Tuesday, January 11, 2011

South of the Border.

Today were gonna cross the border into the other side of BMX freestyle.It`s a world were new and old school live in harmony and you use what parts youve got cause it`s not an easy task to get new ones.Huge jams,rad riders,South American bike companies , and awesome food.

Let`s take a tour!

Here`s a look at the Panamaflat internacional 2010 Contest ,you might see a familiar face in this video.Check it!

Panamaflat internacional 2010 from Jonathan Camargo on Vimeo.

Starbike is a bike company dedicated to all disciplines of BMX.They are located in Bogotá Colombia.
Milford Sound in New Zealand

They can be found here: www.starbikeflat.com

DISTRITO FLATLAND is a little web edit done bye GojanFlat with some rad riding in
Bogotá ,Colombia.Colombia has a strong bmx scene , one of the guys I ride with is from there.He`s got hours of old school videos to prove it! In the mean time, Check this out!

DISTRITO FLATLAND from GojanFlat on Vimeo.

This country ripes too.Home to tons of very good Rock bands (Soda Stereo,Enanitos Verdes and Divididos) it is also home to some very rad freestylers.Here is a contest,look at it and like it ,it comes complete with 80`s metal and a cherry picker on the side!

twentystyle.com.ar contest v 2 from rocka86 on Vimeo.

This one is from hirochibmx ripping it up in Brazil.Stare at it like a dazed rabbit!

Hiroshi flatland from hirochibmx on Vimeo.

and we cant go to Brazil with out paying a visit to the local bike company known as ...

Milford Sound in New Zealand

There`s many more unmentioned places south of the border that shred but , it`s time to return back home hope you enjoyed the trip across the border.LaTerZ.