Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photos by Gary First

     On Saturday the 15 of January 2011 you would have thought Saturday session in the ATX would have been small due to the weather. It has been raining here for the past 3 days straight. It was cool enough to wear a long sleeves and the O.G. even though it is covered leaks. The amount to space to ride was drastically cut down by small bodies of water dividing up the garage. Amazingly enough we had a total of 16 people out to ride. We even had 2 street riders Mike and Eric and a skater by the name of Tom.
   Added to the list of special guest soon to be a regular was Gary First.

This is Tod Miller talking about the very inspiring Gary First.

Photo By Nancy - Gary First 55th Birthday Present
Gary is now 55 years old and still busting out and was nice enough to take a few photos during his session at the O.G.  Enjoy!
 Ruben Castillo

Aaron Frost
EZ Chris
Leather Hands

Tod Miller

Aaron Frost

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