Wednesday, March 17, 2010

O.G. Magic

The og is a magic place.  Maybe one day a sexy blonde girl on a unicorn will show up at the garage riding gently across the perfect surface.  But until then we will just have to settle for Matthias.  Thanks Stew.  For all ya'll that don't know Stew Johnson he's magic like the og and kinda looks like he could ride a unicorn with that wizard beard and all.  But he ain't no sexy blonde.  Hector Dangus makes a cameo appearance-always a treat.  We need to see more of this guy.  Last but not least thank you and good luck to dirty boy JLaw and John Chisom at The Fresh up.    


  1. WOW!!! We are turning into a Well Lubed Machine! Flatland Type! Awsome Vid Sickwick!

  2. Feelin' the good vibes in this video. You guys have been having nightly sessions! Lookin' good.

    Dangus is something else.