Friday, April 23, 2010

Freestyler Friday #6

From BMX Museum

     This looks as a great event that will be happening this weekend on Sunday. If you are in the area you should stop by with your bike and have some fun. Get more information in the thread.

JoMoPro Footage

Being out of town for the first week after JoMoPro really put video production in a small bind. Master footage is now up and this weekend I will start on Individual footage upon request. I already have more interviews returned back that will go up latter today. Big thanks to Kelly Baldwin and Isaiah Jordan. So be on the look out for those latter today. Here is some never before seen footage from the Texas State Border going in to OK.

Global Flat Battles

If you are participating in the Global-Flat Online Battles Round 3. Please send me your photo for your trading card. Please include the following information when you are sending the photo to me.

Your Name

Global-Flat ID

The class that you will be riding in

Send this information to

Thanks to everyone that is supporting Ondo and the Global Flat Battles. The Battle Blog will start cranking when the battles begin. If you have not seen it before there is a link on the right side almost all the way down.

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