Monday, November 15, 2010

Eddie Fiola and Martin Aparijo @ 40 Years of Bmx celebration

Scanned from September 1987 Freestyln Magazine

The wife of BMX Museum member Canoe was kind enough to shoot this great footage of Martin and Eddie in a spontaneous circle jam. The cops had just kicked them out the other side of parking lot, all the sudden there was a sick session!

BMX Freestyler related link


  1. those two still rule, I can't repeat enough times the influence they have in my riding! thanks again, ed and martin, team gt still rules...

  2. Wow ... since 2005 ive been trying to find footage of present day¨Martin¨ ,wanted to see if he still rides.The evidence I have found pointed to him not riding anymore,but looks like all the oldschool reunions and old guys coming back (and most likely influenced by Woody Itson) made him come back, awesome.

  3. I love those two guys, they made a HUGE impact on my career and I still get to hang out with them a couple times a year...GT OS days still rule!!