Monday, April 26, 2010

Rad Dad's 1st Switch Hand Steam Roller

    The Journey with the Switch hand steam roller started a few years back when I was toying around with the idea. I remember getting some great tips from Amahl Abdul-Khaliq about where to keep my weight and how to lean. He had confidence that I could preform this maneuver but I just put it on the back burner while I perused other stunts.
    During the global flat online battles FO made a comment that made a little stir about the direction that I traveled in my tricks. He said that doing a switch hand steam roller must be very hard for me to preform because of the direction that I rolled my tricks. He had asked for a video clip of my switch hand steam but I had to decline to make one because I could not even hold it let alone ride in or ride out.
   It was some where around January 2010 that I started toying around with it again and David Weathersby told me that it felt like it was like leaning fwd always trying to stay ahead of the position. That tip stays with me as well as I kept trying to just get used to the position. It started off feeling very alien and not easy at all. But I kept trying it over and over again and again.

   It wasn't until I was riding at the Oltorf Garage with the ATX Flatland Crew one late night and Jim McKay said to me, "Mark, there was a tip that some one gave to me that may help you out. When you are riding in keep the bars close to your body. It will give you more control." The very next attempt was perfect. Everyone jumped up and down and cheered because I had caught my very first switch hand steam. It was that tip that Jim gave me that allowed it to flow together well.
  For months I have been able to catch it from time to time but I could never switch back. I watch Alex "Magic" Johnson who learned this trick some time ago  I tried to watch closely at how he was able to switch but I was just not catching on.

   Today was not even going to happen. I was trying to get ready for Trick of the Month for May. Its Switch Hand Steam Roller. I said to Caleb I can get in but I can't get out yet. He said to me, "Dad, I know you can do it". I took it with a grain of salt and said I would try. We started filming and I was getting in but all of a sudden the magic happen. I was able to let go and let the bars lay against my leg for support and I was able to get back to regular steam. I tapped my foot the first few times but it was the first time I had even come close to making the switch. Then everything fell into place and I was able to finally say I have successfully complete my very first switch hand steam roller. Over joyed and so happy, I called Jim to let him know and to tell him thank you for that final tip that pushed me all the way to the end. Please enjoy the video and please leave a comment if you have read all that I have wrote, please take the time to let me know you were here.

Keep on Riding!

Rad Dad

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  1. great job man. pulling a trick for the first time always feels awesome. never quit and always keep pushing forward and have fun. that is what flatland is all about. signed TheLoyaltyGuy aka josh from globalflat.

  2. I love how you stomp the pedals when you know it's landed. Sick, keep it up.

  3. Thank you very much for the comments here. I was excited to land that trick especially since I really didn't think I was going to do it that day when I started.

  4. It's so cool to see ya all happy pulling that new trick in that video! Cool stuff mark keep that progression going!!

  5. Mark, you're the man! Such an inspiration!


  6. Mark, your smile says it all! Hope to see you soon. Joe


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