Sunday, November 28, 2010

You Tube Million Plus Club

On of the goals for BMX Freestyler is to produce videos that will go over 1 million views. Today I thought I would check out to see how many bmx flatland videos that are out there that are over 1 million views on You Tube. I put them in a play list to share. I found 6 of them. Here the list according to rank.

#1 BMX Flatland Best rider? Views:8,123,506
#2 David Weathersby BMX tricks Views:2,030,317
#3 bmx freestyle Views:1,980,545
#4 Inertia BMX Bike Views:1,974,729
#5 bmx flatland tricks Views:1,371,362
#6 Axlepeg BMX Flatland Freestyle how to flobots handlebars Views:1,074,481

If you can find another BMX Flatland Video with more than 1 million views send it over to me at so I can add it to the play list.

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