Friday, April 2, 2010

Take Flight Flatland Jam

 Interview with David Weathersby

Name:  David Weathersby

Age: Born on 11/22/83, I'm 20 years old.

What do you do for a living? Right now I attend college and ride flatland. I'm living at home with my mother and brother, they are like the best roommates ever, so I just chill.

How long have you been riding flatland?  I started right after I turned 14, the beginning
of 97. So that makes it about 7 years.
What got you started riding?  I saw Martti on the X-Games on his slammer, she was doing some crazy moves. After seeing some more flatland I knew I wanted to ride flatland and that was it. So I bought a Haro Cozmo 98 and met some locals after a few months. They got me pretty interested so I got a GT Show and started to really do flatland and compete. I just wanted to do the things that I once thought impossible, and I hated team sports.
Who are some of your favorite riders?  First of all I gotta Ruben C., he's a great friend and influence. Also my dog EZ for keeping it real with us Texans. Also, Martti, Jumilin, Desroche, Collins, Stiengrabber, this list could be super long. O yeah and Lee M.
What is your most difficult  combination?  Well, right now I'm spinning cliffhangers and just not landing the damn things so that's gotta be my most difficult trick. But my hardest combo is steam to hitch to steam to crackpack to one handed steam to forkspin to tomahawk with a inverted hand barflip to inside circle K, one kick and stick it. I hope you can understand that.
Where is the next level for flatland?  The next level is in anyone that gets on that bike and does something they couldn't before. The level is always changing for everyone and I think flatland is going to be appreciated for it's unique qualities. I think the more it gets out to people the more they will empathize with us. And maybe it will branch out into a different type of clique, ya know. Hopefully flatland will be more of a respected sport. Also I think some companies are going to put some real change in our pockets if we keep it mind blowing.
How did feel to win first place?  The feeling was great, I was so stoked after my 7th trick attempt and knew I'd won, everyone kept telling me I won so I was stoked. I was so happy to get paid and trade the plane tickets in for my friends' benefit. I'm going to rent  a van instead of flying without my crew. So all the gas and hotel is free, I feel really happy about helping my friends and finally just proving to myself I can do what I set out to do. I rode almost flawless and won, It felt great to see my city give me love.

Do you have plans to go pro?  I plan on entering as a pro as soon as I get someone to pay for the entry fee. Ha ha NO, I guess it'll be time for me to enter that level in less than a year. I think I can stay up on my game and progress to the professional level. As soon as I get some more help like this. :)

Any last comments?  Yeah, I'd like to thank Red Bull and Empire BMX for sponsoring the comp and making it all happen. Thank you to my Texans for sure, you know who you are, and I hope A-town will start having more contests. Thank you Mark and BMX Freestyler

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