Friday, January 7, 2011

History Lesson with the Hang 5

 Photo by Erik Otto
Kevin Jones, Ride BMX UK august 2005: The Hang Five. As weird as it seems, at the time, at least for the first month or so, I just treated it as a way to get into the squeaker. I had a contest routine and I started off with a squeaker and then I did a whole routine or whatever. And then the next time I wanted to do the same combo and add some shit to it. I was messing around in my garage and I figured instead of hitting my brakes I could just pop up and coast a little bit to the end of my garage, do it forward for a while then go into a squeaker. First I went five feet and I was stoked, then ten feet, then I ran out of space, then I went out into the street, which is kind of a slant, and I went to the top of the road and I hauled down the road doing it. It was something that I learned in ten minutes; like ten minutes before I couldn't do it, then I was going a couple of hundred feet. And I was freaking out. It didn't open up any doors at the time, really, because there wasn't a hitchhiker, there wasn't a lot of front wheel rolling type combos. So I pretty much did it no-footed, did it one-handed, did little combos out of it. Then later, of course, it led to much more stuff. I remember showing people and I didn't even think it was a good trick at the time. I thought it was a corky way to get into something, almost like a peg wheelie. Then I went to a contest and did it and everybody thought they were seeing a brand new trick, like something totally different. I thought that was cool. Then everybody learned it.


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  1. Thank You Kevin Jones for All the fun tricks you created, this is still my favorite trick 2 do. I remember learning this the first day I tried it, it was a jam circle thing before a contest, and some guy was doing it, then a bunch of us were trying it. What a great day that was!!! Thanks Mark for posting this!!!!