dropout shape allows for tensioner use. Flatland-specifc lifetime warranty.
  • Removable brake and Gyro® hardware
  • 41-Thermal® processing throughout
  • Post-weld machining on the head tube and bottom bracket for precision bearing fit
  • 3/8” axle slots with cutting grooves for 14mm
  • Chain tensioner-ready dropout shape
  • Rustproof coating prior to paint finishing
  • 75 degree head tube
  • 72 degree seat tube
  • 18.9” top tube
  • 12.5” chainstay (slammed)
  • 11.85” bottom bracket
  • Mid bottom bracket shell
  • Integrated headset

1 comment:

  1. Love this frame ,great geometry may have to upgrade in the near future.