Sunday, September 26, 2010

The O.G. aka Olforf Garage

Photo by Jim McKay

 The OG also know as The Oltorf Garage is located in Austin,Texas. It is the home riding spot for the Austin Flatland Crew. It was found by member EZ Chris around 1999. Hosting many riders over the years this location has become legendary. Attracting great riders from all over the world with the likes of  Robert Castillo,Trevor Myers, Terry Adams, Matthias Dandois, Shintaro Misawa and many many more. The Austin Flatland Crew members on saturdays can range from 6 to 20 riders on any given Saturday Afternoon. You can typically find someone riding through the other days but Saturdays is the day we gather in massess ride flatland together. The OG even has its very own Facebook page. There is also a Facebook group called I ride at the Legendary Oltorf Garage.
  Recently ATX Crew member Jim Mckay started There you can find some great photos like the one on top of the OG and a few of the members that showed up for a Saturday Session at the hottest spot in Texas.

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