Sunday, January 23, 2011

BMX Freestyler Trivia Question #3

 Rider Tod Miller Photo By Gary First

Who came up with the name Miami Hopper?

A-Woody Itson
B-Fred Blood
C-Kevin Jones
D-R.L. Osborn

Do you know the answer? Place your answer in comments. Check back tomorrow morning for the correct answer.


  1. RL Osborne.

    Fred Blood invented the Vertical Boomerang...what is called a Decade now. Woody Itson created a good handful of tricks(Bar Rides included)...and then there is Kevin Jones...inventor of half the tricks done by modern riders.

  2. Fred Blood also invented the Applecrate and Power Mower, but the cowboy is the same as a Miami Hopper i think but we also called it a Bar Endo ,Robert Louis Osborn.

  3. The pic of Todd Miller above is a Bar Endo a cowboy or Miami Hopper is all the way to the floor and back up again.remember Ron Wilkersons Miami Hopper drop in's on vert ?

  4. Howard, the pic of me is a Bar Endo...Miami Hopper is all the way down. The Cowboy is a Bar Endo with both feet on the tire, no hands.

    Applecrate is now what is called a "Backside Decade", and ofcourse the Power Mower is the over the headtube trick, but not over like a Decade.

    I remember seeing all of these tricks for the first time in magazines, when they first came out.