Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mail Bag/Trick of the Month Update - Frank Macchio

Today I recieved a great update for trick of the month with a great email attached. Thanks Frank!

decade!!!! an trick of the month

Hey rad dad what up! I wrote to you a while back and just wanted to say i love bmx freestyler. now i just wanted to say thanks for the trick of the month. it really helps i watch it like million times then go do it!!.. cheek out my video it has one at the end as for the other stuff its skuffing in puddles i guess i just wanted to ride even if its raining or wet ahah...
also i would like to ask for a trick of the month for steamroller bar-flips ahahah i just cant do this trick if you guys broke it down i would watch it million times an ma by do it. but its been killing me for looooooooong timeeeee

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  1. Rad! and maybe I should ride when it`s wet instead of getting bummed.