Friday, April 16, 2010

Freestyler Friday #5

BMX Freestyler Supporter

     There are many sites out there that support BMX Freestyler by re posting a BMX Freestyeler Video. Effraim Catlow of Flatmatters does just that. In fact flatmatters has the highest amount of embedded videos plays  from any other site. #1 with 18.6K plays from embedded video.

Jim Mckay

     Jim Mckay has played a BIG roll in supporting BMX Freestyler with Video Production. He has kindly been uploading video from JoMoPro this entire week. We are developing a team work ethic here at BMX Freestyler. We are working hard at providing you a great experience with each visit here. We greatly appreciate your comments about our hard work here.

Bo Knows Flat Session

Bo Wade was in town for the past 3 days. We had a formal session on April 15, 2010 for him. We had several people come out to show support. Jim Mckay was recording the whole session. I can't wait to see the play back. Keep checking back for updates between your work and sessions!

Keep on Riding!


  1. Yes rad dad!! Good times!!! Yully in the house for bo's session!! New videos of Yully mark!!!

  2. Ha,ha, ha...look at Jim. On a conference call while we're trying to take a photo. Must be that new Samurai sword...


  3. thanks for the photo.... was good to meet everyone!

  4. That was definaly a classic Moment Lea..Almost the very moment you met Effraim in person. That moment in time has been immortalized forever! Since that is the orginall photo you can get the time and date as well inside the photo.

    Keep on Riding!