Monday, May 31, 2010

Interview with Tim Knoll

Tim Knoll released a web video 11 days ago and it had blown up all over the Internet. It has a simple name “Tim Knoll digicam edit” with simple tags but amazingly creative riding. I have known Tim since he released the Galvatron trick. I had it posted on BMX Freestyler year ago. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for an interview with Tim about his success with “Tim Knoll digicam edit”

BMX Freestyler- First off I want to say major props for your spectacular innovative mixture of Flatland and Street. How did you become inspired to start mixing the two disciplines?

Tim Knoll- Thanks Mark! The video I grew up on was Dorkin’ 10. I view Mark Eaton’s riding as the root of inspiration. Later on I saw a few of the amazing Baco videos. But it wasn’t until years later that I actually started messing around with street. I found it really enjoyable. Rodney Mullen’s street skating has been a big inspiration in the more recent years.

BMX Freestyler-Doing a back flip is not an easy feat. Doing one on a bike takes great skill. Have you had any gymnastic training?

Tim Knoll- I was a competitive gymnast from ages 9 to 13. I’m glad I quit when I did.

BMX Freestyler-I have put together a ton of videos over the years. I have never seen one EXPLODE like yours has. How does it feel to know so many people are watching you and totally excited about how you are riding?

Tim Knoll- It is highly encouraging. I still can’t believe it. Everyone, thanks for the support!

BMX Freestyler-Ruben Castillo told me once “This ain’t segregation this is Freestyle folks”. You have completely embraced that statement and taking things to a whole other level. What other kinds of things do you have in the works?

Tim Knoll- Ruben Castillo is awesome! His section in GT’s “Dead Sailor” video is so good. I try new things pretty regularly. I pursue the few ideas that actually work. A new thing I just learned was a front wheel 720 hop off a curb – it made my month. I love doing G-turn stuff; it’s fun. Recently I’ve been trying a crackpacker/ledge foot-plant/acid drop combo. I have yet to pull it.

BMX Freestyler-When you released your video did you expect it to have such a huge impact on the entire BMX Community?

Tim Knoll- Not really at all. I’m super grateful for the response.

BMX Freestyler-I saw your message to Mark Eaton. Do you think it could be possible to do a new video with the both of you riding?

Tim Knoll- That would be a dream come true. I have always admired Mark.

BMX Freestyler- I have been seeing a lot of positive comments all over the Internet about you. What was the one that touched you the most?

Tim Knoll- There are too many to single out one. I appreciate everyone’s feedback. Again, thanks!

BMX Freestyler- I am sure there are some people wondering. If you enter a flatland contest would you ask for box’s and rails?

Tim Knoll- I think I’d have to. These days I don’t have enough banger flatland combos to hold up with the talent of all the competitive flat shredders out there.

BMX Freestyler- I always hear riders saying I wonder how we will be riding 10 years from now. I think you have just given us a glimpse of that. What do you think the progression will be in 10 years?

Tim Knoll- Thanks Mark! It’s really hard for me to make that 10 year prediction. I can’t guess the direction in which people will actually take riding. A lot of possibilities remain on a BMX bike. The invention of the web edit has given BMX the potential to progress at a higher rate than ever. New ideas or advancements on other tricks can be uploaded and exposed for free. It’s a catalyst for astounding progression.

BMX Freestyler- Thank you so much for you time Tim. Do you have any last words or shout outs?

Tim Knoll- Mark, thanks for this interview! Shout outs go to Micah Kranz, Chris Oestreich, Schreck, Rollie Flasch, Little Jon, Chris Farina, Mykel Larrin, Tippy, Wade Lajlar, Mike Kucak, Tony Schneidewind, Division BMX, GoPro, C4BMX, Ride Sports and my family.

The Galvatron


  1. Great interview!! Tim is such a talented rider, super creative and unique and that sure is refreshing to see!

  2. This is what's up! Thanks for the interview Tim and Mark.

  3. Happy to make a interview happen. Thank you again Tim for your time!

  4. David Strong from Bermuda.June 1, 2010 at 3:06 PM

    What was his comment to Mark Eaton?

    You should've also asked if he'd be willing to do a section not only with Mark Eaton, but Rob Ridge, Chad Degroot, DMC, and maybe Terry Adams. Those guys blend street and flat good too!

  5. From Mark Eaton's Face Book Page

    Mark Eaton I feel like this is a meeting of Like-Minds... :)

    Tim, glad to hear that Dorkin' 10 left an impression on you! :)
    May 21 at 3:28pmMark Eaton That's it, looks like I'm gonna have to go out & make a 2010 Web Edit :)
    May 21 at 3:33pm

  6. David from BermudaJune 3, 2010 at 6:45 PM

    Whoooooo hoooooooooooo!

  7. Thanks guys!

    David from Bermuda, I would be more than willing to collaborate with those legends. They're all incredible, I love their riding.

  8. cool freestyle bmx flatlander tricks

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