Friday, March 26, 2010

Freestyler Friday #2

Freestyler Friday #2

North Island Padre Jam 2010 Wrap Up

All week long there has been something being said about the North Padre Island Jam. If you happen to miss out on what was happening I will fill you in. The contest/jam was held on March 20, 2010. The BMX Freestyler van was loaded up to capacity with Tod Miller, Alex Johnson, Kenny Boucher, Adam DiClaudio and Matthias Dandois. We arrived to the location to be greeted by Aaron Frost and the rain. Other riders kept showing up as we all waited for it to stop raining. It finally stopped around 3 p.m. and everyone was itching to ride. We were going to ride wet or dry. There were leaf blowers and squeegees to dry up the riding area. Around 4 p.m. the sun started to show its face and it also helped dry things up a bit. So the jam started a little late but everyone was in great spirits. It’s not every day that we all get to see each other and we spent the time socializing with one another.

The Contest was in Battle Format for both AM and Pro. The Battles were as follows for

AM Class

Round 1

Paul M vs Hector Garcia ------ Hector Moves on
Johnny Tamayo vs Rad Dad ----- Johnny Moves on
Kenny Boucher vs Kelly Baldwin ---- Kenny Moves on
Lee Edwards vs Alex Johnson ----- Lee Moves on

Round 2
Hector Vs Johnny ----Johnny Moves on
Lee Vs – Kenny ----- Lee Moves on

Round 3
Kenny VS Hector---- Kenny 3rd Hector 4th
Lee Vs – Johnny ---- Lee Edwards 1st – Johnny 2nd

Pro Class

Round 1
Chris Anderson Vs Matthias Dandois ----Matthias moves on
David Weathersby VS Aaron Frost ----David moves on
Diego Tejada Vs Adam DiClaudio ---- Diego Moves on

Round 2
Matthias Vs David – Matthias Wins $300
David and Diego both get $100 and officially tie for 2nd place

There are defiantly plans for another North Island Padre Jam in 2011. It will just keep getting bigger and better each year.

Highlights from North Padre Island Jam 2010

Mobile Link

BMX Freestyler going Mobile

Due to the restrictions of a free Vimeo account, BMX Freestyler is now a Plus member. The main benefit is that there is more room to upload videos through the week. A very cool perk is all the videos uploaded are now made avalible to your smart phones. This doesn’t include the videos that are embedded at this time. We will be working on posting up links to the mobile Vimeo site so you can watch BMX Freestyler videos on the go. It has been officially feild tested by David Weathersby and it worked on his I-Phone and videos are now working on my My-Touch.

Check out the Newest Video on BMX Freestyler with Matthias Dandois

"Whip it" with Matthias Dandois

Moblie Link

BMX Legends

Read Interview
    The BMX Legends section of BMX Freestyler was long over due for a overhaul. We have got things kicked off with a great interview with Karl Rothe. Inventor of the Karl Kruiser. If you have taken the time to read his interview please take a few moments to make a comment right here so he will know that you have appreciated his interview. More interviews are lined up so make sure you don’t miss a thing and follow BMX Freestyler.

The BMX Freestyler Contributors

     You may have noticed new growth with BMX Freestyler. There have been many members of the ATX Flatland Crew that have been helping build the site making it grow at a phenomenal rate.

Chadwick- He has always helped with Video production but he has taken things to a new level and making several web edits for your viewing pleasure. We have been working more and more together as a team to provide new coverage for you.

Jim Mckay-He is stepping up to create a whole new section on BMX Freestyler that has never existed before. We will leave it as a surprise for now. Stay tuned as a new section pops up.

Tod Miller & Kassandra Wright – Both Tod and Kassandra have been helping with filming as well. Kassandra made her d├ębut with the Pro section of North Padre Island Jam. Tod has helped before and is looking to keep helping when he is needed.

Josh Duffek- Josh has been helping BMX Freestyler for many years now. He has a Flatland Channel on Vimeo and he doesn’t miss a thing. He provides videos from the net that he has found great enough to share with everyone.

Big Props to the ATX Flatland Crew and everyone that helps out to make BMX Freestyler a great resource for Flatland and ATX Coverage.

The French Connection

The French Connection is going to happen on March 27, 2010 at the Oltorf Garage in Austin, Texas.
 Click this link for more details.

Moblie Link


  1. I'll help you whenever you need it Mark! In fact, I wanted to film some links of yours at The French Connection...I don't want you behind the camera ALL day. You have to get some riding in aswell.

    Take care, and keep up the great work Mark. Love this site!


  2. I love this site...
    K Dub

    "Keep riding." -Rad Dad

  3. I love you, Alex Johnson! :)