Thursday, November 11, 2010

Riders Spotlight with SSG Delaney

Name: Rob Delaney
Age: 32
Years Riding: 8+
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Riders Spotlight

Residence: Hinesville, Georgia
Collectors Corner

What do you do for a Living? I am in The United States Army, I am a Light Wheeled Vehicle
Mechanic, but right now I am working as a Battalion Career Counselor.
How Long have you been in the Army and where as the Army taken you? Going on 15 years,I
have been station at, Ft Jackson South Carolina, Ft Hood Texas, Scholfield Barracks Hawaii, A Recruiter in
Connecticut, Launsthul Germany, I have been deployed to Guam, Kosrae( Federal States of Micronesia) and I am currently at Ft Stewart Georgia, getting ready to deploy to Iraq for 18 months.
What got you into BMX? I guess I got involved when I saw a guy named Trent Chavez do a cherry picker in front of a local bike shop I was at one day, from then I was hooked , back in 85.

What got you out of BMX? I really never got out of it , I was put on hold for a while due to a car accident that broke my back, so I was kinda scared to get back on my bike due to further injury, and that was back in 99 X-mas day out of all things, not a good holiday for me then!What got you back in to BMX? Finding this site as well as Vintage and talking with people my age , I was really inspired when I found out one off my
old riding buddies was on here(whom many of you know as Axlepeg), once I found out it was my old buddy I really started to miss it even more, so I went out and bought a bike and now I am back re-learning what I used to do BITD.

What is your most difficult trick to land? As off right now I would say Backpackers, I got my balance and momentum back, just real shaky on this one for some reason.

What trick are you working on now? I am actually working on everything again, but the one I am trying to perfect the most(cuz it was always my favorite) is a steamroller into hitchiker,if I get it great if not , sure is fun trying!

What was your best memories from BITD? Man there are allot of them, the freshest one in my mind is the 87 comp in Rochester New York, my buddies Sal Coppolla and Jeff Winston went up there together from Connecticut and had a blast, Mark Eaton if he remembers let me ride his red Dyno , that made my day , he was a great inspiration to me back then, and to actuallylet me ride his bike was awesome,,Thanks Lungmustard.

What is your worst memory from BITD? Having my brand new Ozone thrown into a trunk of a cop car because I was doing had rails on the police station walk way, you know, I was triple dog dared, I sure you can imagine the rest, mom was not to happy!!!!!

Who are your BMX Hero's? I really don't think I have any "Hero's" but I have a lot of people that I respected for there riding ability, For 1 Mark Eaton, to me he was a all around cool guy, never knew him personally but it was just my opinion, Scott Freeman played a big role as well , he was the first Sponsored person I actually got to see and get a picture with back in 86/87, and of course the "K" man, Kevin
Jones, I had the Dorkin in York video in my VCR for a long time, that guy is amazing!!!!!!

Where is your favorite spot to ride and with whom do you ride with? I ride mostly in front of my house with my kids and the neighbors watch and think I am nuts, but its cool at least I am not sitting on the porch getting drunk everyday!

How did you find Vintage BMX? I was messing around one day and did a web search of freestyle bikes and some how it lead me to Vintage, best search I ever did.

Where bike are you riding now? I now have a K2 DMC Compe Frame and fork, Finally got in
my freecoaster and slapped some torker 3 piece cranks on there, it is not the best I have ever had
but, for now I am happy with it, sure do miss my Ozone.

Where does your motivation come from to ride now? I guess my motivation comes from me,
just the passion and love for the ride keeps me motivated enough. Plus my kids think it is
cool,(Daddy does tricks) as my 3 year old boy and 6 year old girl say.

What is in the future for BMX and the future with your involvement with sport?:
The future with BMX is unpredictable, I don't think it will ever go away because there are people
like us that keep it going, and the people doing it have it in there blood. My involvement will always be there , I am not going anywhere anytime soon (except Iraq) and as long as my body is okay with it, I will ride and ride and ride.

What would you like to tell the world? No matter who you are or what you do for a living, if
freestyle is your passion go out and do it and do not let anyone tell you other wise. And thank
you Mark for thinking of me for a spotlight.

Interview conducted November 10, 2007
Pulled from Archives November 11, 2010

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