Monday, September 20, 2010

The Winner is!!

On Septebmer 17, 2010 there was a new inverview with me, Rad Dad on Flatmatters called Last Time. I wanted to have some fun with it and give away a Free Dos Hombre Castillo Brothers 2010 DVD. I did the drawing on September 20, 1010 and the winner of the contest is.

Lee Wilson

If you missed the interview you can see it​2010/​09/​last-times-with-rad-dad.html

If you missed the contest you should become friends of BMX Freestyler on Facebook.​home.php#!/​bmxfreestyler


  1. i just missed out there Rad Dad ,dvd looks awesome .

  2. Yeah ,I missed out on that too... didn't know there was one.

  3. Well I had both of your names in the Box because you had made a comment on Flatmatters on the Last Time Interview. I made the announcment on Saturday on Facebook and that was the only place I said anything. There were a few people that liked the statment but I think almost everyone just glanced over the post and was thinking it was a re-post. But infact I was giving new information. Either way I will do something like this again. I think I will do it the same way too. Make a message on FB and start a contest. I should be mailing Lee's DVD today. I got his address last night.

    Keep on Riding!