Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trivia Answer for Question #2

The Answer is C!
C. Pete had a conversation on the phone and he thought Pete was on crack?

This message was posted on Global-Flat in 2005
Hey man what's up! Thanks for the compliment. I had a lot of fun in France and cant wait to go back, so many good riders and the vibe was on. Oh ya, the crack packer! The name came to be from a conversation I had on the phone with a rider named Eric Emmerson. I was explaining the trick to him over the phone and he didn't believe it could be done, and said" oh yea right your smokin crack." Since it was similar to the backpacker I decided to call it a crackpacker. Well I'm off to my night riding spot, thanks again. Ride on.

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At Flatland Voodoo Jam 2006 they had a special VIP room. This is your all access pass to the VIP session that was going down. Footage from Pete Brandt.

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