Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Panama Flat International wrap up with DiEgo Tejada

      The Panama Flat International is one of the biggest Flatland BMX contest in Latin America, based in Panama City, Panama. The Event took place Nov. 14, 2010; riders from Central/South and North America attended to make it once again unforgettable including a special appearance by Pete Brandt who judge the contest and who also through down a sick show for the crowd. I had never been to Central America ever since I left for a better opportunity here in the United States so visiting Panama for me was like visiting home again. The land structure is definitely different and an experience many people should consider seeing especially if you come from a state like Texas where everything is flat.

DiEgo Tejada  , Peakyp Msheffield

Riders from South America were Colombians finest: Jonathan Camargo (Star Bikes) with his unique technical style and flow, throwing down some of the most original combos, like a full 360 body boomerang to oppy feet steam to include in his combos made him stand out. His fellow rider Giovanny Francisco Fonque and Javier Roldan also represented from Colombia with much talent to scare most of the riders competing.

Riders from Costa Rica brought their A-game as well representing high energy level of style, props to the riders from Costa Rica including Tico's Jam Organizer: Mike Meza who was also one of the main Judges during the contest.
Giovanny Francisco Fonque, DiEgo Tejada, Jonathan Camargo, Javier Roldan, Jorge Vasquez, Mike Meza

Chitré is a city in Panama in which I consider it being a safe haven for flatlanders. So many young talented kids with a bright future in the sport came from there. The feeling I got from them was unforgettable because they rode not just to compete but because they have fun riding. In all Panama has amazing talent in the sport. Riders who stood out were 1st place Jorge Vasquez who competed at Jomo Pro taking 2nd place keep an eye out for him next year and also Eric Camaño who got 3rd place, Eric has infinite style and flow and seems like a good kid, very disciplined. Too many style and talent to name them all but yeah also keep an eye out for Gilberto Enrique Ibarra as well, very unique talent.

Canada's finest: Percy Marshall! This dude is practically on another level! Amazing talent! Percy took Best Trick and Got 2nd place! How bout that?! I had a great time hanging out with Percy, even though he could barely speak any Spanish with the locals he picked up quite a few new words with the help of my translation lol.
DiEgo Tejada, Jorge Vasquez, Jonathan Camargo, Peakyp Msheffield

I would like to thank the Organizers: Edgardo Flores, Hugo Quiroz and Fernando Garrido, who were very nice to me and to all of the riders who attend the Panama Flat Int. They made sure we had an experience of a lifetime and who have a passion for the Sport of Flatland BMX. Thank You!