Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wouter van der Linde with 1st Hitchiker Juggler

BMX Freestyler Exclusive from wouterthebmxer on Vimeo.
I made this vid for Rad Dad (Mark Dandridge) from BMX
Mark always motivates me so much, he is always a few steps ahead of me, so I'm trying to step into his footsteps :)
It was minus 5 degrees Celcius (23 degrees Fahrenheit) outside, so it was freaking cold when i shot this!
I brought some hot Tea with my to drink between riding, and I spilled some bit of tea ion the ground, 10 minutes later it was frozen! holy shit!

I hope you enjoy!
Thanks for the motivation!

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  1. Thanks Wouter for taking the time to film in the blistering cold weather. I am so stoked that you were able to hit a juggler. It reminds me of the Article on Flatmatter. How does winter treat you? You ride right through it!

  2. go Wouter! man that looked COLD. nice work!