Friday, August 26, 2011

A Official Statement about the Pinky Squeak contest

As many of you know there as been a lot of discussion about the Pinky Squeak contest since it was announced on all the social media sites. I have listen to both sides and everyone is making valid points. The ultimate goal is to bring everyone together and have some fun doing what we love to do. In order to have maximum participation I broken things down into 3 categories.

Original Pinky Squeaks with brakes using tire and frame.

Pinky Squeaks with brakes using pegs.

Pinky Squeaks with out brakes.

Instead of 2 there will be 3 winners. The prizes will be divided between them by 3rds. I feel this is the only fair thing to do so we can show respect to the inventor of  The Pinky Squeak, Gary Pollack. We can also give a rider a shot at breaking the world record using the highly recognized  peg version. So now the focus can stop being what is a Pinky Squeak to who is going to win this!

Please follow this link to all of the rules and the prize updates.

Keep on Riding!
Rad Dad


  1. The Contest will be starting soon. How are your Pinky Squeaks?

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