Thursday, April 1, 2010

Freestyler Friday #3

Matthias Dandois Rocks Austin, Texas

     It is no secret that Matthias Dandois has been in Austin, Texas for the past month. There has been a ton of footage that has been posted since his arrival here. The camera was on him from the moment that he arrived to the moment that he left. 1 particular video caught many peoples attention. Around 15,000 people in 7 days. “Whip it”. It became an internationally success over 99 different countries. This made it the #1 video on BMX Freestyler to date. During the French Connection I had the opportunity to do a very quick informal interview with him. You can view that below.

Interview with Matthias Dandois

If you have missed any of the videos that Matthias has been in during his stay here in Austin. You can view them all right here.

Session with Matthias in Austin Texas

North Padre Island Jam 2010 Mathias Dandois Highlights

North Padre Island Jam 2010 Pro Highlights

"Whip it" with Matthias Dandois

French Connection

French Connection 2.0

New Bars from Sequence

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