Sunday, April 18, 2010

Johnny Tamayo 2nd Place Expert Footage

     I have known Johnny Tamayo for some time now. We have made many rode trips and rode our bikes in many parts of Texas and beyond. I was even apart of the road trip that took him out of Texas for the first time. Johnny was requesting his footage from his final run. I took it a step further and put together all of his contest footage. Johnny is apart of the Byke Project Team. Be on the look out for a How to Turbine McCircle.

Interview with Johnny

BMX Freestyler- Looks like your about to conquer the Expert Class. What other tricks do you want in your bag before you move to Master Class.

Johnny - Well in fact I have an entire new back wheel link that is currently in the works. This link will eventually end in a pedal-time machine which I am completely stoked about! Mastering this new link will definitely push me into the master class (whether I qualify or not). I'm also working on a few tricks that should have been knocked out a long time ago like hang 5's and believe it or not the steamroller. I plan to mix these into my existing front wheel links.

BMX Freestyler- What kinds of things were in your goody bag?

 Johnny - My goody bag was amazing! I received a pair of Chase Gouin bars, Flatware grips, TONS of stickers, and a really nice poster with all the greats illustrated on it (Chase Gouin, Aaron Ross, Chase Hawk, etc.) It looks like Odyssey really hooked it up for this one.

BMX Freestyler- How many Ninja Swords do you now own and what did you do with your newest one?

Johnny - Well this is my first Ninja Sword believe it or not. I didn't expect it to be so authentic! As soon as we got back into Houston I put it to work and cut sections of Hector Garcia's front yard. It was a blast! I hope to get a few more in the future. Then I could start a tree trimming service. 

Photo by Fat Tony of Ride BMX

BMX Freestyler- Are you planing to compete in Ohio and what class if you are?

Johnny - I most certainly will be attending the Ohio competition. I think I'm going to finish out the year in expert class just to see if I can get that 2nd place standing. Next year I'll be entering master no matter the outcome of this next competition. I think it will push me to ride harder if I know i have to hang with the masters.

BMX Freestyler- Last words, Shout outs?

Johnny - I'd definitely like to tell Austin what's up and that I wish I were there every saturday. Thanks to the few guys in Houston that are starting to ride more nowadays. Lastly thanks to you Mark for putting in the personal time to get exposure for flatland and helping those who already ride! Keep progressing everyone!

2nd Place Expert Class Johnny Tamayo