Wednesday, April 28, 2010

North Padre Island Jam Wrap Up

March, 20 2010

      The North Padre Island Jam was hosted by Aaron Frost of Sequence Fab. The weather was not cooperating with us in the beginning. It started off a very wet and rainy day. The forecast was for things to clear up by 3:00 P.M. and that it did. There were several riders starting to session on the wet parking lot trying to get warmed up and getting amped on the contest. The contest surface was soaking wet but it was tended too with squeegees and leaf blowers to get it ready for a Jam and Contest.

The AM Winners

1st place Lee Edwards
2nd place Johnny Tamayo
3rd place Kenny Boucher
4th place Hector Garcia

Pro Class Winners

1st Place Matthias Dandois $300
2nd tie David Weathersby $100
2nd tie Diego Tejada $100

Photo Slide Show

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Kelly Baldwin took these photos at the North Island Padre Jam on March 20, 2010. Thanks Kelly!

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 Here are some highlights from Matthias Dandois during the North Padre Island Jam 2010. Filmed by K-Dub. Thanks for your efforts in filming in the cold,windy conditions.

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The North Padre Island Jam is a wrap. Sickwick and Rad Dad were both filming and shooting photo's all day long. There will be a TON more footage from the competition. Be on the look out for the Final AM Battle and many more highlight videos.Make sure you don't miss updates by following bmxfreestyler. Big Props to everyone that made this Jam Possible and a special thanks to Mr. Aaron Frost. Lets do it again next year!

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This video are highlights from the Pro Battles.

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The last battle was between Johnny Tamayo and Lee Edwards. This is how it went down.

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David Weathersby aka D-Dub is Fire! These are Highlights from the North Padre Island Jam of David.

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Highlights from Kenny Boucher

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