Sunday, February 20, 2011

[UFO Streetwear] - BMX Vietnam I.C.B - Tánh Gà & Phước Phù

[UFO Streetwear] - BMX Vietnam I.C.B - Tánh Gà & Phước Phù from trung.siro on Vimeo.
Video made by [UFO Streetwear Media]
Present 2 guys of Recycle I.C.B Flatland: Tánh Gà & Phước Phù
Background Music: ALESANA - APOLOGY


  1. Hi guys i m a french living in Hanoi for now. I had a bike when i was in france and riding during 3 years but unfortunatly i had to stop riding when i came here (and someone stolen my bike in france) Well can help you me by giving the address of some good shops here in vn?! I m a street / park / dirt rider. Thank and keep rindin' guys. My FB Yoann Oi Forsure

  2. Hi Yoann
    I live in Saigon - VietNam
    in SG, there are no bmx store
    but in HN have many,
    but i dont have a contact of there riders
    u can go to Lenin Park, almost riders in HN play there............

  3. I know this is a long time after but, I live in Saigon and I can't find a bmx store here. Do you know any places in Saigon that might have opened or if i can order a bike from hanoi at any store here?

  4. Hi Carlton,

    Am from Singapore, we distribute KHE bikes, will you be interested? If so, we can discuss on how I can import the bike to you in Saigon.

    My email is:
    Or you can log on to for more information.

    Duke Jibe aka Dick Soh
    Rayxtreme Pte Ltd Singapore