Sunday, August 7, 2011

Route 22 Chicon loop

Wow. This is the second atx flatland crew video in the sickwick collection. Legendary flatland kingpin Ruben "R-Dog" Castillio makes an appearance as the Godfather of a underground flatland mafia called GMF. That's God Made Flatland, or on the streets Gangsta Mutharf--kers. Look for Diego Tejada and R-dog to be rolling on the very exclusive GMF frames through out the vid. Also notable is a section with Dave Weathersby in the old empire warehouse sweating out reps before the ramps were put in. Ez Chris makes a cameo, and yes Adam Diclaudio, you were ripped, and you were killing it. The crew was tight when this came out in 2007. Tripped out editing too. Don't know what i was thinking and i don't care. This is just fun to watch.

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