Monday, May 10, 2010

JoMoPro 2010 3rd Place Expert

Kelly Baldwin

    Kelly Baldwin from Chainlinkz was repesting for the H-Town Crew. Qualifying 1st Place in the Expert Class. Taking home a 3rd place. This is all of his contest footage plus some quick interviews.

Interview with Kelly Baldwin

BMX Freestyler- What kinds of things were in your goodies bag?

Kelly- Thomson seatpost and clamp, Madera 23T sproket, Sequence pegs and stickers.

BMX Freestyler-Is there any one trick you really wanted to pull but

Kelly- I would love to land my "Leap of Faith". Maybe at the next comp.

BMX Freestyler-How many photos did you take during the entire competition?

Kelly- I'm not exactly sure, but I know I was left with over 1200 photos even after deleting over serval hundred at the comp. Maybe close to 1500 or more. Props to my wife who stayed behind the camera through the Expert and Pro class. She did a great job.

BMX Freestyler- Aside form taking 3rd place what was the most memorable
moment for you at JoMoPro?

Kelly- I'd probably have to say Matthias announcing the Expert class. He's a little hard to understand but he added alot of character to the comp. Props to MC FrenchFry.

BMX Freestyler - Shout outs...Last Words?

Kelly- Thanks for all the hard work you put into flatland Mark.... And also thanks to Pat, Paul, Jeremiah, Dan, and everyone else that was involved in putting together JoMoPro 2010. Looking forward to JoMoPro 2011. God Bless........


  1. Really enjoyed it! Matthias is a pretty awesome MC. Kelly has some really tight focussed style... very strong. I was totally rootin for him on that last one!