Friday, February 18, 2011

Flatland Chat

    Adam DiClaudio brought up a great subject on Facebook yesterday.The subject was Flatland conversations for non flatland friends and what they must think. For a BMX Flatlander most people will know what your talking about if you say Hitchhiker,Hang 5 or Funky Chicken. For someone that doesn't know the Flatland lingo a hitchhiker is on the side of the road and Funky Chicken is some chicken that was bad at KFC.
   Hecktor Dangus had the BEST reply ever. He summed it up in such a manor that it just had to be shared with the rest of the world.

Here is the original text
I like when people on facebook speak "flatland combo" language online. I can only guess what someone who doesn't ride flatland thinks is being said.
Hëcktör Dängüs
when bar hopping doesn't always get you buzzed
no CDL is required for commandeering a dump truck
kangaroos need not fear your boomerangs
the front yard never needs mowing
and the lawnmower won't cut yer grass anyway
...a stick bitch is not necessarily a woman with an eating disorder
the 1980's were not the only backwards decade
and you don't have to be a post-op transsexual to do a
hang nothing


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