Monday, March 22, 2010

North Padre Island Jam 2010 Highlights

The North Padre Island Jam is a wrap. Sickwick and Rad Dad were both filming and shooting photo's all day long. There will be a TON more footage from the competition. Be on the look out for the Final AM Battle and many more highlight videos.Make sure you don't miss updates by following bmxfreestyler. Big Props to everyone that made this Jam Possible and a special thanks to Mr. Aaron Frost. Lets do it again next year!

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  1. no matthias footage weak!!

  2. Great job Rad Dad. I like the Matthias qoute in the middle of Adam's link. Nice touch.

    And I'm glad I caught some of your contest run...I was worried about botching that.


  3. Thanks Tod! There is a TON more footage to come. I am following the flow of the tapes and working next on the Pro footage that was taken by K-Dub. I am compleatly out of room though on the hard drive and will need to delete older footage first.