Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Site Updates

     As many of you know there are a ton of great sites out there. 2 of them that I keep tabs on pretty regularly have had some updates. Over on Flatmatter there is a new Facebook Fan Page.

Be sure to visit with your daily visit to BMX Freestyler as well

Terry Adams has made a ton of changes on his site. I got this message from him.

Its big a while since I launched I am very excited to say it got a huge overhaul this past weekend. Here are some things to look out for when clicking through it. 

-No more clicking a big photo to enter the site
-Facebook fan page and Twitter feed links in the navigation bar
-The blog and the photos on it are now bigger
-You can share a blog post on facebook or tweet it
-You can see my most recent twitter post in my blog
-You can see some of my facebook fans in my blog 
-You can now search through my blog archives 
-You can comment on Blog post
-About 30 new photos in the photo section
-There are 18 new videos in the video section 
-Videos are larger than before 
-I have a bunch of new coverage in the "coverage section"
-I have added new contest places and career highlights in the accomplishments section
-New photos on the sponsor and contact pages

Check out the site with all the new features! Also feel free to post it , tweet it, or link it anywhere you please. That would be greatly appreciated 


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